10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Sloughi

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With SloughiGraceful and noble, Sloughis are 24 to 29 inches tall hound dogs that are mainly found in North African deserts. Nicknamed as “Arabian Greyhound,” the Sloughis are ancient dogs that can easily live up to 15 years. This reserved Sloughi is highly adaptable and is moderately vigilant. 

The dignified and fun-loving Sloughi dogs love to play with other dogs, and it is not at all a couch potato. These self-willed Sloughi dogs need a lot of mental stimulation, and they enjoy exercising with other dogs. However, the loyal and reliable Sloughi prefers sensitive canine friends. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Sloughi

Why Sloughi Gets Along With Scottish Terriers?

Compact and sturdy, Scottish Terriers are short-legged toy dogs that are nicknamed by Scottie. This independent and self-assured Scottish Terrier is a low-shedding breed and loves to exercise with other dogs. Both Scottish Terrier and Sloughi make good alarm dogs. 

Why Sloughi Gets Along With American Water Spaniels?

Upbeat and outdoorsy, American Water Spaniels are native to the USA. This adorable spaniel dog loves to hunt small animals with other canine companions. In addition, this fearless American Water Spaniel enjoys swimming on the water, and it is always up for fun with other house pets.

Why Sloughi Gets Along With St. Bernards?

Found in Switzerland and Italy, St. Bernards are large-sized dogs used for rescue operations. These lively dogs have watchdog potential like your Sloughi. Both of them enjoy each other’s company while they stay awake at night to guard the owner’s house. 

Why Sloughi Gets Along With Weimaraners?

Known as “Silver Ghost,” the Weimaraners are 19h century hunting dogs bred to handle big games like a bear, deer, etc. These powerful Weimaraners are fast-paced dogs and give your Sloughi some unforgettably good competition on the sporting ground. Despite their aloof nature, the Weimaraners are calm and gentle in nature. 

Why Sloughi Gets Along With Yorkshire Terriers?

Silky-coated Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dogs still available on Earth. This hypoallergenic terrier dog is full of courage and confidence. The Yorkshire Terrier is as friendly as your Sloughi, and both of them like to explore the owner’s garden.

Why Sloughi Gets Along With American Eskimo Dogs?

Regarded as the “Dog Beautiful,” the American Eskimo Dogs are excellent companion dogs from Germany. This alert and the reserved dog has a protective instinct towards everybody. This lovely Eskimo dog lives as long as your Sloughi.

Why Sloughi Gets Along With Bedlington Terriers?

Originated in North East England, the Bedlington Terriers are affectionate and small hunting dogs. These Terriers are full of a wild spirit and always up for playing with other house pets. This Bedlington Terrier is good-tempered around Sloughis and other house pets. Both Bedlington Terrier and Sloughi are fairly intelligent dogs. 

Why Sloughi Gets Along With Canaan Dogs?

Abundant in the middle east, the Canaan Dogs are medium-sized pasture dogs. This dog adapts to a new environment pretty fast, and this quick learning breed is easy to train. These vigilant Canaan dogs are quite obedient, and they never attack other house pets.

Why Sloughi Gets Along With Dogues De Bordeaux?

Loyal and even-tempered Dogues de Bordeaux is a muscular dog from France, and it also goes by the name ‘French Mastiff”. This companionable mastiff dog is gentle around other creatures, and it protects the family pets, especially while outside. Both Dogues de Bordeaux and Sloughi are seen running together in the backyard. 

Why Sloughi Gets Along With French Bulldogs?

Obedient and agile, French Bulldogs are British domestic dogs which are alert and lively like your Sloughi. This athletic French Bulldog is an easy-going dog, and it features a lot of patience. Both French Bulldog and Sloughi are highly sociable. 

All these ten dog breeds are good at sharing, and they will adore your Sloughi at their owner’s home. No matter how compatible they are, you should train these dogs with your Sloughi.

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