10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Portuguese Water Dogs

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Portuguese Water DogsThe Portuguese Water Dog is a perfect helper and good-looking dog known for its distinct features. They are medium-sized breeds that grow 18 to 21 inches tall. This breed is easy to instruct and very clever to teach tricks and plays. Also, they are amiable if you introduce them to other pets and kids early. 

Moreover, the Portuguese Water Dog is a lovely family pet that likes to caress its owners and dog mates. It is also a fairly active breed that seeks for playmates to enjoy with during their free time. Overall, they are perfect pets for all families and adults as they quickly adapt to their surroundings. However, ensure you caress them well to keep them happy and healthy. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Portuguese Water Dogs

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Coton De Tulear?

The tiny Coton de Tulear will fill its home with lots of love and cheer in no time. This breed is a perfect clown that likes to entertain its owners and mates. Moreover, they quickly befriend other animals and prefer having playmates. 

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Bluetick Coonhound?

Sweet and playful Bluetick Coonhounds are perfect mates and canines for any family. However, this breed tends to bark a lot and needs training to control this behavior. Otherwise, they do well with other pets of their size and enjoy playing along with them. 

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Harrier?

Social and loving Harrier adores being around their family and mates all the time. This breed hates being lonely and seeks constant attention from their loved ones. Overall, they are active and fun-loving pets that befriend other animals and kids in no time. 

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Wire Fox Terrier?

Wire Fox Terriers are happy and cheerful pets that enlighten their homes just by the little things they do. They are not just entertainers but perfect mates for other pets in their homes. Also, this breed is a little self-conscious and requires socializing to subdue this quality. 

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Gordon Setter?

Calm and loving Gordon Setters are stunning pets that get along with humans and other animals quickly. Also, this breed is athletic and adores playing with fellow mates in the yard. Moreover, they caress their owners with constant attention and love all day. 

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Sussex Spaniel?

Gentle and sweet Sussex Spaniels do not easily get angered. They are very calm by nature and love to spend quality hours with their loved ones and companions. Also, this breed is small in size but will quickly befriend the Portuguese Water Dog. 

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Cairn Terrier?

The Cairn Terrier is slightly stubborn and shy by nature but makes a lovely mate for other canines. Also, this breed is affectionate towards kids and loves their pals the most. Overall, they are happy and cheerful dogs that fill their homes with sheer happiness.  

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Samoyed?

Active and robust Samoyed is an adorable pet suitable for all families. Moreover, this breed befriends other pets in their homes with ease and likes to socialize. Also, it prefers spending time with its family instead of being alone in the backyard. 

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With West Highland White Terrier?

Confident, intelligent, and bold West Highland White Terriers are tiny and adorable canines that can win hearts. This breed is amiable with everyone and befriends other animals in its house. However, do not pet it with large or very active canines as they may hurt them. 

Why Portuguese Water Dog Gets Along With Sloughi?

Tall and lean Sloughis are loving pets that adore their family and close ones the most. Also, it is very noble and does not harm other pets in the house but befriends them with ease. Moreover, this breed is not suitable for homes with tiny pets and rodents as it tends to kill them. 

These breeds are friendly and kind but ensure socialization to form a strong bond with your Portuguese Water Dog. Overall, they are lovely pets fit for all families. 

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