10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Poochon

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With PoochonWith a height between 9 to 15 inches, the Poochons are an Australian hybrid of adorable Bichon Frise and leonine Poodles. This 1990s companion dog sheds rarely and is pretty energetic around other housemates. The highly adaptable Poochons are smart and active as their parents.

Amicable and comical Poochons look for a sensitive canine companion who can accompany them all day long. These loyal designer dogs prefer spending time on the playground with their canine friend. So, to keep your hybrid Poochon happy, you must adopt one dog breed from the following ten.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Poochon

Why Poochon Gets Along With German Shorthaired Pointers?

Regal and cooperative German Shorthaired Pointers are great at hunting small animals. This all-purpose gun dog is extraordinarily friendly to other house dogs and neighborly dogs. Bold and boisterous Poochons are known for their affectionate side.

Why Poochon Gets Along With Puli?

Hardworking and vigilant, Puli dogs took birth in Hungary, and they are adept in flock herding. This hypoallergenic dog can live with any type of dog breed, and the Puli doesn’t grab much attention. For keeping itself mentally active, the Puli demands a lot of training and exercise. This Puli would be a good companion for your Poochon.

Why Poochon Gets Along With Border Terriers?

Powerful and energetic Border Terriers are small British dogs with high prey drive. The even-tempered Border Terrier is obedient to its owners and always behaves at its best around other family pets. Both Poochon and Border Terriers are fearless in nature. 

Why Poochon Gets Along With Schipperkes?

Originated in Belgium, the Schipperkes are non-aggressive little dogs which adore kids and other family pets. This curious Schipperkes will accompany your Poochon in all its adventure trips around the community. Both of them are pretty fond of agile sports.

Why Poochon Gets Along With English Cocker Spaniels?

Medium-sized English Cocker Spaniels are good-natured and playful gundogs. This people-oriented spaniel dog makes a trustworthy canine friend. The spaniel dog can’t stop itself from introducing to strangers and new animals at home. 

Why Poochon Gets Along With Havanese?

Highly admired in Cuba, the Havanese dog is an expressive and companionable canine creature. The gentle dog is often seen playing in the backyards with dogs like Poochons. The responsive Havanese will befriend your designer dog pretty fast. 

Why Poochon Gets Along With St. Bernards?

Charming and inquisitive, St. Bernards are diligent working dogs which can be pretty lively and gentle at the same time. St. Bernards are watchful dogs like your designer Poochon. Both of them enjoy sharing their treats and toys with each other.

Why Poochon Gets Along With Airedale Terriers?

Known as “King of Terriers”, the Airedale Terriers are faithful and confident dogs from Yorkshire. Both Poochon and Airedale Terriers are outgoing in nature, and they are found roaming in neighborhood streets together. The courageous Airedale Terrier can be a good inspiration for your Poochon dog. 

Why Poochon Gets Along With Norfolk Terrier?

Lovable and free-spirited Norfolk Terrier is a British working dog. The remarkable personality of Norfolk Terrier will attract your Poochon towards it. This happy dog will love to play on land and water with your Poochon dog. 

Why Poochon Gets Along With Poodles?

Developed for hunting waterfowl, the Poodles are versatile German dogs. Poodle is the parental breed of your Poochon, so they share a few similar behavioral characteristics. Faithful and instinctual Poodle will be the best companion for your Poochon. 

These ten breeds possess the potential to keep your Poochon happy, active, and lively throughout its lifetime. So, feel free to choose anyone without much research. 

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