10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Weimaraner

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With WeimaranerFearless and friendly, Weimaraner is a large-sized friendly dog from Germany, and the breed can live up to 13 years. This swift sporting dog is popular by the name “German Ghost.” The obedient and respectful Weimaraner enjoys spending some quality time with other house pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.

Elegant and comical, Weimaraner is great around other life forms, and this watchdog is highly fond of playing. Born with a remarkable personality, the Weimaraners are highly energetic, and they are the happiest when they get company by their side. So, go through the behavioral characteristics of the following ten dog breeds.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Weimaraners

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With Australian Shepherds?

Protective and active Australian Shepherd is a hard-working herding dog. This affectionate canine breed was born in the USA, and it behaves itself around other dogs. The Australian Shepherds tend to go along quite well with other house pets like cats, dogs, etc.

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With Bergamasco Sheepdogs?

Independent and devoted to its family, the Bergamasco Sheepdogs are an Italian breed of sheepdogs. This adorable canine creature is friendly to all life forms, and it is pretty determined in nature. The Bergamasco Sheepdog is as vigilant as your Weimaraner dog.

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With Brittanys?

Regarded as a skilled bird hunter, the Brittanys are diligent working dogs. These gun dogs are soft-hearted, and they prefer the company of Weimaraner-like dogs while they roam in the backyard. The Brittanys are highly adaptable dogs. So, they will adjust with your Weimaraner pretty fast.

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With English Foxhounds?

Found in English Countrysides, the English Foxhounds are free-spirited domestic dogs. These companionable creatures are full of patience, and they tolerate other house dogs pretty well. This English Foxhound is highly sociable in nature. 

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With German Pinschers?

Medium in size, the German Pinschers are loving and caring dogs that are fond of familial activities. The even-tempered German Pinschers assist other dogs in pursuing household tasks. The German Pinschers bond with other family dogs over barking and mischievous activities.

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With Irish Wolfhounds?

As the name suggests, the Irish Wolfhounds are ancient sighthounds from Ireland. This thoughtful hound dog is quite generous in nature, and it listens to other family pets. This Irish Wolfhound will adore puppies of other dogs at its owner’s home.

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With Newfoundlands?

Known as water dogs, the Newfoundlands are working dogs of large size. These sweet-tempered Newfoundlands are highly trainable and feature quick learning ability. You can train your Weimaraner with a Newfoundland if you want.

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With Pitbull?

Common in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, the Pitbulls are cheerful family dogs. These gregarious dogs are fond of strolls in the evening with other dogs. It initiates conversation with other dogs.

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With Rat Terriers?

Born in America, the rat terriers are inquisitive farm dogs, and they are good at hunting too. This loving terrier dog keeps other dogs delighted in the time of separation anxiety. So, the Rat Terrier is clearly a good match for your Weimaraner. 

Why Weimaraner Gets Along With Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

Hailed from the southern part of Africa, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks are wonderful guarding dogs. These strong-willed dogs are pretty sensitive. So, they will get along pretty well with your attentive Weimaraner. 

All these ten dog breeds are dignified in nature and pretty genial towards other pets. So, choose one breed and boost the mental well-being of your Weimaraner. 

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