Affengriffon Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Affengriffon Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowAffengriffon is a newly bred designer dog that is considered as a toy breed. If you are one of those people who love adoring small pets, then these cute little dogs will be perfect for you. The origins of the Affengriffon are not known yet. These dogs can adapt themselves to almost any environment and pet lovers love them because they are known for their hypoallergenic nature. These adorable mix breeds are the offspring of Affenpinscher and Brussels Griffon.

Affengriffon History

The Affengriffon has entered the breeding market recently so, their history is not much well documented. However, to make you understand these dogs in a much better way, we have shared the history of their parents. The Affenpinscher, which is one of the parents of Affengriffon, hails from Germany. These dogs were first seen in around 18th or 19th century. These small dogs were known to be great companions at farms. They were used as ratters and also played an important role as herding dogs. They were great companion as well as watch dogs.

The other parent, which is the Brussel Griffon, originated from Belgium in 17th century. These dogs were known to hunt the vermin which were found in the stables of cab drivers. As time went on these dogs became great companion dogs and are considered to be one till date. Upon mixing these two breeds we got, the Affengriffon, a cute dog which had the traits of being an amazing companion.

Affengriffon Characteristics

As you know already, Affengriffon is a small dog whose breed is usually referred as a toy breed. Being a mix breed, these dogs can either have the physical characteristics of one parent or a mixture of both. Generally, an Affengriffon has a height of 7-11 inches and weigh around 7-12 pounds.

The Affengriffon usually has a medium length coat which can have shades of blue, black, red, brown or grey. These dogs have tiny masculine legs and torso. They have a round head with a squished face, a medium-sized muzzle and dark brown eyes. The cute little black nose which an Affengriffon has, makes you adore them even more.

Affengriffon Temperament/Personality

The Affengriffon is a sweet little dog that is known for using its intelligence to always amaze and entertain its owners. These dogs are really confident. They are even quite friendly with new people, however, when a stranger is around, they tend to stay alert and warn their owner of the stranger’s presence. If you do not give them attention they can turn out to be moody, arrogant and develop the habits of biting and barking. A lack of attention can even make these dogs possessive and face separation anxiety. Although their small size make them ideal for families with kids, we would suggest you to socialize these dogs at an early age to avoid any inconvenience. At times these dogs do not go well along with children who are too young to understand how to stay careful around small pets.

Caring for Affengriffon

You might be too excited to get an Affengriffon. Before you rush to the store we would suggest you to give a look at the things which are essential to know in order to take a good care of the Affengriffon.

Affengriffon Nutrition

Since Affengriffons are small dogs, their nutritional needs are quite minimal. You can keep them healthy by providing them with even a really basic diet. This includes cereals, grains and fruits.

We would suggest you to avoid adding meats in his diet because an Affengriffon is too small to consume such diet. You can increase the amount of the dry dog food to add more bulk in their diet. On average, an Affengriffon needs one cup of kibble per day which can cost you around $20-$30 per month.

Affengriffon Grooming

The Affengriffon are not known to shed much hair, however, you are supposed to brush them weekly. They have a shaggy coat which can get tangled easily, so we would suggest you to use a slicker or bristle brush to brush these dogs’ coat. You have to keep a keen check on their nails’ growth and the cleanliness of their ear. Generally, you are supposed to trim their nails atleast twice a month. In order to ensure dental hygiene, we would suggest you to brush an Affengriffon’s teeth daily.

Affengriffon Activity Levels

The Affengriffons are known to have a moderate activity level. Even though these dogs have parents who belong to toy breed, you will have to plan plenty of exercises for them to keep them happy and healthy.

The Affengriffon requires a 30 minute walk on a daily basis. You are supposed to make them walk atleast 6 miles every week to keep them fit. These dogs are known to do well in agility. Their activity levels are such that even if you live in an apartment in a busy city, they will adapt themselves to that environment.

Affengriffon Maintenance

It is not too difficult to maintain an Affengriffon. These dogs just require a slight attention upon few hygienic matters and a little care. However, we would also suggest you to take them for medical checkups to a good veterinarian often to ensure that their health is also being maintained well. Overall, a keen check on their diet is also quite essential.

Affengriffon Health

The Affengriffon is known to be susceptible to some major health issues like hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. They are also prone to some minor disorders like cataracts.

You can always pay a visit to a veterinarian in this regard. We would recommend you to go for complete physical examinations frequently. Although the life expectancy of an Affengriffon is 12-15 years, it depends greatly on the way you take care of its health. If their health is not well maintained, this might decrease.

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