10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Standard Schnauzer

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Standard SchnauzerFearless and free-spirited Standard Schnauzers are 17 to 19 inches tall working dogs from Germany. The brave-hearted Standard Schnauzers are wilful to some extent, and they enjoy participating in sporting activities with other dogs. Reliable and loyal Standard Schnauzers are highly sociable, and they take the initiative to introduce themselves to other dogs. 

Intelligent and enthusiastic Standard Schnauzer is a medium-sized dog that plays with anyone. The mischievous and highly adaptable Standard Schnauzer loves barking with other family dogs, and it needs a good dose of mental stimulation. You should keep the sensitive Standard Schnauzer with other canine companions at your home so that both remain cheerful and ecstatic.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Standard Schnauzers

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With American Eskimo Dogs?

Nicknamed as Eskie, the American Eskimo Dogs are beautiful domestic dogs from Germany. Reserved and alert American Eskimo dogs can sense the dangers befalling their family, and it protects other small dogs from that danger. Due to their friendly nature, the American Eskimo Dogs are pretty good companions for your Standard Schnauzer. 

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With Belgian Tervuren?

Well-furred and muscular Belgian Tervuren is an intelligent canine breed from Belgium. Fond of hard work, the medium-sized Belgian Tervuren is pretty attentive, and it listens to all the problems of your Standard Schnauzer. This overly protective Belgian Tervuren will make an excellent loyal canine companion for your Standard Schnauzer.

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With Border Terriers?

Powerful and rough-coated, Border Terriers are low-shedding dogs of gentle nature. This alert and fun-loving dog is full of boundless energy, and it accompanies dogs like Standard Schnauzer always. This Even-tempered terrier dog never fights or chases other family dogs.

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With English Toy Spaniels?

Primarily bred to be the king’s companion, the English Toy Spaniels are affectionate and happy domestic dogs from Great Britain. This loving canine breed supports other housemates no matter what and plays with them whenever it is free. The English Toy Spaniel will follow your Standard Schnauzer everywhere.

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With Greyhounds?

Found in the hot states of India, the Greyhounds are great at searching and tracking. This sighthound makes a good racing dog, and it can be pretty competitive with your Standard Schnauzer. Both Greyhounds and Standard Schnauzer are quiet in nature, and they adore other house pets.

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With Neapolitan Mastiffs?

Hailed from Italy, the Neapolitan Mastiffs are trainable domestic dogs with a sweet temper. This powerful mastiff dog enjoys playful roughhousing with other canine companions. The obedient Neapolitan Mastiff runs around the backyard of your home, and this dog can be a good inspiration for your Standard Schnauzer. 

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With Otterhounds?

Large in size and elegant, Otterhounds are mainly British hunting dogs. These amiable creatures thrive on companionship, and they are great around sensitive dogs. The Otterhounds are as outdoorsy as your Standard Schnauzer. 

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With German Shorthaired Pointers?

Versatile German Shorthaired Pointers are 19th-century hunting dogs from Germany. This boisterous canine creature is pretty cooperative towards other house dogs, especially during their separation anxiety. The German Shorthaired Pointers are as obedient as your Standard Schnauzer. 

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With Redbone Coonhounds?

The Redbone Coonhounds are highly skilled hunting dogs born in America, and it prefers hunting in packs. The hound dog is pretty independent and fond of familial tasks like your Standard Schnauzers. You can keep these two dogs together. 

Why Standard Schnauzer Gets Along With Shiba Inu?

Found in Japan, the Shiba Inu is a confident hunting dog of medium size. This adorable indoor dog makes a faithful companion, and it is pretty charming in nature. In addition, the Shiba Inus are gregarious in nature, so they will get along pretty well with your Standard Schnauzer.

All these ten dog breeds feature pretty special behavioral characteristics. So, you can choose anyone from our list of ten dog breeds closing your eyes. Let us know how your Standard Schnauzer gets along with its new canine friend. 

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