From time to time, will make strategic acquisitions in order to grow our web presence. These acquisitions are necessary to facilitate future growth and put our website in front of the eyes of millions of new users. Below, in no particular order, are the list of acquisitions that we have made: was a premier animal website that served to teach youth about animals. The website was formally run by the ASPCA. The website covered everything that someone needed to know about dogs – from breed information, to caring tips, to product reviews – had everything! There was even an encyclopedia that touched on various other types of animals.

By acquiring, is strategically positioning ourselves as a website that not only educates adults, but people of all ages. Our website is not intended to be used by children. Rather, we want parents use our site as a resource to find dog breed information and caring tips. This information can then be passed down to the child in whichever way the parent sees fit.

Some of the topics that covered, that we either do cover or plan on covering are as follows: