Afghan Collie Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

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The Afghan Collie is a hybrid dog breed developed by crossing an Afghan Hound with a Border Collie. The Afghan Collie gets the best of both worlds from its parent breeds; hunting and herding.

The breed is great for tracking, retrieving and detecting, and also makes for a great obedience and agility dog.

Afghan Collie History

Afghan Collie Information – All You Need To KnowThe Afghan Collie is a modern breed, originating around 2000, and there is not much known about its history, other than what the parents are, and a bit about their history. For the Afghan Collie, that history goes way back, probably more so than any hybrid breed.

The Afghan Hound is thought to be the oldest purebred breed, and is rumored to have been on Noah’s Ark. The breed predates written history by thousands of years, so the earliest history of it remains mostly unknown. They are considered sight hounds, and were used as hunting companions, as well as for status symbols among aristocrats, royals, and chieftains in Asia.

Border Collies are known for being the best herding dogs around, so their history tends to fade to the back. This breed can trace its roots to the Roman Empire and Viking raiders. After both empires raided Britain, each bringing their own herding dogs, the Border Collie was developed in the rocky highlands of Scotland and Wales.

Afghan Collie Characteristics

Afghan Collies are considered a mid to large sized dog, as the Afghan Hound is a large dog and the Border Collie is classified as a medium sized dog. The male Afghan Collie can grow to be 26 inches and weigh up to 55 pounds, while the female can grow up to 25 inches and also weigh up to 55 pounds

With brown eyes and a black nose, the color variations come in the form of their long, shiny fur. They have a thick coat with an undercoat that may come in white, gray, blue, reddish-brown, and black. Their coat is long, dense, and straight.

Afghan Collie Temperament/Personality

As with all dogs, it’s important to social the Afghan Collie with other animals at an early age so that they get along with other pets. They are easily trainable in with any type of training, as both parents are highly intelligent breeds.

Afghan Collies make great pets and guard dogs, they are loyal and dependable and want to please their owners. They get along with children, but at times need to be watched as they will inherently try to herd younger children.

Caring for Afghan Collies

The Afghan Collie has a beautiful, long coat so it’s not a surprise that there will be some upkeep required when owning one.

Afghan Collie Nutrition

On average, Afghan Collies should eat about 2 ½ cups of premium kibble a day. The breed, just like its parent breeds, are highly active so ensuring your dog is getting enough, of the right type, of nutrition is important so that they don’t become underweight.

Choosing foods that have healthy fats will also help maintain your Afghan Collie’s beautiful coat, in addition to giving them the added nutrition they need.

Afghan Collie Grooming

The Afghan Collie’s coat should be brushed every other day as they are most likely going to be a moderate shedder, just like their Border Collie parent. While mats should be untangled by hand, brushing should be done with a stiff bristled brush and a metal comb.

When bathing your Afghan Collie, it is best to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner for them. Talk to your veterinarian about the best options. If you live in a hot climate, professional grooming is recommended due to their thick, wooly undercoat.

Afghan Collie Activity Levels

The parent breeds of the Afghan Collie are on the opposite sides of the hyper range. Border Collies are very hyper and active, they need a job to do or they will go crazy. The Afghan Hound on the other end is much more laid back, but also requires exercise.

The Afghan Collie will hopefully have the balance of the two, but either way, they do need a lot of activity and exercise. It is recommended that they get at least 60 minutes a day of solid activity so that they can unwind at the end of the day. Going for long walks or running around a yard or dog park are great ways for them to get the exercise they need.

Afghan Collie Maintenance

In addition to grooming and brushing your Afghan Collie, you’ll need to check their ears on a weekly basis to ensure there is no dirt or wax piling up in them. They will also need to have their teeth brushed often, and their nails trimmed regularly.

Afghan Collie Health

All breeds, purebreds and crossbreeds alike, have a mix of common health issues associated with them. Some major concerns with Afghan Collies are deafness, canine hip dysplasia, nasal solar dermatitis, Collie eye anomaly, and ulcerative dermatosis.

Some minor health concerns are elbow dysplasia, cataracts, retinal dysplasia, and bloat. Occasionally they have been known to have progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy, and glaucoma.

Breeds Similar to Afghan Collie


Best Dog Food for Afghan Collies

American Journey Active Life Formula Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Afghan Collies is American Journey Active Life Formula Dry Dog Food, as it has been thoughtfully formulated while keeping the immense activity levels of these dogs. The makers have created an appropriate balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and other dietary essentials such as antioxidants and probiotics. The formulation is such that it can be digested conveniently without creating any adverse effect, as the recipe is devoid of any potential food allergens.

