10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Swedish Vallhund

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Swedish VallhundEnergetic and watchful, Swedish Vallhund is an 11 to 13 inches tall diligent herding dog which is double-coated and needs weekly grooming. The Friendly Swedish Vallhunds are great around kids and other family pets, but this sheepdog is pretty independent too. This highly skilled watchdog features protective instincts, and they play with other animals incessantly.

Highly adaptable and open to strangers, the Swedish Vallhunds are exceptionally energetic, and they need lots of mental stimulation. In addition, this responsive dog breed enjoys having canine companions at its owner’s home. So, we think the following paragraphs about the behavioral characteristics of some compatible dog breeds will help you. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Swedish Vallhunds

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With American Foxhounds?

Known for its work ethic and speed, the American Foxhounds love domestic dogs. Bred to hunt foxes, the American Foxhounds are excellent on the sporting ground. This European hound dog is sweet-tempered around other family pets.

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With Berger Picards?

Sturdy and heavy-boned Berger Picard is an independent herding dog from France. The assertive Berger Picard is quite lively in nature, and it keeps all the housemates delighted. Mellow and energetic Berger Picard becomes part of every quest of your Swedish Vallhund. 

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With Cesky Terriers?

Hailed from the land of the Czech Republic, the Cesky Terriers are great walking buddies who are pretty adventurous in the heart. The terrier dogs are wonderful in behavior, and they adore other house dogs. This cheerful dog is a non-aggressive breed. So, it can be a good match for your Swedish Vallhund.

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With English Toy Spaniels?

Known as the King’s companion, the English Toy Spaniels are small dogs that can live up to 16 years. This playful British Dog is similar to your Swedish Vallhund in terms of behavior. Both of them remain happy most of the time. 

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With Ibizan Hounds?

Leggy yet robust, Ibizan Hounds are independent domestic dogs like your Swedish Vallhund. This dog features a clownish temperament. Both of them belong to the hound dog category. This extraordinarily polite Ibizan hound will keep your Swedish Vallhund engaged all the time. 

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With Norfolk Terriers?

Hardy and independent Norfolk Terriers are self-confident hypoallergenic dogs. These companionable dogs are wonderful with small pets, and they will enjoy doing something together with other canine companions. Both Swedish Vallhund and Norfolk Terrier are fearless in nature. 

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With Poodles?

Bred for waterfowl hunting, the Poodles are all-purpose dogs from Germany. This instinctual Poodle makes a faithful family companion who follows other dogs around the home. Both Poodles and Swedish Vallhunds are hyperactive in nature. 

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With Rottweilers?

Great hearted and obedient Rottweilers are self-assured domestic dogs which finds its mention in Greek Mythology. The courageous Rottweiler will encourage your Swedish Vallhund in all its activities. Both of them are quite devoted to their families. 

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With Shetland Sheepdogs?

Found in the coast of Scotland, the Shetland Sheepdogs are obedient herding dogs that enjoy spending time with other canine companions. Both Shetland Sheepdogs and Swedish Vallhunds are affectionate and loyal towards other creatures. Definitely, a Sheltie would be a good match for your Swedish Vallhund. 

Why Swedish Vallhund Gets Along With Welsh Springer Spaniels?

Robust and active, Welsh Springer Spaniels are proud little dogs of the spaniel family that are quite friendly in nature. This loyal spaniel dog loves roaming on the streets with your Swedish Vallhund, and it talks to other neighborly dogs. 

All these dog breeds are good around house pets, and so you can think about accommodating them with your Welsh Springer Spaniel. Together they will enjoy going on brisk walks. 

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