10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Maltipoos

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With MaltipoosAn adorable hybrid of the Maltese and the poodle, the Maltipoo is fun and full of affection. They have breezy personalities and adapt easily to most surroundings, which is why they can be an ideal breed for novice dog owners. Maltipoos adore children and share an excellent rapport with the elderly.

They are the perfect lap dogs, and with their relaxed nature, they can easily befriend any animal. However, it is always a good idea to socialize them so that they grow up into being an all-rounder. Maltipoos are not much of a protector; however, they are good at alerting people with their barks.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Maltipoos

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With Basset Hound? 

Basset Hounds are excellent hunters and guard dogs. They have the gentlest of manners and rarely ever show aggression, only when instigated to a great extent. Basset Hounds love children and other pets for companions and will mingle effortlessly with them.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With Cocker Spaniel?

Cocker Spaniel will provide their undivided love and attention to their families; however, one common problem most spaniel owners face is their separation anxiety. They are not suitable for working individuals as they hate being left alone. However, Cocker Spaniels are one of the most friendly and sweet breeds that are always up for company; hence bonding them with other pets will be no problem.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With English Foxhounds? 

English Foxhounds have an uncanny resemblance to the Beagle and have similar skill sets to hunting. This is why they cannot adjust around small pets like rodents because they will end up mistaking them for prey. However, with enough socialization training, they will bond well with other dogs and consider them part of their pack.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With Maltese? 

Maltese, one of the parents of the Maltipoo, is equally fond of cuddling and affection from their humans. They are ideally recognized as toy breeds and are known for their keen sense of alertness. Maltese can comfortably adapt to living with other pets without any problem.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With Poodles? 

Poodles are intelligent; hence training them is never a problem. More often than not, they make excellent show dogs due to their ability to pick up tricks quickly. They can be nervous around other animals, so providing them with proper socialization training is essential. However, they do make excellent pets since they can keep you entertained with their energetic and fun personality.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With Great Dane? 

Despite its dominating size, The Great Dane is nicknamed “the Gentle Giant” due to its calm and sweet nature. Great Danes are the epitome of elegance and good looks, a native from the country of Germany. However, though they are easy-going and patient, they can turn aggressive if not socialized properly.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With Bolognese? 

Like the Maltipoo, Bolognese too is very fond of cuddling and can be called an ideal lapdog. Much like the Maltipoo, they too form strong bonds with children and the elderly. They are fun to have around and will get along with all other dogs, even without socialization.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With English Cocker Spaniel? 

English Cocker Spaniels can be the darling of the household because they are extremely fond of their family and love to be close to them. Like the Maltipoo, English Spaniels can relate to children and will make excellent playmates for them. In addition, their friendly and outgoing nature allows them to gel in well with all breed dogs and cats.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With Russell Terrier?

Originating in England but is believed to have been bred in Australia as a hunting dog. They have a sharp sense of smell, distinct alertness, and inquisitive nature. Russell Terriers are ideal house pets due to their friendly and affectionate nature. Socializing them at puppyhood is essential to help them adjust with other breeds easily.

Why Maltipoo Gets Along With Yorkshire Terriers?

They often might not look it, but Yorkshire Terriers can be pretty headstrong; hence training them can be a little tricky. This breed does not let their size affect them. They are booming with confidence, yet they are gentle and grounded hence do well with most other house pets. It is essential to provide them with proper training to avoid any aggression as an adult.

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