  • Features natural chicken as its primary ingredient to provide a fairly higher proportion of protein
  • Almost every dietary essential is obtained from natural sources.
  • The recipe is devoid of fillers.
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Best Puppy Food for Afghan Collies

Purina One Smartblend Healthy Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

Considering the fact that the Afghan Collie puppies are energetic and agile, the best puppy food for Afghan Collies is Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Puppy Formula. This puppy food is cooked using high-quality proteins, sourced naturally from real chicken, to provide the right levels of proteins that are required for an apt development of organs, and muscles throughout puppyhood. The formulation of this crunchy kibble is such that it has the best, naturally sourced vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for better development of your Afghan Collie.

  • Features a recipe that is devoid of any fillers
  • Features a wholesome blend of antioxidants which helps in developing a strong immune response
  • Veterinarians recommend this brand.

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Best Dog Crate for Afghan Collies

Midwest Lifestages Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Afghan Collies is MidWest LifeStages Double Door Wire Dog Crate, as this crate has been designed to add greater flexibility and comfort to your dog’s life. This crate’s edges are specially designed to be rounded to avoid causing any injury to your dog. The addition of a sturdy plastic tray makes this tray more reliable and suitable for your Afghan Collie’s use.

  • Features double doors to offer greater flexibility in movement
  • Features electro-coated wires
  • Features sturdy latches on both doors

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Best Dog Bed for Afghan Collies

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed For Large And Extra Large Breed Dogs (headrest Edition) (1)

When you think of providing the appropriate resting surface to your Afghan Collie, the best dog bed would be Big Barker 7” Headrest Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed. This dog bed is designed by reliable makers who have used the best orthopedic foam available in the United States to create its resting surface. Its design is such that it has layers of foam possessing different densities, whose purpose is to contour with your Afghan Collie’s body.

  • Features an extremely soft micro-fiber cloth as its surface fabric
  • The material used in this bed is durable enough to persist its shape over time.
  • Provides relief in muscle and joint pain

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Best Dog Harness for Afghan Collies

Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

When you think of having efficient control on your Afghan Collie during long walks, the best dog harness is Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness. This harness has used a mesh padded chest piece to provide better control and a more comfortable experience. The makers have added durable sliding buckles at shoulder and chest to offer greater flexibility in fitting.

  • Entirely designed using nylon to ensure long-term use.
  • Features both front and back leash clipping rings to offer greater ease in adjusting control
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
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Best Dog Collars for Afghan Collies

Nite Ize Nighthowl Led Safety Dog Collar

The best dog collar for Afghan Collies is Nite Ize NightHowl LED Safety Necklace Dog Collar, which would be an appropriate choice for offering a greater hold and entertainment during long walks. The use of LED in this collar makes your Afghan Collie visible in low-lit situations, so you can take your dog for a late-night walk as well. The makers have used thermoplastic rubber to design this collar, so the collar is resistant to weather changes.

  • The LEDs have a replaceable battery
  • Available in five different colors
  • The LEDs come with different flash modes.

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Best Dog Muzzle for Afghan Collies

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Since you have to ensure efficient control on any potential negative behavior of your Afghan Collie, the best muzzle in this regard would be Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle is manufactured using a durable thermoplastic rubber, and its straps are lined with neoprene. In this way, this muzzle offers a reliable experience with greater comfort.

  • Features adjustment straps for a better fitting
  • Efficiently prevent your Afghan Collie from biting, barking, and chewing.
  • A great option for behavioral modification programs

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Best Dog Toys for Afghan Collies

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy

The best dog toy to keep your Afghan Collie’s adrenalin pumped up, and his spirits high, is Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy. This dog toy is designed to be a great fetching and retrieving toy, so it aligns well with your Afghan Collie’s crave for an active routine. Since this ball is created using a high-density, thick rubber, it does not get punctured easily.

  • Helps in building a better relationship with your Afghan Collie
  • Available in several sizes
  • Designed to have vivid colors so that you spot it conveniently

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Best Dog Brush for Afghan Collies

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

The best dog brush for Afghan Collies is Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush, as it is designed to help you give your Afghan Collie the attractive and lustrous look that he deserves. This brush is designed to have two specialized sides, where one has dedicated stainless steel pins, while the other has nylon bristles. The former helps remove tangles and matts, while the other is known for its role in improving blood circulation and distributing natural oils.

  • Features an ergonomically designed handle
  • Comes with a firm grip
  • The pins have blunt tips to avoid any chances of injuring your Afghan Collie’s skin.

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Best Dog Shampoo for Afghan Collies

Petag Fresh ‘n Clean Scented Dog Shampoo

The best dog shampoo for Afghan Collie is PetAg Fresh ‘N Clean Scented Dog Shampoo, as this shampoo is aptly formulated to give the final touch to a well-groomed look to your dog. This shampoo has used botanical cleansers, emollients, and vitamin E to efficiently carry out its job. Along with that, the presence of special coat conditioners in this shampoo helps nourish your Afghan Collie’s coat and skin.

  • Leaves your dog with a floral scent that lasts for two weeks
  • Helps in detangling your Afghan Collie’s coat
  • Features a soap-free formula to avoid skin dryness

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