Afaird Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Afaird Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Afaird is a designer breed that has been introduced in the breeding market quite recently. If you have an active family who is wishing to add some adventure in their life, then we would suggest you to go for Afaird. These cute dogs are really friendly and playful. The center of their origin is yet unknown but whoever introduced this loyal breed, has done a great favour on all the doggo lovers. These dogs are primarily herding dogs, however, they can be great watchdogs too.

Afaird History

The breeding of Afaird began in early 2000s. These dogs were produced by crossing the Afghan Hounds and the Briards. According to some researchers, these dogs were bred after getting inspired by the bone structure and coat of the Afghan Hound while the intelligence, playfulness and a protective nature of the Briard.

To make you understand the Afairds much better, we have slightly discussed about their ancestors over here as well. The Afghan Hounds are known to be one of the ancient dog breeds. They are known to be there since the Pre-Christian era. These courageous hunting dogs hails from Afghanistan. The other parent i.e. the Briard, originated in France during the 8th century. They were known to be great family dogs and had a playful nature. The two, upon being crossed, gave us the Afaird. Since Afaird is quite a new designer breed, it has not been recognized by any of the kennel clubs yet.

Afaird Characteristics

The Afaird is a large dog. The male Afairds are around 22-27 inches tall while the females are around 22-24 inches tall. An Afaird typically weighs around 60-65 pounds. It has a long muzzle which helps in preventing breathing problems. These dogs have inherited all the eye-pleasing characteristics from its parents. These are some sturdy dogs with a strong build.

If you are thinking about their coat, so they have adopted that from both parents, they have a furry coat that is medium-long in length. This coat can have shades of brown, grey or black. However, the factors of size and texture depends largely on the lineage which stays dominant while breeding. Usually, the its texture is smoother than the Briard’s coat and the length is not as long as an Afghan Hound’s coat.

Afaird Temperament/Personality

You should not let an Afaird’s size deceive you and consider it a dangerous dog. These dogs are really affectionate and sweet and they love to stay with families. They are not much open to strangers and tend to stay cautious around them. These energetic dogs are also quite intelligent and you will love training them.

However, if you are looking for some obedient dogs so, for your information these are not the most obedient dogs and can be stubborn at times. When it comes to mingling with children and other pets, these pets are better with older children and are not known to have tolerance for other pets. It is your responsibility to make them social from a young age to develop tolerance.

Caring for Afaird

Those of you who are new to petting are not much aware of the ways you are supposed to take care of your dog. We have shared an ‘Afaird’ specific caring routine below for those of you who are willing to pet him.

Afaird Nutrition

Being a large dog, an Afaird needs comparatively more food. You should get a premium quality dry dog food for an Afaird so that it can function well.

An Afaird typically requires 3 cups of kibble per day. We would suggest you to give the meal at equal time intervals to ensure gradual growth. Feeding an Afaird can cost you around $80-$100. We would also suggest you to add some alternative meals like lamb, chicken and beef. You can also consult a veterinarian when you are planning their diet.

Afaird Grooming

When it comes to grooming, an Afaird requires a proper routine for that. Since their coat is quite silky it is prone to get tangled. You should brush it almost daily. After every 4 weeks, an Afaird requires some addition grooming. You are supposed to trim his body’s fur. These dogs can get really shabby as they are playful, so we would suggest you to bathe them whenever you feel they are looking untidy. Along with this, you are supposed to take a good care of their nails and ear. Make sure that you clean their ear every week to avoid any deposits or debris.

Afaird Activity Levels

Since Afaird also has a herding lineage, it is an active dog which likes living a dynamic lifestyle. If you are one of those owners who are unable to take out plenty of time for their dogs, then we would say that you should go for some other dog.

We would also not suggest this dog for you if you are an apartment dweller. These dogs love jumping and playing so they need a big yard where they can play their heart out. They need atleast 45-60 minutes of exercise daily. You are required to train them on a daily basis because these dogs can become seriously stubborn if you are not paying much attention on their training.

Afaird Maintenance

When you are living with an Afaird, you have to accept the fact that you will be having a dynamic life. These dogs require a high level of maintenance. You are supposed to take them for medical checkups to a good veterinarian often to ensure good health. Since these dogs are long-haired typically you are also supposed to take an extra care of their hygiene as they might get dirty quite soon.

Afaird Health

Being a designer breed, Afaird has a larger gene pool and lesser susceptibility to any disorders which its parents had. There are no such prominent disorder which an Afaird might have.

Due to its large size we can predict that these dogs might be prone to disorders which the other large dogs often suffer from. These include, hip and elbow dysplasia, glaucoma, bloat and cataracts. You can always consult a veterinarian to get checked in this regard. On average, a healthy Afaird can live upto 12-14 years.

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