10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Smooth Fox Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Smooth Fox TerriersFriendly and amusing Smooth Fox Terrier is a 15.5 inches tall noble dog which is pretty similar to Wire Fox Terrier. This fearless terrier dog features a devil-may-care attitude, and it has a crispy coat all over its body.

Sturdy and well-muscled Smooth Fox Terrier is a clever hunting dog, and it loves to go on hunting expeditions with other dogs of a similar kind. The dog is pretty vulnerable to separation anxiety, so you should raise this terrier dog with another friendly puppy from a different breed. We hope that you will be able to choose one from the following dog breeds. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Smooth Fox Terriers

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Doberman Pinschers?

Compact and fast-paced Doberman Pinscher is a large-sized dog that has an innate protective instinct. This heavy-footed Doberman Pinscher originated in Germany, and it is as fearless as your Smooth Fox Terrier. This loyal dog can make a good alarm dog if it gets a canine companion by its side.

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Brittanys?

Bred for bird hunting, the Brittanys are fun-loving dogs that know how to remain happy all through the day. This agile dog from France is quite adaptable to a new environment. It behaves politely with other family pets at home.

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Bloodhounds?

Developed for hunting wild boars, deer, etc., the Bloodhound is an ancient dog that is skilled at tracking people and other animals. This large scent-hound features a gentle demeanor, and it sniffs other puppies affectionately while they sleep. The Bloodhound can be a great companion to your Smooth Fox Terrier.

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Great Danes?

Around 32 inches tall Great Dane is a mastiff-type dog from Germany, and the dog considers itself as the guardian of the family. Reserved and gentle, Great Dane loves the company of other dogs. It is quite friendly to neighborhood pets as well.

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Keeshond?

Double coated Keeshond is a medium-large domestic dog that is fond of socialization. It craves outdoor walks on a daily basis. Bright and intelligent Keeshond is trained easily, and it is pretty obedient. So, it never attacks other dogs at home. 

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Norwich Terriers?

Developed to control the rodent population of the United Kingdom, the Norwich Terriers feature a remarkable friendly personality. Energetic and hardy, Norwich Terrier is pretty sensitive towards the emotions of other dogs. This terrier dog has a thing for barking, and if it sees your Smooth Fox Terrier barking in front of it, it will be uncontrollable. 

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Pumi?

Alert and amicable, Pumi hails from the land of Hungary. This small whimsical dog features a few characteristics as that of your Smooth Fox Terrier. Both of them are of the same height and love to play with Frisbee. These two dogs are pretty comfortable around each other.

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Samoyeds?

Samoyed is a companionable dog from NorthWest Russia, and it is pretty lively. This fluffy white dog loves to chase small animals with your Smooth Fox Terrier, just for fun. This playful Samoyed takes care of other house pets even if you don’t provide them any instruction.

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Cocker Spaniels?

The lion-hearted Cocker Spaniel is a labor-intensive canine breed that requires a lot of physical exercise for its well-being. This good-natured spaniel dog is quite faithful, and it keeps your Smooth Fox Terrier mentally delighted. The Cocker Spaniel will love to run playfully in your backyard with its canine companion.

Why Smooth Fox Terriers Gets Along With Vizslas?

Adept at hunting, the Vizslas are excellent at hunting and tracking other animals. The Vizsla knows how to behave in the presence of other house pets. It comes to introduce itself with other canine creatures. Your Smooth Fox Terrier will get along quite well with this breed.

All these 10 dog breeds are gentle and actively seek company. So, you can let your Smooth Fox Terrier choose one from these ten breeds. 

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