10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Shih Tzu

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Shih TzuThe Shih Tzu is a tiny dog breed that loves its owner and easily gets along with other dog companions. This canine belongs to the small dog breed category and is a lovely pet for all.

Also, it quickly befriends kids and other pups in the park. However, they are slightly aggressive and stubborn by nature, so socializing with them is a must. 

Moreover, Shih Tzu is a famous canine across the globe and the perfect mate for all. Also, this breed is highly adaptable and can easily be comfortable in any place.

However, make sure you give them company as they hate being alone. Overall, Shih Tzu is an amazing pet that will fill its home with lots of cheer.

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10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Shih Tzu 

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Havanese?

The Havanese is a tiny dog breed that is amiable and kind by nature, making it a suitable pet for all. However, they do well in families that do not have small kids and only adults. Otherwise, they quickly befriend other dogs and enjoy their companionship.

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Beagle?

Loving and affectionate beagles are fun-loving pets for all homes and even families with kids. This breed is amiable around everyone and socializes without a doubt. Moreover, they are slow to anger and also make stunning watchdogs that protect the house.

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Harrier?

The medium-sized Harrier is an easy-going pet that quickly adjusts to new surroundings. Also, this breed is known for its outgoing and friendly nature that makes it a reliable pick for all homes. The Harrier is an amiable breed but may require socializing to behave well around the Shih Tzu. 

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Kuvasz?

Intelligent and devoted Kuvasz is an ideal canine for all homes as they are amiable. Moreover, this breed is popular and a reliable companion for all pups. Also, they are very protective of their home and guard the owners and loved ones. 

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Miniature Bull Terrier?

Playful and active Miniature Bull Terrier is a lovely pet and loyal companion for all. They are easy-going and fun-loving pets that may need a little socialization to be amiable. Also, this breed is very protective by nature which makes them a great guard dog.

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Maltese?

The Maltese is a wonderful lap dog and a great therapy pet for its loved ones. This breed is known for its unique and adorable looks and makes a stunning pal for all families. However, they are a little sensitive and may not be great companions for larger breeds.

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Norfolk Terriers?

Fearless and fun-loving Norfolk Terriers are small-sized pets that quickly adapt to any place. They are amiable by nature and do not do well alone, so ensure to give them good company. Moreover, this breed needs activities and playmates to be happy and well.

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Poodle?

Poodles are forever happy dogs that can invite cheer to their home. Also, this breed makes a lovely companion and playmate for every pet. Overall, the Poodle is a perfect companion for all individuals and any home. 

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Boxer?

Boxers might look intermediating but are kind and devoted by nature. They are perfect mates and canines for every home and make stunning pets for all individuals. Moreover, this breed will guard you against all danger and love you all day long. 

Why Shih Tzu Gets Along With Basset Hounds?

The Basset Hound is moody and can be both a lazy lap dog and an active breed. This canine prefers companionship and usually does not like to be alone. Also, it is very friendly and kind by nature, making it a reliable pet for homes with kids. 

These ten breeds are superb companions for your Shih Tzu. However, early socialization helps to make unbreakable and lasting bonds. 

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