14 Groundbreaking Sustainable Pet Companies In The US

There has been a definite shift in people’s attitudes toward sustainable business practices. Sustainability, in its broadest sense, refers to a community or ecosystem that is able to support itself and its surroundings. More simply, there are three central components to sustainability: environmental protection, social development, and economic development, each important on its own, but meant to be considered in correlation with one another. Sustainable or Green businesses are ones which attempt to have minimal harmful impact on the environment, economy, and community. They supply or create eco-friendly products and services that are equivalent in demand to non-sustainable products. There are pioneering companies in the pet world, meeting the needs of pets and owners without endangering the future of the planet and everything living on it. From responsibly sourced dog food, to collars, to beehives, here are some of the most inspirational sustainable pet companies in the country.


West Paw

West Paw measures success not only by financial gains, but by how they treat their employees, the planet, and their customers.

West Paw cares not only about dogs, but about people and the planet as well. They use only eco-friendly materials and make it a habit to make only eco-friendly manufacturing choices. Named "One of the Best Small Companies" in America by Forbes Magazine, West Paw is passionate about both pets and the planet being safe and healthy. All of their products are BPA and phthalate free, non-toxic, and FDA compliant and manufactured in their own factory so they know exactly what goes into each item. All West Paw toys are made from hemp, Intelliloft eco-fiber stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles, and Zogoflex, which can be infinitely recycled into new toys through their Join The Loop program. West Paw is proudly a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) which unites pet-driven businesses committed to sustainable practices and provides opportunities for collaboration toward creating positive change. They are one of the Co-Founders of the Montana Coalition for the Outdoors, and donate money and supplies to charities who align with their values.


CBD Dog Health

Unlike other brands on the market, CBD Dog products are created specifically with your pet in mind and are carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients and wide-spectrum cannabinoid blends.

Recipient of 2018 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award, CBD DOG Health provides pets and their families with safe, natural remedies for relaxation and healing. It is important to make careful selection when it comes to CBD products for human and pet, and CBD DOG meets the standards for safety and reliability. All of the plants used in their products are grown legally in both Colorado and Minnesota, and safely without the use of pesticides or herbicides. They know exactly what goes into all of their plants and therefore all of their products from beginning to end because they are in command of every aspect of the process. All of the essential oils used for blends are both grown and extracted in the US, and contain no thinning agents such as propylene, glycol, or ethylene alcohol, and contain no flavor additives or other harmful ingredients. All of the CBD extractions are full-spectrum and third party tested and certified, and specifically designed for extended absorption and long-lasting effects.


Champion Petfoods

T.R.A.I.L. stands for Teamwork, Responsibility, Authenticity, Innovation, and Leadership.

The team at Champion is passionate about delivering the freshest, most nourishing food possible, made with ingredients inspired by the natural diets of whole prey animals. Their award-winning Biologically Appropriate foods reflect the variety and the freshness of meats that both dogs and cats have evolved to eat. Champion uses only fresh, regional ingredients that are sustainably raised and harvested by local and nearby farmers, fishermen, and ranchers, and delivered in their most natural and most beneficial form. In the interest of both sustainability and safety, none of their work is ever outsourced, meaning, all of their foods are made in their own kitchens and they don't make food for any other companies. The Transparency Council at Champion values public trust, and is dedicated to regulating business in ways that hold them fully accountable to the public and encourage transparency and public feedback.


PetRageous Designs

The Petrageous team is dedicated to making sure your pet fits comfortably into their home in the most sylish way possible.

Petrageous Designs founder, Gretchen George is committed to the comfort and safety of pets utilizing stylish and practical design. She and her team continuously update their inventory and product line to reflect décor trends and the needs of your pet. Everything Petrageous sells is easy to use, non-toxic, and designed to give your pet an aesthetically pleasing and organized dining space. George is a Women of Influence Award winner which honors female leaders who are both influential and making a positive impact in the pet industry. From toys, to bowls, treats, and clothing, Petrageous has something for just about any dog or dog owner out there.


Primetime Petz

Dedicated to making your pets feel at home, Primetime Petz designs and manufactures high-quality pet furniture pet owners are proud to display in their homes.

