10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Plott Hounds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With PlottIntelligent and lovely, Plotts are 20 to 25 inches tall hound dogs, and they can live around 12 years. This amiable hound dog has an eagerness to introduce itself with its onlookers and other neighborly pets. The Plotts are curious canine creatures and fearless hunting dogs.

Mellow and bold Plotts are abundant in North Carolina, and these highly sociable dogs don’t mind sharing their toys, beds, and favorite treats with other house pets. To keep your Plott physically fit and mentally happy, you should bring one canine companion from our below list. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Plott Hounds

Why Plott Gets Along With Newfoundlands?

Sweet-tempered Newfoundland is a working dog of large size. This gentle dog is pretty devoted to its family, and it shares the similar habit of watching television with your Plott hound. The Newfoundland makes a delightful companion dog that assists other canine creatures in carrying on their allotted tasks. 

Why Plott Gets Along With Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Heavy-boned and athletic Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a flock guardian and excellent herding dog. The Corgi is as tenacious as your Plott. Both of them enjoy participating in non-violent agile sports. Your Pembroke Welsh Corgi will love spending time with your Plott in the backyard.

Why Plott Gets Along With Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is known as a duck dog, and this large canine creature belongs to the category of the sporting group. This 19th-century Retriever dog is affectionate and happy in nature. It keeps everyone around it delighted and helps other house dogs during their separation anxiety.

Why Plott Gets Along With Samoyeds?

Samoyeds are furry little dogs from Siberia, and these spitz-type dogs are pretty people-oriented. The Samoyeds are friendly towards small house pets and make an effort to find them when they are lost. These adorable Samoyeds are highly sociable dogs. It will befriend your Plott quite fast.

Why Plott Gets Along With English Setters?

Hailed from England, the English Setters are 400 years old hunting dogs. This medium-sized dog is pretty playful and mischievous in nature. If the setter dog gets a canine companion like your Plott, it will spend the entire day running in the backyard.

Why Plott Gets Along With Spanish Water Dogs?

Vigilant and loyal, Spanish Water Dogs do not shed much, and they are pretty low maintenance in nature. This diligent gun dog consoles other house dogs when they are depressed. Trainable and athletic Spanish Water Dogs should be trained with your Plott dog from the very first day at home.

Why Plott Gets Along With Tibetan Terriers?

Found in Buddhist monasteries of Tibet, the Tibetan Terriers are often known as “Holy Dog.” This adorable creature is highly adaptable to the new environment, and they remain reserved around other house pets. The terrier dog never engages in a fight with other canine friends.

Why Plott Gets Along With Wirehaired Vizslas?

Known as an exuberant hunter, the Wirehaired Vizslas are sensitive canine creatures from Hungary. The Vizsla dog is loyal and caring to other cats and dogs at home. It enjoys making friends with neighborly pets. 

Why Plott Gets Along With Airedale Terriers?

Bingley Terriers or Airedale Terriers are as outgoing as your Plott hound. You can trust this Airedale Terrier with small pets around. The Confident terrier dog accompanies your Plott hound wherever it goes. If you keep the terrier dog with your hound, some courage will be ingrained in your Plott hound from this Airedale Terrier.

Why Plott Gets Along With Belgian Sheepdogs?

The Belgian Sheepdogs are highly talented herding dogs of medium build. The Sheepdog loves to play with Frisbee if it gets a playmate by its side. The Belgian Sheepdog will be a good canine companion for the fitness of your Plott hound. 

All these dogs on our list are graceful and friendly. So, you feel free to choose anyone for your Plott hound without much research. 

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