10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Norwegian Buhunds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Norwegian BuhundsMedium-sized and squarely built Norwegian Buhunds are confident and perceptive herding dogs that are 16 to 17 inches tall. This smart spitz dog is a natural guardian dog, and it is affectionate in nature. The sturdy Norwegian Buhunds make good family dogs, and it prefers having house pets at its owner’s home. 

The Norwegian Buhunds are fond of playing with canine playmates, and they remain happy the entire day. But, for its mental well-being, you should keep it together with other sensitive dogs. To save some time of yours, you can count on our list of dog breeds most compatible with your Norwegian Buhund.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Norwegian Buhunds

Why Norwegian Buhunds Get Along With Papillons?

Known as continental toy spaniel, the Papillons are packed with boundless energy. These good-looking dogs make excellent friends with other dogs. This docile Papillon dog is as intelligent as your Norwegian Buhund. So, you can consider keeping them together.

Why Norwegian Buhund Gets Along With Rat Terriers?

Intuitive and obedient, Rat Terriers are full of affection and spirit. This is a true terrier dog, and it never attacks other animals without any provocation. The Rat Terriers are exceptionally loving and lively in nature. Both Norwegian Buhunds and Rat Terriers are inquisitive to some extent. 

Why Norwegian Buhund Gets Along With Salukis?

Bred for hunting small animals, the Salukis are mainly sighthounds, and they can run pretty fast. This quiet dog gets along well with Norwegian Buhunds because they do not show any dominant nature. Instead, the Salukis enjoy the companionship of other dogs of the opposite sex.

Why Norwegian Buhund Gets Along With English Cocker Spaniels?

Athletic and good-natured, English Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized gun dog that is as playful as your Norwegian Buhund. This faithful spaniel dog is affectionate towards other animals. This highly trainable English Cocker Spaniel can be kept with your hound dog in the same house.

Why Norwegian Buhund Gets Along With Tibetan Spaniels?

Small in size, the Tibetan Spaniels are found in Buddhist monasteries of Tibet. The Tibetan Spaniels make a wonderful companion to other family pets. This alarm dog is assertive and strong-willed in nature. The Tibetan Spaniels are as independent as your Norwegian Buhund.

Why Norwegian Buhund Gets Along With Manchester Terriers?

Smooth-haired Manchester Terriers are known for their ability to control small animals like rats, vermin, etc. Both Norwegian Buhund and Manchester Terriers are pretty fast-paced, and they give each other some good competition on the sports ground. However, keen and discerning Manchester Terriers remain gay all through the day.

Why Norwegian Buhund Gets Along With Keeshond?

Massive and double-coated Keeshonds follow each and every order of their owners. So, they are never seen fighting with other house pets. Bright and sturdy, Keeshond is fond of agile sports, just like your Norwegian Buhund. 

Why Norwegian Buhund Gets Along With Dandie Dinmont Terriers?

Dandie Dinmont Terriers are Scottish working dogs, and they are pretty companionable in nature. This highly determined dog loves to have fun with other house pets. Independent and affectionate Dandie Dinmont Terriers protect other dogs from danger.

Why Norwegian Buhund Gets Along With Briards?

Bred for herding, the Briards are fearless little dogs that love to go out with dogs like Norwegian Buhunds. Loyal and faithful Briards are mainly from France, and they can be trained fast. A well-trained Briard dog has the potential to be the best friend of your Norwegian Buhund. 

Why Norwegian Buhunds Get Along With Airedale Terriers?

Termed as the “King of Terriers,” the Airedale Terriers are full of courage and confidence. This gregarious terrier dog is as outdoorsy as your Norwegian Buhund. They are friendly towards almost everyone. 

You can keep any dog from the aforementioned list at your home to provide companionship to your Norwegian Buhund. All of them are gentle and calm.

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