10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Poodles

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With PoodlesProud and elegant, Poodles are impressive little dogs with high adaptability and friendliness. This medium to large Poodle makes a good companion dog, and it has exceptional potential for playfulness. Enthusiastic and loyal Poodles are pretty mischievous and feature a devil may care attitude.

These regal dogs are great with little kids and other small house pets. If you are about to adopt another dog to accompany your Poodle, you should go for sensitive dogs which have human-like intelligence. To save your time, please pick one canine breed from our below list. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Poodles

Why Poodle Gets Along With Chihuahuas?

Lively and alert Chihuahuas are small Mexican dogs that have the potential to live around 20 years. This Chihuahua is devoted to its immediate family, just like your Poodle. The Chihuahuas are full of lots of courage and keep your Poodle upbeat all through the day.

Why Poodle Gets Along With Redbone Coonhounds?

Cheerful and companionable Redbone Coonhounds are fond of familial activities. This hound dog considers other house pets as its own siblings, and it loves to follow them around the home. The unflappable Redbone Coonhounds are full of boundless energy like your Poodles.

Why Poodle Gets Along With Rat Terriers?

Well-renowned as a farm dog and hunting dog, the Rat Terriers are intelligent canine breeds from America. The terrier is pretty gentle around kids and other house pets. Both Rat Terriers and Poodles are inquisitive, and so, they are seen digging together in the backyard of the owner’s home. 

Why Poodle Gets Along With English Setters?

Playful and loyal English Setters are medium-sized dogs that feature a sweet temper. The setter dogs give your Poodles good competition in the field of sports, and the English Setters can be a good inspiration for your Poodle’s physical activity. Both of them are pretty mischievous. 

Why Poodle Gets Along With Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers?

Fun-loving and easy-going Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are purebred hypoallergenic dogs from Ireland. This spirited terrier dog loves to cuddle with other energetic dogs like Poodles. Both Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and Poodles are faithful. You can consider keeping them together. 

Why Poodle Gets Along With Clumber Spaniels?

Powerful and heavy-boned Clumber Spaniel makes a good bird dog, and it prefers other canine creatures accompanying it on its hunting expeditions. This great-hearted British Dog is pretty dignified and gentle in nature. The Clumber spaniels are okay with sharing their toys with your Poodles.

Why Poodle Gets Along With Welsh Springer Spaniels?

Hailed from Wales, the Welsh Springer Spaniels are sensitive canine breeds that get depressed when others suffer. This spaniel dog can be a reliable companion for your Poodle. You must train your Poodle and Welsh Springer Spaniel together to help them adjust to each other.

Why Poodle Gets Along With Toy Fox Terriers?

The Toy Fox Terrier is an All-American canine breed that is overly playful and friendly. The spirited terrier dog stays away from fighting with other house pets. Due to its keen sense and exceptional intelligence, the Toy Fox Terrier will make a good friend to your Poodle. 

Why Poodle Gets Along With Xoloitzcuintli?

Adorable and people-oriented Xoloitzcuintli is a 3000 years old loving canine breed. It protects other housemates from danger and has an eagerness to please almost every animal. The Xoloitzcuintli will love to spend time with your Poodle. 

Why Poodle Gets Along With Anatolian Shepherd Dogs?

Territorial and comical Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are known for their patience around other creatures. This flock guardian is brave in nature. It will help your Poodle deal with separation anxiety better. 

For happiness and physical well being a friend is a must for every animal on earth. You should bring a canine companion for your Poodle in its early days. 

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