The number one goal at Primetime Petz is making sure your pets feel comfortable in your home. The bonus is that every piece of furniture they make is high quality and stylish, and intended to blend in with your existing décor. They offer custom product development, and a wide variety of programs designed to meet the needs of each and every potential client. Primetime Petz is well known as a trusted brand in decor-friendly pet furniture and accessories including crates, feeders, gates and steps and is committed to high quality and innovative design. Each piece is easy to assemble, requiring either no tools or provided tools, and there are online instruction manuals to help you along in the process. Winner of the 2017 Pet Business Industry Award, Primetime Petz is bridging the gap between style and functionality.


Cardinal Pet Care

Family opened and operated since 1948, and located in Southern California, Cardinal has a simple but powerful motto: Devoted to pets, people, and the planet.

Family operated and owned since 1948, and located in Southern California, Cardinal Pet Care is on a mission to be planet friendly and provide eco-friendly products that improve the quality of life for both pets and humans. Committed to sustainability and doing their part, Cardinal is a solar-powered company, running a fully solar-powered three-building campus which includes manufacturing, a warehouse, pet treat distribution center, corporate offices, a full research and development lab, and two quality control labs. Their GMP (or good manufacturing practices) and a firm Reduce, Reuse, Recycle directive are only a couple on a long list of business applications that hold this organization accountable to their own high standards. Devoted to encouraging others to consider how today's actions and decisions will affect the future, Cardinal helped to establish the Pet Sustainability Coalition - designed to help businesses in the pet industry implement sustainable practices.



Founded in 1993, Ware Pet Products is committed to producing and offering exciting products that enrich the lives of both pet and human clients.

Led by a team of trailblazing professionals, Ware Pet Products has been designing and providing animals with high quality houses and toys for over 25 years. A team of animal lovers, Ware is passionate about their mission to consistently offer new and exciting products to their human and animal clients, while remaining conscious of its carbon footprint. Their dog, cat, and chicken houses are made from sustainable, soft, yet sturdy Fir wood, and they are committed to using both recycled and recyclable materials in their products and packaging. All Gorilla Dog Chews and tugs are made from sustainably harvested wood, and rope and provide the added benefit of cleaning gums and teeth while your dog plays. In addition to providing environmentally friendly dog accessories, Ware offers a wide variety of beekeeping accessories such as hives, pollinators, smokers, and feeders. Beekeeping is an environmentally responsible and fascinating hobby that doubles as a way to help restore the environment by pollinating local agriculture.



iFetch was born from simple beginnings and has gone on to receive international attention and win numerous awards including “Best New Product” and “Best in Show” at Superzoo.

iFetch started as a family project, funded by a Kickstarter campaign, and has gone on to win numerous awards and become a bestseller in the pet industry. As many pet owners know, playing fetch with your pup can be a truly tireless activity, and can become rather monotonous for human participants. iFetch, which can run on either an adapter or batteries, can keep your pup occupied for hours. The iFetch and iFetch Too, once powered up, allows you to select among various distance settings and is ready to go! All your dog needs to do is drop the ball into the top of the machine and iFetch will launch it to be chased, over and over again. All models, including the iFetch Frenzy, which operates on gravity alone and requires no power whatsoever, come with either standard or miniature tennis ball, but can be used with any ball with the same measurements. Whether your pup is a fetch expert, or new to the game, the iFetch website provides owners with lots of training tips to teach get your pet ready to use iFetch in no time.


Pura Naturals Pet

Pura Naturals Pet's eco-friendly products are all made in the US, with organic ingredients, using local, earth-friendly and renewable resources.

Pura Naturals Pet is recognized in the pet industry as a pioneer specializing in organic pet wellness. They are an organization dedicated to producing the highest quality products using only the best materials and ingredients nature has to offer. The USDA goal of organic farming is to assimilate cultural, biological, and industrial practices, to encourage the cycling of resources, and to promote balance and biodiversity. Pura Naturals Pet creates and offers over 20 wellness products for your pet such as paw rescue, nose rescue, healing aids, dental care, hot spot oils, and pet shampoo, all of which are made with exclusively organic ingredients, from organic farms. Pura Naturals Pet is an active member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition - the leading pet industry organization for sustainability advancement, the Organic Trade Association - which promotes, protects and grows organic agriculture and commerce, and is a certified organic company by one of the largest organic certification companies in the world.



The Supreme team takes its responsibilities to small pets and the wider community very seriously, and does everything it can to minimise their impact on the world and everything living in it.

