10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Whippets

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Whippets18 to 22 inches tall, Whippets are affectionate family pets that get along pretty well with other dogs and children. The adorable Whippets are lightning quick and dignified in nature. Known for their gentle soul, the amiable Whippets love to chase tiny animals.

Robust and low maintenance Whippets are athletic canine breeds, and these graceful dogs make good apartment dwellers. But, it can barely tolerate separation anxiety and loneliness alone. So, you must keep the Whippet together with a sensitive and playful dog.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Whippets

Why Whippet Gets Along With Pyrenean Shepherds?

Adept in herding, the Pyrenean Shepherds are medium-sized mountain dogs from France. This gentle breed has earned its reputation as a flock guardian. Though the shepherd dog is a little bossy, it can be pretty dedicated and loving towards your Whippet.

Why Whippet Gets Along With Rottweilers?

Bred in Germany, the Rottweilers or Rotties are wonderful family companions like your Whippet. Confident and self-assured Rottweilers are quite obedient in nature, and they take good care of your Whippet dog. These good-natured Rottweilers are devoted to their owner’s family.

Why Whippet Gets Along With Sloughis?

Short-haired Sloughis are an athletic canine breed like your Whippet, and both of them belong to the hound family. This faithful little dog is crazy about playing. It will be unstoppable if it gets a playmate like your Whippet. So, consider keeping your Whippet together with a Sloughi.

Why Whippet Gets Along With Welsh Springer Spaniels?

Loyal and faithful, Welsh Springer Spaniels are powerful gun dogs, and they are overly playful like your Whippet dog. Originated in Wales, the Welsh Springer Spaniels enjoy barking with other canine creatures. They consider it as a bonding moment between two dogs. 

Why Whippet Gets Along With Toy Fox Terriers?

Developed in the USA, the Toy Fox Terriers are small domestic pets which are quite intelligent in nature. The terrier never fights with other animals. But, it loves chasing other small creatures with your Whippet dog. So, the Toy Fox Terrier is clearly a good match for your Whippet dog.

Why Whippet Gets Along With Yorkshire Terriers?

Yorkie or Yorkshire Terriers are small 19th century dogs that enjoy the company of humans and other house pets. This bold little terrier dog loves to run with its playmates. The Yorkshire Terrier is so full of courage that your Whippet can consider the dog as its inspiration. 

Why Whippet Gets Along With Afghan Hounds?

24 to 26 inches tall Afghan Hounds are silky coated powerful dogs. Like your Whippet, the Afghan Hounds can run at a pretty fast pace. This clownish dog keeps your Whippet delighted all the time and helps the Whippet in dealing with its separation anxiety. 

Why Whippet Gets Along With Beaucerons?

Found in Central France, the Beaucerons are calm and gentle herding dogs. This extraordinary canine breed features a protective instinct towards small dogs. The courageous Beaucerons are as independent and fearless as your Whippet dog.

Why Whippet Gets Along With Catahoula Leopards?

Short-coated Catahoula Leopards are a friendly canine breed from the USA. This energetic dog can be pretty inquisitive. It will accompany your Whippet dog while roaming in the garden or neighborhood streets. 

Why Whippet Gets Along With English Toy Spaniels?

Known for their remarkable personality, the English Toy Spaniels are small playful dogs. This happy and affectionate spaniel dog is quite loving in nature. It is often found playing with other dogs in the garden. So, clearly, the English Toy Spaniel is a good match for your Whippet dog. 

All these ten dog breeds feature special characteristics which make them endearing canine companions. So, you can choose anyone from the above list to accompany your adorable Whippet. 

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