10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Russell Terrier

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Russell TerrierInquisitive and lively, Russell Terriers are small to medium-sized terrier dogs, and they are pretty well-known for their alertness. This mischievous terrier dog is excellent with other dogs and their human family. These tireless working dogs are used for fox hunting, and they have a thing for chasing other small creatures like rats. 

Jaunty and upbeat, Russell Terrier can’t suppress their eagerness to please everyone. Full of innate confidence, the Russell Terrier looks like a gentle toy, and it feels the happiest if there is another canine creature at its owner’s home. So, dog parents can pick one breed from the following list. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Russell Terriers

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Wirehaired Vizslas?

Loyal and fun-loving Wirehaired Vizsla took birth in Hungary. The Wirehaired Vizsla is excellent with other house-mates, and it protects them in public. Due to its gentle nature, your Russell Terrier will find itself comfortable around the Wirehaired Vizsla. 

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Treeing Walker Coonhounds?

Brave and smart Treeing Walker Coonhound is a loving dog closely related to foxhounds of England and America. The clever Treeing Walker Coonhound protects other house pets from danger. Both Russell Terrier and Treeing Walker Coonhound are pretty affectionate. 

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Welsh Springer Spaniels?

Developed as a gun dog, the Welsh Springer Spaniels are faithful and loyal companion dogs. Originated in Wales, the spaniel dog is always up for playing on land and water. In addition, the Welsh Springer Spaniel will keep your Russell Terrier physically fit as it will make the terrier run in the backyard day in and day out. 

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Siberian Huskies?

Well-furred and compact, Siberian Huskies are medium-sized dogs from the North of Russia. Intelligent and alert, Siberian Husky can be a trustworthy friend for your Russell Terrier. Both Siberian Husky and Russell Terrier are devoted to their family.

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Labrador Retrievers?

Traditionally regarded as a water dog, the Labrador Retrievers are medium to large dogs from England. This gun dog follows the order given to it and never engages in a fight with other dogs. The Labrador Retriever will love to play all day long with your Russell Terrier. 

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Puli?

Hardworking and energetic Puli is mainly a livestock guardian dog. Full of corded coats, Puli wins the heart of other house pets with its sweet demeanor. The Puli doesn’t shed much and so; you don’t have to spend much time on its grooming. With Puli at your home, you can give your Russell Terrier some extra time. 

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Otterhounds?

Bred in England, the Otterhounds are actually scent hounds. These Otterhounds are too vocal about their emotions and easily read other dog’s emotions too. The Otterhound can be great for your Russell Terrier’s mental well-being. 

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Manchester Terriers?

High-spirited and comical Manchester Terriers are 19th-century hunting dogs. These terriers remain gay and active all through the day. A Manchester Terrier can be a good inspiration for your Russell Terrier. You can keep them in the same crate if you want. 

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With Havanese?

Expressive and cuddly, Havanese is a soft-coated dog from Cuba. Highly companionable and playful Havanese is responsive towards positive training. You should train them together since the puppyhood of Russell Terrier and Havanese if you want them to get along with each other. 

Why Russell Terrier Gets Along With English Foxhounds?

Bred for fox hunting, the English Foxhounds are highly sociable dogs. Gentle and friendly English Foxhound is a great-hearted dog. It is pretty tolerant towards other house dogs.

Now that you have a crystal clear idea about each and every dog on our list, what are you waiting for? Go for adopting one canine breed for your Russell Terrier.

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