5 Types of Dogs That Benefit from a Dog Door

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5 Types Of Dogs That Benefit From A Dog DoorDog doors can be the best of both worlds. While we have outlined reasons to not have a dog door, we have also touched on why smart homes are excitedly installing smart dog doors at rapid paces. But what types of dogs benefit most from the installation and use of a dog door? Let’s find out!


Dog doors provide your furry friend with the freedom to move inside and outside at their own convenience, versus waiting for you to get ready. Homes with fenced in yards or electric dog fences are perfect candidates.

These dog doors greatly assist with potty training, enhance your dog’s independence, and makes your own life far more convenient.


All dogs can benefit from the installation of a dog door in your home. From puppies to senior dogs, and all sizes and breeds, dog doors provide your furry family member with a quick route to their favorite place: your yard.


Younger dogs have smaller bladders, and may not be potty trained yet. While a dog door should not be considered a substitute for actual potty training (whether on-leash or with dog potty pads), incorporating them into your routine will go yards in instilling confidence in your new young family member.

Additionally, a dog door will help to teach your pup the difference between outside and inside. Stronger differentiation plus the freedom to relieve themselves equals stronger association with the outdoors and doing their business.


Much like puppies and younger dogs, as dogs get older, they tend to have trouble holding in their urine and feces. As such, there are two issues that arise:

  1. Older dogs needing more frequent bathroom breaks may resort to relieving themselves inside instead of waiting for the next walk.
  2. If owners are able to get to their dog in time to let them out, there will be a lot more up-and-down to let them out, and waiting for them to come in.

Older dogs benefit greatly from dog doors, which allow them the freedom to take themselves out to use the bathroom. They complement greatly with electronic dog doors. This comes without the shame of relieving themselves inside, or the inconvenience of frequent interruptions on the part of the owner.

Protip: For more to make your senior pup comfortable, check out some orthopedic dog beds and senior dog food.


Much like puppies, smaller breed dogs have smaller bladders. As such, they make far more frequent stops to the bathroom. Instead of relying on potty pads, dog doors provide them an escape route to quickly do their business and return to their regular routine.

Small breed dogs aren’t alone. Mid-sized and larger dogs also benefit greatly from the use of a dog door. The ability to leave to use the bathroom keeps you, the owner, from dealing with scratches on the door, loud barking, and potential lakes and mountains of urine and excrement in your home.

We recommend kicking things up a notch with a smart dog door. There are ample benefits to these when compared to standard dog door options on the market. Want to find out more? Check out our recommendations here.