10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Norwegian Elkhound

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Norwegian ElkhoundFriendly and dependable, the Norwegian Elkhound is around 19 to 20 inches tall, and it belongs to the hound group. This robust Norwegian Elkhound is well-renowned for its friendly demeanor towards everyone. The short-bodied and steadfast Norwegian Elkhound makes a trustworthy canine companion.

Athletic and instinctual, Norwegian Elkhound has an eagerness to please others. This sensitive canine breed needs an independent house dog by its side to boost its mental well-being. For your confident and bright Norwegian Elkhound, you can choose one breed from the following list of dogs.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Norwegian Elkhounds

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Norwich Terriers?   

Originated in England, the Norwich Terriers are double-coated hunting dogs. This Norwich Terrier can be pretty friendly towards other creatures, and it is quite sensitive in nature. This hardy dog is full of energy and helps other dogs in their daily household tasks.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With German Shorthaired Pointers?

The versatile German Shorthaired Pointer is a skilled hunting dog. This 19th-century pointing dog is powerful in nature, and it enjoys roughhousing with other dogs of its own size. Affectionate and trainable German Shorthaired Pointer is a cooperative canine breed.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Rottweilers?

Well-muscled and robust, Rottweilers are known as the protector of the family. This gentle dog is steady and obedient to its owners. The Rottweilers have a lot of courage, and they are often seen accompanying other dogs on the neighborhood streets. This self-assured Rottweiler demands activeness from its canine companions.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Siberian Huskies?

Found in the cold countries of Alaska and Siberia, the Siberian Huskies are compact dogs that love to roam in packs. The spitz-type Siberian Husky has a high level of endurance. This gentle and friendly, Siberian Husky gets along with Norwegian Elkhound pretty well.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Sussex Spaniels?

Around 1 foot tall, Sussex Spaniel is a slow-paced British dog that wins other animals’ hearts with its clownish attitude. Yet, this energetic spaniel dog remains cheerful most of the time. This devoted and companionable Sussex Spaniel knows how to keep dogs like Norwegian Elkhound comfortable around them.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Welsh Terriers?

Bred for fox hunting, the Welsh Terriers are free-spirited dogs. These British dogs love to cuddle with owners and other dogs of their own size. With the help of its alertness, it can protect other house dogs from danger also. The Welsh Terrier is as intelligent as your Norwegian Elkhound.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Whippets?

Hailed from England, Whippets are a lively yet quiet dog breed. This hound dog is of friendly nature, and it prefers the companionship of dogs from the opposite sex. This gentle dog helps other house dogs remain comfortable at home.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Cairn Terriers?

Fearless and assertive Cairn Terriers are fun-loving dogs from Scottish Highlands. The Cairn Terriers are as active as your Norwegian Elkhound. These hardy dogs help other house pets during their separation anxiety and depression.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Boston Terriers?

Smooth-coated Boston Terriers are a well-balanced little dog which loves to play all the time. The Boston Terriers are true terriers in heart, and so, they never hurt other house dogs. This friendly dog enjoys exploring neighborhood streets with your Norwegian Elkhound.

Why Norwegian Elkhound Gets Along With Afghan Hounds?

Compact and bold, Afghan Hounds are reliable and trustworthy dogs from Afghanistan. This extraordinarily lively hound dog enjoys taking part in agile sports with your Norwegian Elkhound. The clownish hound dog is as dignified and happy as your Norwegian Elkhound.

These ten dog breeds can be good companions for your Norwegian Elkhound. So, please pick anyone from the list.

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