Supreme is passionate about the smallest furry animals and the quality of care they receive. The company invests in veterinary education in the interest of spreading the highest level of understanding about the needs of our smallest pets. In addition, they employ veterinary experts and nutritionists in the formulation of their food recipes for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, ferrets, hamsters, mice, and gerbils. In an effort to do their part to help the environment and work toward sustainability, Supreme buys locally whenever they can, utilize energy efficient appliances, use recycled and recyclable packaging materials, and supports local charities that promote and encourage environmental education. The most instrumental impact Supreme is making in the world of sustainability is its No Palm Oil policy. Palm oil is primarily produced in Indonesia and Malaysia where the destruction of rainforests to make room for more palm plantations is displacing and killing many animals and important ecosystems. Supreme is dedicated to banning of palm oil or other environmentally harmful ingredients from their products.


Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog has intercepted millions of bicycle tubes on their way to landfills, and upcycled them into a variety of dog products and accessories.

The mission at Cycle Dog since 2009 has been to create awesome, one-of-a-kind dog products and accessories while focusing on the environment and raising awareness about the immeasurable number of discarded bicycle tire tubes that wind up in landfills each year. Owner, Lanette Fidrych began by collecting tire tubes from local bike shops in her neighborhood and hand-sewing them in her home. Following some intensive research and development, she created the archetypal inner tube backed collar which is eco-friendly and antimicrobial by nature. What began as a vendor booth at Portland's Saturday Market is now a factory showroom in Downtown Portland, where employees still collect tubes from bike shops, and the sewing team hand-sews all of their collars and leashes. In addition to leashes and collars, Cycle Dog now manufactures beds, toys, bowls, and accessories.


Harry Barker

"Beautiful Pet. Beautiful Home. Beautiful Planet." has been the Harry Barket motto since 1997.

For over 20 years, Harry Barker has been dedicated to improving the lives of pets and people while making minimal impact environmentally. They provide pets with a wide variety of products such as beds, blankets, bed covers and inserts, collars and leashes, bowls and food storage, toys and toy storage, cleaning supplies, bath products, even sweaters. Harry Barker prioritizes pet health and safety, using only earth-friendly fabrics colored with azo-free dyes, and all natural ingredients in their treats. All of their dog beds are filled with 100% eco-fiberfill, and inserts are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics. Both their pet waste bags and pet shampoo (including bottles) are biodegradable, and blankets are made from eco fleece. One of the coolest things about this company is their partnership with the Honeybee Conservancy which receives 10% of the sales of all Honey Bee products sold.


Castor & Pollux

Castor & Pollux is the maker of America's #1 organic pet food and has the only line of USDA Organically Certified pet food.

Castor & Pollux has set a new standard in the pet food industry, producing the only complete line of pet food made with responsibly sourced ingredients, and it is their firm belief that responsibly raised, caught, and grown ingredients are better for the health of your pet. Animals used for meat are raised with fresh air, sunlight, space to roam and grass-fed, while chickens and turkeys are all cage-free. All fruit and vegetable ingredients are grown without synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides, and all of their foods are made with no preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors and cooked in the U.S. All of their recipes, including their MSC Certified seafood recipes, are available to the public on their website. Castor & Pollux developed the Petworks Partners Program which, working closely with Austin Pets Alive, San Antonio Pets Alive, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Oregon Dog Rescue, the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, and All Terrier Rescue Oregon, feeds and donates food to shelters and animals in foster homes.



Created after the Owner's dog, Luna, suffered pesticide poisoning from prescribed flea medication, Wondercide provides all natural pest control made from locally sourced ingredients.

Wondercide Natural Products is a manufacturer of all natural pest control products aimed to rid both indoor and outdoor spaces of unwanted insects (ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, and crawling and flying insects) without putting your pets or human family members in danger. All ingredients are locally sourced, including essential cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, and sesame oils, and free from artificial colors, fragrances, pesticides, and pyrethrins. Wondercide uses no harsh chemicals and never tests on animals. This pioneering, women-run company uses all biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and is a Green America Gold Certified business, which means it holds high standards for social and environmental impacts.

Pet lovers know that what we buy for our pets must also be good enough for us and, increasingly, good for the planet. Choices about your pet’s diet and entertainment can have implications for its health, your wallet, and the environment. If you want to spend your money with pet companies that are committed to doing their part to make the planet a better place, consider any of those mentioned above, and take a small step toward making a difference.