Affen Spaniel Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Affen Spaniel Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowAn Affen Spaniel is not a pure bred. This dog is a designer breed and was obtained by crossing an Affenpinscher with a Cocker Spaniel. If you were looking for a dog that is cute and has the capability of becoming a great companion, then we would say that Affen Spaniel can be a considerable choice. The Affen Spaniels are bred to become great companion and herding dogs. These small dogs are highly devoted towards their family and have an exceptional loyalty.

Affen Spaniel History

The Affen Spaniel is known to have been developed recently. Their history is not much well known that is why we do not have much information about the exact date when they were first produced. Nevertheless, you can interpret their traits by understanding the background of their ancestors, which are Affenpinscher and Cocker Spaniel.

The Cocker Spaniels hails from Spain. These dogs were first seen between 1300s and 1400s. Initially, these dogs were hunting and water dogs and were known as Spaniels at that time. However, with time they evolved into comparatively smaller toy breeds and got their name changed to Cocker Spaniel.

The other parent, which is the Affenpinscher, is known to originate from Germany and were used as ratters and herding dogs. Both parent dogs are known for their agility and are recognized by the major kennel clubs. However, the Affen Spaniel is only recognized by the Dog Registry of America, since it is a new breed.

Affen Spaniel Characteristics

The Affen Spaniels are known to have a small to medium size. They are neither as small as the Affenpinschers nor they are as big as the Cocker Spaniels. The male Affen Spaniels are around 13-20 inches while the females are around 10-16 inches tall. These dogs weigh around 15-25 pounds.

An Affen Spaniel has large round eyes, dark brown ears and a short pushed back muzzle. Since their ear is flopped down, there is a possibility that they might get dirt deposits often. These dogs have shorter legs and a well built body. Their coat is medium-sized and furry. Its texture can either be silky or curly. Their coat can be found in several colors which include salt and pepper, grey, golden, dark brown, chocolate, light brown and black.

Affen Spaniel Temperament/Personality

The Affen Spaniels are active and alert dogs who are suitable for families. These dogs are protective in nature due to the herding lineage. They often bark at strangers and do not like them. If you have elder kids so, that is a plus. These dogs get along well with them and love to spend time with all the family members.

Nevertheless, if the kids are young you should keep an eye on them as they might harm them. Being extremely devoted companions these dogs love to stay by your side. They do not like staying alone for longer periods of time and want your company. As far as relations with other pets are concerned so these pets do not have any issues with them.

Caring for Affen Spaniel

When you have made up your mind to pet an Affen Spaniel, you might have questions regarding the ways in which you can keep the best care of your pet. We have discussed all such matters below.

Affen Spaniel Nutrition

Since the Affen Spaniels are small to medium sized dogs, you are supposed to plan their diet accordingly. We would suggest you to consult a veterinarian in this regard as well. The diet plan should be specific to your Affen Spaniel’s age and body size.

You should make sure that you do not over feed these dogs as they are prone to gain weight. We would advise you to feed them with equal portions of kibble atleast twice a day. You should use high-quality dry dog food for your dog to ensure good health. You should also ensure that the diet is rich in nutrients and minerals to keep your dog fit.

Affen Spaniel Grooming

Affen Spaniels require a lot of grooming. Since their coat is of a medium length and is quite dense, we would suggest you to brush it on a daily basis to avoid tangles. You should use a stiff bristle brush in this regard.  You should take an Affen Spaniel to a professional groomer after every 4-5 weeks for trimming of the furs around ears and foot pads. You should keep an extra check on the cleanliness of their ear because they are flopped down and might have debris often. You are also supposed to clip their nails when necessary. As far as brushing teeth is concerned, you should do that on a daily basis.

Affen Spaniel Activity Levels

The Affen Spaniels are quite active and agile dogs like their parents. They require a good amount of activity on a daily basis. You are supposed to take them for a 35-40 minutes walk on a daily basis to ensure that they do not get bored and stay fit.

These dogs are really energetic so, you should keep this in mind while arranging activities for them. These dogs love digging, so they will love to play in yards, however, they can settle well in apartments too due to their smaller size. You should have a fenced yard because these dogs might escape.

Affen Spaniel Maintenance

The Affen Spaniels are one of those dogs which require a good routine for grooming. Since these dogs are furry, they tend to get shaggy quite often. We would suggest you to keep a good check on their hygiene to maintain them well. In order to maintain a good health, you should plan a healthy diet for your dog. We would also advise you to take him for a complete physical checkup at least once a year.

Affen Spaniel Health

Since the Affen Spaniel has joined the breeding world recently, there are no known major health issues which these dogs might have. In future, however, they might show up some health concerns which their parents have had.

These dogs are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia, Patent Ductus Arteriosus and leg-calve-perthes disease. If these dogs stay healthy, they can live for around 10-15 years.

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