10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Wire Fox Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Wire Fox TerriersConfident and alert, Wire Fox Terrier is a 15.5 inches tall gregarious dog which is fond of companionship. Bred for traditional fox hunting in British Islands, the terrier dog is a master show dog. This amusing Wire Fox Terrier tolerates kids and other house pets pretty well.

Upbeat and amicable Wire Fox Terrier features a charming personality, and it welcomes other puppies into its family immediately. For the mental wellbeing of your Wire Fox Terrier, you should accommodate it with another dog breed and, if possible, raise them together. We hope the following dog breed descriptions will come in handy for new dog parents.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Wire Fox Terriers

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Chow Chows?

Independent and loyal, Chow Chow is a sturdy dog from China, and it runs in colors like blue, fawn, black, etc. This quiet Chow Chow is pretty aloof in nature, but it is pretty friendly with house dogs. Your Wire Fox Terrier will get along pretty well with this Chow Chow. 

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Dachshunds?

Dachshund, or “Badger Dog,” has been around for 600 years, and this hound dog is full of courage. It enjoys taking part in household activities with your Wire Fox Terrier. Both of them are pretty devoted to family. You can keep them together.

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Harriers?

The hunting Harriers are popular hound dogs. These dogs consider themselves as the guardian of the family. The Harriers behave pretty politely with your Wire Fox Terrier. They will enjoy digging together.

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Kuvasz?

Intelligent and Majestic, Kuvasz is a traditional Hungarian working dog, which is known for its exceptional hunting traits. The Kuvasz is always up for group activities. This clownish Kuvasz has a lot of patience, and it adores other small puppies.

Why Do Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Miniature Bull Terriers?

Upbeat and mischievous, Miniature Bull Terrier is an even-tempered dog of small size. This loving terrier breed makes an excellent canine companion to your Wire Fox Terrier. Both of them are from the terrier group, and they rarely are seen fighting with each other. 

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Norwegian Buhunds?

Skilled in herding, the Norwegian Buhund is a small-sized spitz-type dog that is known for its friendliness. Both Wire Fox Terrier and Norwegian Buhund have watchdog ability. They tolerate each other pretty well. 

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Papillons?

Butterfly-like Papillon is smaller in size than your Wire Fox Terrier. So, this Papillon never tries to wrestle your Wire Fox Terrier to prove its strength. Happy and Alert, Papillon craves socialization, and it is the happiest when it gets company at home.

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Puli?

Adventurous and fun-loving, Puli is an excellent family breed. It loves to play with its toys with other house pets, especially family dogs. So, it will welcome your Wire Fox Terrier with an open heart. This adorable Puli matches the behavioral characteristics with that of your terrier dog.

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Golden Retrievers?

Muscular and strong, Golden Retrievers are reliable and trustworthy canine companions. This confident Golden Retriever accompanies other house pets wherever they go. Golden Retrievers are one of the friendliest dogs in the world. Your Wire Fox Terrier will be comfortable around it.

Why Wire Fox Terriers Get Along With Shiba Inu?

Bred for hunting, the Shiba Inu is a pretty caring and loving canine creature. It is in its best behavior while around other family dogs. It has a craving to introduce itself to new members of the family.

All these ten dog breeds are more or less friendly. So, you can select anyone from the above dog breeds for your Wire Fox Terrier.

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