20 Most Popular Female Dog Names

20 Most Popular Female Dog Names

If you’re a proud new dog owner, picking out a name for your pet can be as fun and special as picking out the name of your newborn child.

Here’s at least 20 popular female dog names you might consider for your new addition to the family.

1) “Maggie” continues to top the most popular female dog name lists. It’s a nickname for “Margaret” which translates to “A pearl”. It may work best for all types of smaller dogs such as Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, the special little jewel or pearl in your family.

2) “Daisy” is the name of Donald Duck’s girlfriend as well as the dog from the popular Blondie comic strip. The name would be perfect for a Bassett Hound or other dogs with floppy and drooping ears.

3) “Layla” was a popular song by musician Eric Clapton, and would be a fitting female dog name for your Black Lab, Rottweiler or Doberman Pincher.

4) “Princess” would be a logical choice for most pet owners, and is always one of the most popular selections for a female dog. It is best fitting of just about any breed or mix of dog, even a Rottweiler. When it comes down to it many dogs are treated like royalty in their adopting families.

5) “Lady” is the perfect name for many types of exquisite dogs such as Cocker Spaniels or even a larger dog such as a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound. Many people know of the popular Disney movie featuring the romance of two dogs called “Lady and the Tramp”.

6) “Lucy” is another popular choice for a dog’s name as it has many great references such as “I Love Lucy”, Lucy from Charlie Brown, and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, the famous Beatles song. It would be perfect for many types of female dogs such as Collies, Cocker Spaniels and even a Chihuahua. It is also David Blunkett’s best known Labrador guide dog, who once vomited in the British House of Commons during a Parliamentary speech. (source: Wikipedia.org)

7) “Shadow” is a very unique and fun dog’s name, and actually was used as the name of the Golden Retriever in the movie “The Incredible Journey” in 1993. You may decide that your Retriever should have the same name. Any dog that follows you around enough warrants this popular choice, or a dark colored dog like the Black Lab.

8) “Sandy” would make another great choice for a Golden Retriever as it describes the color of your dog and also refers to the lead female character of the very popular musical movie, Grease.

9) “Tinkerbell” seems to be fitting if you have the same sort of tiny pup like Paris Hilton or other celebrities might carry around. A French Poodle or Chihuahua may come to mind for most. Tinkerbell is the famous fairy from the Disney movie Peter Pan.

10) “Paris” could also work for your small carry-around Poodle, as people would definitely know which celebrity you were referring to. It may become a new popular name for dogs and conversation starter since the famous heiress is making headlines all the time.

11) The name “Brandy” is fitting for an Irish Setter, as it refers to the alcohol which has a reddish color at times. It also refers to the female pop/R B; musician with just one name.

12) “Pepper” is the perfect name for your spicy dog that has a lot of bark and bite. It might be ideal for dogs such as the Chiuahua or the Jack Russell Terrier.

13) “Molly” is one of the more popular names given to female dogs. Famous Molly’s would include Molly Ringwald from the movie “The Breakfast Club” or the white horse in the Orwell novel, Animal Farm. This name seems fitting for English Springers, Brittany or Cocker Spaniels or even a Collie.

13) “Chelsea” refers to the famous Clinton daughter and also a soccer team from London. It may also be fitting for all sorts of dogs even the Chow Chow.

14) “Abby” is the nickname derived from the proper name “Abigail”. Abigail Adams was the famous first lady of the White House. This name could work for a lazy Bassett Hound or cute Cocker Spaniel.

15) “Ginger” was the movie star from Gilligan’s Island and may be a good fit for your dog’s name. It’s also a popular spice used in cooking from the Ginger root. This name befits a small brown Pug easily.

16) “Bandit” might work for dogs such as the Daschund or German Sheppard, or if your dog tends to steal your shoes a lot.

17) “Annie” is of course the lovable orphan girl from the hit musical. Picture this name with a dog such as a Shetland Sheepdog.

18) “Sasha” may work well for your Siberian Husky or Rottweiler. It would also make for a hip and stylish name as it refers to one of the Gabor sisters, an American Olympic figure skater, several actresses and even a DJ.

19) “Sadie” sounds like a fitting name for a Bassett Hound, English Setter or English Spaniel. There was a recently famous black lab that helped discover a bomb in 2005 near the UN headquarters in Kabul. That Sadie was the 25th ever recipient of the Dickin Medal for her courageous and life-saving work. (Source Wikipedia entry: Saidie)

20) “Lassie” is a name that is very well known as it refers to one of the most famous acting dogs of them all, the Collie from the Black and White TV series and movies. Name your Collie the same to give it that star status it deserves!

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