A Guide to Spoiling Dogs (we love #6!)

A Guide to Spoiling Dogs

10) A memorable episode of the popular animated sitcom King of the Hill introduced many viewers to the world of dancing with dogs. While there were doubtlessly many who were convinced that such a thing was the brainstorm of the writers, dog dancing is actually a sanctioned sport. Most of those who engage in this do so in competition known as Canine Freestyle, which is essentially a choreographed dance between owner and pet not unlike what you might see on Dancing with the Stars. According to those who follow and participate in doggie dancing, the canines truly appear to be enjoying the experience even more than their human counterparts.

9) If you enjoy the spoils of being massaged, why wouldn’t you want to treat your dog to this experience? Doggie massages can not only help your pet relax just like you, but may also truly contribute to the spoiling game by helping to ward off such health problems as arthritis and disc damage, especially those wiener dogs who are notoriously for developing back problems.

8) For those who are really interested in spoiling their dog, why not consider the new generation of dog carriers? These creatively designed bags allow you to carry your dog around so the pooch doesn’t have to worry about hurting its little paws or stretching a muscle by walking by itself. Think these new dog carriers are just for Shin-Tzus and Chihuahuas? Think again; these dog carriers come in sizes large enough for terriers and spaniels as well.

7) Dog collars made of simple leather are a thing of the past. Today’s upscale canines prefer a girl’s best friend: some diamond studded collars and leashes will set you back as much as an engagement ring. Of course, the upside is that your dog may last longer than your marriage.

6) Forget all about that old-fashioned doghouse. Today’s doghouses are more likely to be termed mansions as they come in extravagant designs and often even have two or more stories and are air-conditions and heated. In fact, many of the most flamboyant doggie mansions cost as much as a backyard shed.

5) Is your dog overweight? A doggie fat farm may seem like a ridiculous idea, but if you simply don’t have the time to give you pet the exercise it require, then try out one of these high quality safehouses run by professionals dedicated to working off the excess flab on your pet and getting it back into, if not puppy-shape, then at least the kind of fitness that will make it feel better and last long enough to enjoy number 2 on this list.

4) Does your dog suffer from arthritis or diabetes? Spoil your dog in the best possible way by giving the animal tasty treats that are also created specifically to cut any dangerous ingredients out of the dietary mix. Both diabetic and arthritis dog cookies and biscuits are carefully prepared by dietitians to make sure your pet enjoys the taste and sticks around a long time.

3) Send your dog to a day spa and you may not even recognize the canine cutie that returns. Prices vary widely, but the typical dog spa will mean your dog enjoys such features as a high quality pedicure, a thorough brushing of the teeth, and a head to two cleaning that neither your dog nor you are likely to forget.

2) Neither you nor your pooch needs to be Jewish to enjoy the Bark Mitzvah party from Chez Puppy. Just as with the human counterpart, the Bark Mitzvah is reserved only for those dogs lucky enough to make it all the way to age 91 (or age 13 in human years.) The party does include doggie treats in the shape of the Star of David, but if you aren’t Jewish you can request biscuits in other shapes. But since it’s called a Bark Mitzvah, why would you?

1) What better way to spoil your dog than by forking over the cash for a Freudian psychoanalysis by a dog behaviorist. While the science of such a position is perhaps a bit iffy, the $95 price tag is hard to beat: it’s at least a good 50% of the best price per hour you could get from a human therapist. Seriously, if you avoid the scammers and find a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, spoiling your dog in this way may result in an animal that can be better trained. A better trained dog that can control its aggressiveness and become more lovable will likely become a dog that gets spoiled around the clock.

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