10 Healthiest Human Foods for Dogs

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10 Healthiest Human Foods For DogsIf you’re like most pet parents, you probably find it hard to resist those puppy dog eyes pouring into your sole as you sit at your dining room table. You probably give in a lot, too, and offer your furry pal some of your vitals. While feeding your canine companion human food is perfectly fine in most cases, there are some items that you should avoid offering your dog at all costs; chocolate, raisins, and grapes, for example, are big no-no’s, as they are highly toxic for dogs.

However, there are plenty of human foods that that are not only safe for your pooch to eat, but are highly nutritious. Whether you are looking to supplement your furry friend’s dog food with human foods, or you want to nix dry dog food or wet dog food altogether, here’s a look at 10 of the healthiest people foods that are approved by both vets and animal nutritionists.


Chicken is a healthy food for dogs, as it is packed with protein that will help to maintain healthy muscles and support his joints; in fact, chicken is often the first ingredient listed in many of the highest quality dog food brands. Just make you are feeding him lean cuts and that it is completely deboned. Bone can splinter and cause serious harm. Also, make sure that it is completely cooked through, but avoid fried chicken, a it’s not healthy for his heart and can cause excess weight gain.


Carrots are just as healthy for dogs as they are for humans. They are packed with beta carotene, which helps to improve eyesight. They’re also a great source of fiber, so they can help to ease tummy issues. In fact, carrots are usually a main ingredient featured in dog food for sensitive stomachs because they’re easy to digest and bulk of the stool. Plus, chewing on raw carrots can help to improve your pet’s dental health by removing plaque and tartar buildup. Along with toothbrushes for dogs, vets often recommend carrots as a way to keep teeth strong and healthy.


If you’ve been told that your pup should be eating more protein, you might want to offer him yogurt in lieu of a high protein dog food – or as a treat in addition to it. Yogurt is fully of protein, so it supports the development of strong, healthy bones and joints. It’s also contains live cultures that improve the GI tract, thereby aiding in digestion. Just make sure you check with your vet to ensure you aren’t offering too much protein, as high amounts of this nutrient have the potential to be dangerous.


Eggs are another super healthy human food for dogs. They’re also full of protein, which is the building block for healthy muscles and bones. If you have a dog that is genetically predisposed to joint issues, such as a German shepherd, a Mastiff, a Labrador retriever, or a Great Dane, offering him eggs along with a dog joint supplement can help to offset conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis.


Cook up some fresh pumpkin and mash it or put some canned pumpkin in your pup’s dog bowl; either way, this veggie is great for canines. It’s easy to digest, so it’s a great option for canines that have sensitive stomachs. It’s also loaded with fiber and vitamin A. Just avoid adding spices or sugars.


Many of the best quality dog foods brands, such as Blue Buffalo dog food and Taste of the Wild dog food offer recipes that contain salmon as one of the primary ingredients. Salmon is an excellent source of lean protein, and it’s also packed with healthy omega fatty acids. In fact, salmon is so good for dogs that it’s a leading ingredient in many of the best fish oil for dogs supplements.

Peanut Butter

Your canine companion will absolutely love the taste of peanut butter and will lap up every last bite. You’ll love that your furry friend is getting tons of nutrients that are good for him, such as vitamin E, vitamin B, and protein. To ensure that your pup is getting the full benefits, read the ingredients and try to steer clear of recipes that contain added sugars and other additives. Your best bet is an organic variety, as it will be all-natural and full of healthy goodness.

Sweet Potatoes

You’ll find sweet potatoes listed in most of the leading grain free dog food formulas, as well as organic dog food recipes. Sweet potatoes are a complex carbohydrate, so they are easy to digest and won’t cause stomach upset. They’re also a great option for dogs that are sensitive to gluten-based ingredients, such a corn, wheat, and soy.  Sweet potatoes packed with fiber, vitamin A and other healthful nutrients that will fuel your pup’s energy levels and nourish his entire body.


For a sweet, tasty, and healthy treat, try offering your pooch some freshly sliced apples. As the saying goes, an apple a day will keep the doctor away; or in the case of dogs, the veterinarian away! Apple are chock-full of phytonutrients, vitamin C, and vitamin A, which are extremely important for a canine’s overall health and well-being. You can offer them with the skin or peeled; however, remove the seeds, as they contain naturally-occurring cyanide!


This fruit is so good for canines that many pet owners are mixing coconut oil for dogs into their pup’s kibble! Coconuts contain a bevy of healthy vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, such as lauric acid and antioxidants, which will help to strengthen your pup’s immune system, nourish his skin, and keep his coat fully and lustrous. You can offer your pup chunks of coconut as a treat, mix some mashed coconut into his food, or even let him lap up some coconut milk or water as a refreshing and healthy beverage.

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