10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Manchester Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Manchester TerriersKeenly observant and free-spirited, Manchester Terrier is a 15-16 inches tall racy dog. This graceful terrier dog is very powerful and loves taking part in athletic activities. The sleek Manchester Terrier has ratting instincts, and it is fearless in nature. 

Watchful and easy-going Manchester Terrier enjoys playing with neighborly cats and dogs. Despite being bold, the Manchester Terrier suffers from separation anxiety and depression a lot. So, you must bring a friend home for your Manchester Terrier, and we think the following list will help.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Manchester Terriers

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With Norfolk Terriers?

Alert and bold, Norfolk Terrier is a gregarious British dog full of self-confidence. It belongs to the same terrier group as your Manchester Terrier, so they have a few behavioral similarities. This companionable Norfolk Terrier actively looks for a canine friend for its mental well-being.

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Sturdy and athletic Pembroke Welsh Corgi is affectionate towards all types of house pets. This lively dog is renowned as a skilled herder, and it entertains help from other canine creatures. The outgoing Pembroke Welsh Corgi can be pretty tenacious in nature. So, it is a good match for your Manchester Terrier.

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With Russell Terriers?

Strong and active, Russell Terrier is a small hunting dog. It has a keen observation power, and it is pretty vocal about its emotion. The Russell Terrier dog is as friendly as your Manchester Terrier. Both of them are fearless in nature. 

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With Shih Tzu?

Found in Japan, Shih Tzu is a trustworthy and independent dog that loves to play with other house pets. This courageous dog helps other house dogs in their time of need. The Shih Tzu remains happy, and it keeps other dogs away from depression.

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With English Springer Spaniels?

Medium-sized English Springer Spaniel is pretty proud of its compact body and strength. It loves to rough house with other family dogs. This agile dog takes part in all types of canine sports with your Manchester Terrier.

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With Sussex Spaniels?

Native to England, the Sussex Spaniels boast of their energetic temperament and sweet demeanor. Devoted to its human family, the Sussex spaniel is highly cheerful yet calm in nature. They will be pretty friendly towards your Manchester Terrier. Also, the Sussex Spaniels are quite sociable.

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With Toy Fox Terriers?

Developed in the United States of America, the Toy Fox Terrier is small in size, and it loves to follow other dogs around the home. This playful breed is okay with sharing its toys with other canine creatures and even cats. The Manchester Terrier will find itself comfortable around a Toy Fox Terrier.

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With Yorkshire Terriers?

Silky-coated Yorkshire Terrier is a lovely dog that never attacks other dogs from the same breed. This 19th-century dog is pretty courageous and bold in nature. This little dog will love to bark with your Manchester Terrier. 

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With English Toy Spaniels?

Cobby and gentle, English Toy Spaniel is a loving breed that loves to monitor other house pets from the top. This reserved spaniel dog never disturbs other house dogs while sleeping. The English Toy Spaniel is pretty generous in nature, and it doesn’t mind sharing its favorite treats with other dogs.

Why Manchester Terrier Gets Along With Basenjis?

Independent and curious, Basenjis are quiet assertive dogs. This hunting dog is full of energy, and it loves to play chase with other canine playmates. You can keep Basenji together with your Manchester Terrier as it will make your terrier run in the backyard in the name of playing. 

We have carefully shortlisted these ten breeds for accompanying your Manchester Terrier. You can choose any one of them by closing your eyes. 

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