10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Yorkshire Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Yorkshire TerriersYorkshire Terriers are toy breeds with a mind of their own. Even though the Yorkshires are believed to be dainty but on the contrary are quite playful and fun to be around. They are suitable as apartment dogs and can adjust pretty much to every living condition.

Yorkshires are full of courage and possess the attitude of a big dog. They require proper socialization training to help them adjust with smaller animals; otherwise, they can become aggressive. However, they do well with dogs that are more docile and patient. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Yorkshire Terriers

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With American Eskimo Dog?

American Eskimo Dogs are very friendly and are extremely intelligent. They make very good playmates for children and other dogs due to their gentle and docile nature. American Eskimo Dogs are quick to pick up instructions and training easily, which is why they make ideal house pets.

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With Bearded Collie?

Bearded Collies were originally used for herding. They are friendly and have a charismatic personality which makes them popular as companion dogs. Training a Bearded Collie might take slightly more time because they can be a little stubborn.  

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With English Toy Spaniel?

English Toy Spaniels make great pets for novice dog owners, but they also have a tendency to develop anxiety problems if left alone for too long. Even though they have no problem adjusting with other animals, it is always a good idea to socialize them at an early age. Toy Spaniels are very gentle and non-aggressive, which is why they make suitable companions for the Yorkshires.

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With Border Collie?

Border Collies are working dogs. They are agile and energetic, used mostly for herding sheep. They need to be introduced to socialization training at an early age to help them get over their nervousness around other animals. 

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are adorable not on the outside but also because of their cute habits and behavior. They are very sweet and are absolutely non-aggressive. They make good playmates for children because of their friendly and patient attitude. French Bulldogs are an absolute darling and can make great companions for Yorkshires.

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With Great Dane?

Great Danes are elegant giant breeds with strong, muscular bodies. They were used earlier for hunting wild boars due to their immense strength and power. Great Danes make good companions for the Yorkshires because of their gentle and sweet nature and their patient attitude towards everybody.

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With Mastiff? 

Mastiffs, though they look pretty intimidating, are in fact, sweet and gentle. Mastiffs were used in the past as warriors on battlefields. They are social in nature and have no problem gelling with most house pets, including cats. They adopt the role of a caregiver when it comes to children and pet companions.

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are the literal goofballs. They are extremely gentle and patient with a kind heart, so they can coexist peacefully with everybody. Retrievers make really good playmates for children as they enjoy their company. Retrievers also have a very adjusting nature and do well with most surroundings.

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With Labrador Retriever?

Labradors can become unruly if they do not receive proper training. They are, however, of a very gentle demeanor and get along well with everyone, including cats. Labradors are very friendly and playful, and having them around the house will keep you entertained throughout the day.

Why Yorkshire Terrier Gets Along With Tibetan Mastiff?

Tibetan Mastiffs are gentle giants originating from Tibet. They have a sweet nature and are extremely family-oriented. They are full of courage, like Yorkshires, and will not back down from protecting their family in times of danger. Tibetans need proper socialization to help them open up to other animals.

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