10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Pharaoh Hounds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Pharaoh HoundsOften called “rabbit dogs”, the Pharaoh Hounds are 21 to 25 inches tall hound dogs that have been around for 5000 years. This extraordinary canine breed is pretty friendly and noble. This blushing dog is pretty affectionate towards little animals, and it can pass through difficult terrains easily.

The Pharaoh Hounds are tenacious, and they protect other house pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, etc. The Pharaoh Hound thrives on companionship and enjoys talking with other creatures. If you want your Pharaoh Hound to have constant company, please choose one dog breed from the below list.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Pharaoh Hounds

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Affenpinschers?

Feisty and bold, Affenpinschers are terrier-like toy dogs that go by the name “monkey dog”. This hypoallergenic dog breed is full of curiosity and fun. That is why it keeps the mood of the entire home light and helps in boosting the mental well-being of dogs.

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Basenjis?

Independent and affectionate, Basenjis are adorable sighthounds. This hunting dog loves to work in groups with other animals. Both Pharaoh Hounds and Basenjis are from the same hound group, and so, their behavioral characteristics match.

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Bloodhounds?

Fearless yet gentle, Bloodhounds are affectionate large scent hounds. This tracking dog is even-tempered in nature and behaves itself around other dogs. The Bloodhounds love to play with flyball and Frisbee with other hound dogs from the opposite sex.

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Cairn Terriers?

Found in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, the Cairn Terriers are small to medium-sized working dogs. The dog can be a helping hand for your Pharaoh Hound. Both Cairn Terriers and Pharaoh Hounds are assertive and active in nature.

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Dogues De Bordeaux?

Powerful and vigilant, Dogues de Bordeaux is from France, and the dog makes a trustworthy canine companion to your Pharaoh Hound. This companionable and courageous Dogues de Bordeaux is even-tempered towards other creatures at home. Both Dogues de Bordeaux and Pharaoh Hounds show devotion towards their owner’s family.

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With English Foxhounds?

Highly energetic and active English Foxhound is a sociable canine creature. This tolerant hound dog can’t control its urge to introduce itself to other dogs. The English Foxhound enjoys barking with your Pharaoh Hound no matter what the time is.

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs?

Dense-coated Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are full of self-confidence and protective instincts. This good-natured mountain dog helps your Pharaoh Hound during its lonely hours and separation anxiety. It is as fearless as your Pharaoh Hound.

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Boykin Spaniels?

Primarily bred for hunting ducks and turkeys, the Boykin Spaniels make an excellent friend to your Pharaoh Hound. It can’t suppress its eagerness to please family dogs and other house pets. The dog can be trained fast, and it adapts well with your hound dog.

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Japanese Chin?

Aristocratic Japanese Chin is a charming canine creature that keeps other house dogs physically and mentally fit. This cat-like dog is loving and caring. It is even okay to share the same bed with your Pharaoh Hound. 

Why Pharaoh Hound Gets Along With Maltese?

Noble and dignified Maltese is a spitz-type toy dog that doesn’t shed much. This sweet-tempered dog is pretty sensitive and responsive. The easy-going Maltese is as lively as your Pharaoh Hound.

Pick one breed from the above list and make your Pharaoh Hound the happiest.

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