10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Norwegian Lundehunds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Norwegian LundehundsRectangular shaped and energetic, Norwegian Lundehunds are only 12 to 15 inches tall. This non-sporting dog is great at puffin hunting, and it prefers working in packs. The Norwegian Lundehund makes a good athletic companion, and it befriends other dogs pretty quickly.

The fearless and bold Norwegian Lundehunds fall in the category of Spitz dogs, and these dogs are pretty comfortable having cats, hamsters, and other pets around. The flexible Norwegian Lundehunds look for canine playmates for their mental well-being and physical fitness. You can choose one dog from the list below.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Norwegian Lundehunds

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With Old English Sheepdogs?

Large in size, the Old English Sheepdogs are adorable British herding dogs. Like your Norwegian Lundehund, the Old English Sheepdogs make friends pretty quickly. This bubbly little dog can adapt to new environments easily, and they are good with other dog breeds.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With Parson Russell Terriers?

Bred in the South of England, the Parson Russell Terriers are small-sized dogs that have plenty of energy. Bold and intelligent, Parson Russell Terriers follow orders, and so, they do not misbehave with other house pets at all. This terrier dog possesses an eagerness to please others.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With Komondor?

White-colored Komondor is a herding dog from Hungary which has natural guarding instincts. The Komondor is pretty calm and gentle in nature. Steady and independent Komondor is as fearless as your Norwegian Lundehund. You can keep these two dogs together if you want.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With Mastiffs?

Heavy-boned and not-so-aggressive, Mastiffs are dignified dogs that are large in size. These courageous Mastiff dogs help your Norwegian Lundehund carry on heavy-duty tasks. Good-natured Mastiff can be an excellent choice of companion for your Norwegian Lundehund.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With Great Pyrenees?

Thickly coated Great Pyrenees is a powerful dog from France. The guardian dog takes care of other family pets, and it has a lot of patience. Strong-willed and affectionate Great Pyrenees enjoy playing and digging with other canine companions. The Great Pyrenees would be a good match for your Norwegian Lundehund.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With English Foxhounds?

The English Foxhounds were bred for searching and tracking foxes with the help of scent. Gentle and obedient, English Foxhounds are as active as your Norwegian Lundehund. The English Foxhound is pretty tolerant in nature.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With Chinese Crested?

Alert and cheerful, Chinese Crested is a hairless little dog that is fond of group activities. Both Norwegian Lundehund and Chinese Crested are devoted to their owner’s family. This exotic small dog can read emotions and comforts other dogs in the time of need.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With Belgian Tervuren?

Developed in the late 1800s, the Belgian Tervuren is a brilliant shepherd dog. The Belgian Tervuren entertains help from other house dogs in its herding activities. Both Norwegian Lundehund and Belgian Tervuren can work hard.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With American Staffordshire Terriers?

Well-muscled and short-coated, American Staffordshire Terriers are smart dogs that actively look for a company. This good-natured terrier dog rarely fights with other dogs. This tenacious and attentive dog breed is loyal to its friends.

Why Norwegian Lundehund Gets Along With American Hairless Terriers?

Inquisitive and courageous American Hairless Terriers are excellent family companion dogs. These densely coated dogs are crazy about playing with other dogs. You can buy them some toys, and your Norwegian Lundehund will share those with your American Hairless Terriers.

Now that you know the most compatible breeds from your Norwegian Lundehund, what are you waiting for? Pick one and start training it.

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