Affenpug Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Affenpug Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDo you love the furry face of an Affenpinscher and the melting look of a pug? You can both of them in the very unique breed—Affenpug. The crossbreed doggo is downright affectionate and the perfect companion. Whether you live in an apartment or a big house, have a large family, or dwell solo, this pup is perfect.

Affenpugs love their dog-parents and follow them around all day. That is also because they cannot bear separation for too long. Apart from that, they can be excellent watchdogs and your lapdog simultaneously. They are intelligent and humorous, fun-loving yet alert.

If you are planning to adopt an Affenpug, you must definitely learn all about its care requirements. We have taken the time to get all these details in one place. Read on!

Affenpug History

Affenpug is known to have originated as a result of the crossbreed between Pug and Affenpinscher. Though this pup only dates back to the 1990s, both its breed parents have a rich lineage. The Pug was bred among royals for centuries, be it the Chinese in the beginning or Europeans in the 16th century.

On the contrary, the Affenpinscher was initially bred in farms to guard and chase away rats. They were first bred by Germans in the 17th century and arrived in the United States in 1935. By the time, Pugs had already gained popularity in the country, as they came to North America in the 19th century.

Affenpug Characteristics

With their small size, short face, and the cutest look, Affenpugs fall under the category of toy dogs. They are charming and carry a hint of mischief in their eyes at all times—quite similar to toddlers. The furball longs for companionship and accompanies the family members in all their activities while always keeping them entertained.

How Big Do Affenpugs Get

Both Pugs and Affenpinschers are short-height doggos, and so are Affenpugs. In fact, some of these pups maybe even shorter than a pug. Their height may range from 9 to 14 inches, with a weight of 8 to 15 pounds. So, though you will not have the lightest toy dog, it can still be a lapdog you will love.

How Long Does Affenpug Live

Affenpugs are mostly happy and healthy, due to which they have a prolonged life cycle. If your canine friend does not inherit health conditions from its parents, the pup will live for 12 to 14 years. Make sure to let the Affen and Pug cross get enough exercise.

How Much Does an Affenpug Cost

Affenpugs come from two of the relatively popular pure breeds. Therefore, they may be challenging to find and also priced at the expensive end. You can expect a healthy, well-bred Affenpug puppy to cost around $1500-$2000. Note that you may get a lower or higher price depending upon the background of the pup and its breeder.

Affenpug Temperament/Personality

Quite similar to Pugs, Affenpugs love to play around, even with kids. However, they may get aggressive if a tiny human tries to play with their food. That is why you must teach children to behave well with the doggo and never leave them unsupervised. That said, they love companionship, and if trained well, they will manage to socialize with kids.

The pooch may also get territorial, as it descends from stubborn Affenpinschers. As a result, if you do not socialize them from their puppy stage, these canines may not mingle with other dogs and pets. Similarly, they may not mix-up with strangers quickly and will alert you when they see outsiders approaching.

Caring for Affenpug

The exact caring requirements of an Afffenpug depends on which parent it shares traits with. The furball may have long, wiry fur like the Affenpinscher or a wrinkled-face like a pug. Read this section to learn all about caring for Affenpugs.

Affenpug Nutrition

Despite the small size, an Affenpug requires a protein-rich diet to suit its energy levels. You must choose a quality dog food that is made for small dog breeds. If you leave the food bowl full throughout the day, the canine may end up overeating and turn obese. Ensure the right amount of food twice a day according to the furball’s activity levels.

How to Groom an Affenpug

The specific grooming needs of a Pug Affenpinscher mix depends on its appearance and traits. If the pup is more like a pug, the prime grooming requirements will include wiping the wrinkled-face to prevent germs. On the other hand, if the canine has Affenpinscher-like fur, you will need to brush it regularly to keep the coat tangle-free.

Affenpug Activity Levels

Despite the playful nature of both the parent breeds and Affenpugs themselves, these pups have mediocre activity requirements. A long walk once a day will suffice the physical activity needs while games and puzzles are needed for mental stimulation. Additionally, the canine may get stubborn while training, which is why you must maintain patience and consistency with the pooch.

Caring for Affenpug

Affenpugs can be too stubborn and territorial at times, which is why training is a necessity for them. You must socialize them with kids, other pets, and humans right from their puppy years. These pups do not have high grooming needs. Still, you will need to trim or clip their facial hair to prevent it from falling on the face.

Apart from that, you must keep their ears and teeth clean and nails trimmed, as these might lead to diseases. Also, cater to the daily activity needs of the canine to prevent severe health concerns in the joints.

Affenpug Health

Due to their small bones, small doggos tend to have relatively more health concerns than the larger ones. Coming from two small dog breeds, the Affenpug is prone to multiple health issues, though all may not be severe.

The minor problems include allergies and skin irritation. On the other hand, the concerning ones range from hip dysplasia and patellar luxation to brachycephalic syndrome to diabetes. These issues can be kept at bay by following regular grooming routines, nutrient-rich foods, and sufficient exercise.

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