Afghan Bay Retriever Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Afghan Bay Retriever Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Afghan Bay Retriever is one of the devoted companion dogs. This dog is not a pure breed. The breeders mixed the Afghan Hound with the Chesapeake Bay Retriever to obtain this medium to large sized Afghan Bay Retriever. These eager and energetic dogs have a great capability to become an important member of your family. Before you rush to the pet store to get your hands on an Afghan Bay Retriever, we would suggest you to read this informative guide to get a better knowledge of what you have to tackle and what this breed really is.

Afghan Bay Retriever History

The Afghan Bay Retrievers has been introduced quite recently. Nevertheless, we have a good record of their parents. The Afghan Hound, which is one of the parents of these dogs, is an ancient breed. These dogs were known to be developed in Afghanistan,  Pakistan and India as hunting dogs and were used to catch prey. They were also used for guarding the flocks of nomadic tribes. Now they are commonly used for lure coursing. This is basically a sport for dogs where they chase a mechanically operated lure.

On the other hand, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the third most popular Retriever breed in the AKC. They are the descendants of Sailor(male) and Canton (female) dogs who were rescued from a drowning ship in Maryland in 1807. These dogs were the lesser Newfoundland breed which were bred with local dogs to produce Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Upon crossing Chesapeake Bay Retriever we got the Afghan Bay Retrievers which is a companion dog.

Afghan Bay Retriever Characteristics

Since Afghan Bay Retriever is a cross breed, it can have the characteristics of both its parents. Typically, an Afghan Bay Retriever is a medium to large sized dog. The Male dogs are 27-29 inches while females are typically 24-27 inches tall. These dogs typically weigh around 50-75 pounds and have an athletic build.

If they inherit most of the characteristics of the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers then they will have a dense, water resistant coat. While the dominance of the characteristics of an Afghan Hound would result in long, fine and silky hair. Usually, an Afghan Bay Retriever has a dense medium length coat which can be found in brindle, grey, sable, brown or red color. These dogs have brown or Amber eyes. They can either have a thin face or a large square head this depends upon the dominance of the traits.

Afghan Bay Retriever Temperament/Personality

Like their parents, the Afghan Bay Retrievers are quite energetic dogs who love outdoor activities. They are strong willed and independent like the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. These dogs do not get good along with younger children because of their hunting prey instincts. They can also be quite aggressive other dogs. We would suggest you to socialize these dogs since puppyhood to avoid any such cases. These dogs are not known to be much welcoming to strangers too as they are quite possessive. They can be stubborn and troublesome when it comes to training, like the Afghan Hound.

Caring for Afghan Bay Retriever

You should take care of the Afghan Bay Retrievers in the best way possible. We would suggest you to read our guide below to understand how you can take a good care of these dogs.

Afghan Bay Retriever Nutrition

Since the Afghan Bay Retrievers are an active breed, these dogs require a nutritious diet. Dry dog foods are typically the best foods for such dogs. However, we would suggest you to consult a good veterinarian to get a diet plan that is particularly for the size and age of your dog.

Typically, an Afghan Bay Retriever requires 3 cups of kennel per day. You should feed them equal portions of Kennel at equal time intervals. Their food can cost you around $39-$52 per month.

Afghan Bay Retriever Grooming

The Afghan Bay Retrievers require a good amount of grooming to stay tidy. We would suggest you to brush these dogs almost daily. Their brushing routine has to be more frequent during the shedding seasons. To keep them tidy, we would suggest you to bathe these dogs atleast once a month with mild shampoo. If he has long hair you should get them trimmed by a professional groomer every month. Since these dogs love to swim, we would suggest you to properly clean and dry up their ear once they return. Even apart from that you should keep a keen check on the cleanliness of their ear to avoid infections.

Afghan Bay Retriever Activity Levels

The Afghan Bay Retrievers have high activity levels because these dogs are extremely active. You can arrange activities like fetching or swimming for them. Since these dogs are quite outgoing, the plan for taking them for a long walk of around 60 minutes everyday is a great idea.

These dogs typically walks upto 12 miles per week without getting tired. You should arrange some rigorous exercises for these dogs. If you will not do so, these dogs can get stubborn. We would suggest you to go for these dogs if you have a large yard. The apartment dwellers should avoid them due to their higher activity levels.

Afghan Bay Retriever Maintenance

The Afghan Bay Retrievers require a high level of maintenance, since these dogs are quite outgoing and have high activity levels. Due to such habits, they tend to get untidy and dirty quite soon. We generally put more stress upon the cleanliness of such dogs because they have a higher tendency to encounter infections. These infections are generally caused due to the infestations of bacteria or mites.

Afghan Bay Retriever Health

The Afghan Bay Retriever is not known to have any health issues up till yet, however it may have a tendency to get affected by the diseases which its parents might have had. This is generally the case in mix breeds.

Hence, these dogs might be susceptible to disorders like Hip Dysplasia, PRA, Hypothyroidism and a few allergies. We would suggest you to go for a complete medical checkup atleast once a year. On average these dogs can live upto 15 years, like their parents, if they stay healthy.

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