Affenpoo Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Affenpoo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Affenpoos, which are also called Affendoodles, are designer breeds. These dogs were produced by crossing an Affenpinscher breed with a Poodle breed. These cute looking dogs are extremely adorable and are a true blessing for the doggo lovers. These dogs are eager to please its owner. If you were looking out for some fun filled cute addition to your life, then Affenpoo is the one for you. These dogs are known to be great companions and are also used for the purpose of guarding.

Affenpoo History

The breeders first started to breed the Affenpoos in around 1990s. These dogs are known to be first bred in the United States. As you know its parents are Affenpinscher and Poodle. It is better that we discuss them briefly to understand these dogs in a better way. The Affenpinscher is known to have been originated in Germany during the 17th century. These dogs are known to be the first toy breeds ever. They were used as ratters in ancient times. They also played an integral role in herding and were known to be great companion and herding dogs. They are used for that purpose till date.

The other parent, which is Poodle, also originated from Germany. These were used as duck dogs. According to some researchers the Poodles are the most intelligent out of all the dog breeds. Their offspring, the Affenpoo, has got all the desirable traits and is known for its agility and cuteness. They are recognized by several Kennel clubs which also include the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).

Affenpoo Characteristics

Affenpoos are among the small breed dogs so they are shorter in size. On average, these dogs are around 10-18 inches tall. However their weight varies according to gender. The male Affenpoos is around 10-25 pounds, while the females are around 8-22 pounds.

Typically an Affenpoo has a muzzle that is shorter than the muzzle of a Poodle. They have round buttony like eyes, a small black nose and flipped down ears which are triangular in shape at times. These dogs have a coat that is dense and coarse. The length of their coat is often medium. This coat is found in a varying range of colors which entail black, brown, grey, chocolate and tan.

Affenpoo Temperament/Personality

Affenpoos are generally sweet and affectionate dogs who are quite loyal towards their owner. You can have a lot of fun time with these dogs as they have a playful nature. These dogs usually love to spend time indoors so you have the opportunity to plan plenty of activities for them at home. The Affenpoos do not like being left alone so if you have a busy routine and spend most of your time at work, then we would suggest you to go for some other dog. These dogs are not much open to strangers as they have a protective nature. We would not suggest these dogs to you if you have too young children. These dogs are not ideal for family with younger children. To avoid any inconvenience you should socialize these dogs with other pets at an early age.

Caring for Affenpoo

Like all the other dogs, the Affenpoo also requires your care. You might not know the things that are to be kept in mind to ensure that you take a good care of these dogs, so we have shared such details below.

Affenpoo Nutrition

Affenpoos does not have much high requirements when it comes to feeding them. This is due to their smaller size. Although the quantity demanded is lesser, you should ensure that the quality which you are offering is up to the level.

These dogs need around 0.75 to 1 cup of kibble every day. This may cost you around $20-$30 per month. We would suggest you to use dry dog food for them. You can also add some fruits, vegetables or meat in their diet to keep them fit.

Affenpoo Grooming

The Affenpoos are not that difficult to groom. You do not have to invest much time in grooming these dogs as they can look cute and tidy without much grooming even. The good news for you is that, these dogs are known to have minimal shedding so, you do not need to worry much when they roam around the house. However, their coat is prone to get matted or tangled. To avoid that, we would suggest you to brush them with a bristle brush at least twice a week. You can bathe them when you feel it as necessary. However, you should keep a keen check on the cleanliness of their ear and brush their teeth regularly.

Affenpoo Activity Levels

Although these dogs are active and alert they do not require much high levels of activity due to their smaller size. They love playing. Being an intelligent dog they not just require physically engaging activities but also need activities which are mentally challenging.

You can arrange activities like puzzles for them. Along with that, a couple of short walks in a day are also liked by these dogs. You can also take them on adventurous trips as these curious dogs love adventure. When you are training them, do use a reward based method because they love getting trained like that.

Affenpoo Maintenance

As you can observe, these dogs do not demand a high amount of time to be invested in maintaining them. In order to maintain them well you have to take care of their fitness and hygiene. Hygiene plays a very important role because a dirty and untidy dog is more susceptible to encountering infections. To make sure that you are maintaining your dog well, you can also arrange visits to the veterinarian often.

Affenpoo Health

Since Affenpoo is a new breed, there are not any known major disorders which they have. However, being a hybrid they can be susceptible to those disorders which their parents have had.

These dogs might be susceptible to encounter hip dysplasia, patellar luxation or cataracts in later age. If they stay healthy, an Affenpoo can live upto 12-16 years.

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