Afghan Retriever Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Afghan Retriever Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Afghan Retriever is a crossbreed between the Golden Retriever and the Afghan Hound. This designer breed is a large-sized doggo that shares a closer appearance to the Golden Retriever. Canine lovers can easily spot how this mixed breed has a similar ear and nose to the Afghan Hound.

Afghan Retriever is amiable and calm, which makes them an excellent choice for house pets. Most people adore the long marvelous coat of the pup. Are you planning to bring home an Afghan Retriever pup? Well, this article will help you understand the breed from top to bottom! 

Afghan Retriever History

The Afghan Retriever is a relatively new breed, so there’s not much history and information about it. By looking at the history of both Afghan Hound and Golden Retriever, we can get an idea about its characteristics. Afghan Hounds are independent beauties that belong to Afghanistan.

Though they were traditionally famous as hunting breeds, in the 1920s, Hound became a breed choice of the wealthy. The Golden Retriever enjoys a history in England as long as 200 years and maybe even more. Retrievers quickly became popular in the US as both show dogs and pets.

Afghan Retriever Characteristics

Afghan Retriever is one of the most family-friendly dogs, but they can be stubborn at times. Though the Afghan Retriever looks similar to the Golden, it has long legs and a muscled body like the Hound. This designer breed carries an intelligent expression and adorable brown eyes. 

How Big to Afghan Retriever Get

The average height and weight of a male Afghan Retriever adult and a female one can vary slightly. Generally, the male Afghan Retriever is 26-28 inches long and weighs about 55-70 lbs. On the flip side, a female doggo measures 23-26 inches and weighs 50-70 lbs.

How Long Does Afghan Retriever Live

The average lifespan of the Afghan Retriever is around 12-14 years. During their lifetime, the Afghan Retriever can develop several diseases, affecting their health and years. Before you adopt or buy, always enquire the breeder about the health of the pup’s parents.

How Much Does an Afghan Retriever Cost

An Afghan Retriever puppy might cost you anywhere from $1000 to $2500. However, adopting an Afghan Retriever will only cost you around $300 to $600. Once you bring a pup home, you’ve to spend extra on their food, grooming and vet appointments, vaccinations, training classes, etc.

Afghan Retriever Temperament/Personality

This cross between Golden Retrievers and Afghan Hound is a combination of goofy and dignified, thanks to its parents. It sometimes becomes difficult to determine the temperament of such breeds because they are a mix.

Most pet lovers admire the loyal and sweet nature of this mixed breed. The personality of this breed makes it a perfect companion. 

Afghan Retriever undoubtedly gets its intelligence and personality traits from its parents. You can expect family-like qualities if you are inviting an Afghan Retriever to your home. Like the Golden Retriever, this mix tends to be unique and playful around children.

Though they are lovely playmates, you must not leave the doggo and tots alone, without adult supervision. If you have other pets at your home, there’s good news. Afghan Retriever displays friendly and non-aggressive nature in front of other animals as well.

You should know that the Afghan Retriever might be stubborn at times like its parent, the Afghan Hound. Because of this, you might find it hard at times to train this canine.

Caring for Afghan Retriever

Caring for this hybrid will be pretty much similar to caring for its parents. This section will shed light on the nutrition, grooming, health, and activity requirements of the Afghan Retriever.

Afghan Retriever Nutrition

You must provide the Afghan Retriever with three cups of food daily. You must find a high-quality dry fog food based on the dog’s current age, size, and activity level. It’s better to pick up a dog food which offers plenty of protein, vitamin, and nutrients to keep the canine healthy.

How to Groom an Afghan Retriever

Your Afghan Retriever will require brushing every other day, and you need to brush more frequently during the shedding season. Use a good dog shampoo and bathe the Afghan Retriever not more than once a month. You also need to trim its nails, brush its teeth, and clean the ears as needed.

Afghan Retriever Activity Levels

The Afghan Retriever requires a good dose of physical activity to keep him mentally and physically sharp. You must prepare yourself to spend one hour each day playing and training this designer breed. Dog sports such as rally, fly ball, agility, and obedience, excites this breed.

Caring for Afghan Retriever

The most crucial step towards caring for the Afghan Retriever is scheduling regular vet appointments. It’s essential to maintain a solid grooming routine for the Afghan Retriever. You must also maintain a healthy diet with the right mix of dry and wet foods.

Along with all grooming, nutrition, and medical attention, don’t forget to provide the doggo with lots of love and affection. Like any other canine, this breed also enjoys occasional treats and chew and play toys. Many people also visit professional groomers to provide the pup with a pampering session. 

Afghan Retriever Health

If you are going to adopt an Afghan Retriever, it is essential to understand its health concerns. Thankfully, this mixed breed is not expected to develop the same health issues as her purebred parents. Nevertheless, this breed can have skin problems, hypothyroidism, entropion.

There are also a few minor health concerns like cataracts, histiocytosis, and bloating. It’s is a good idea to run occasional tests for glaucoma, allergies, and subaortic stenosis. No pet parent should avoid taking their furry members to the vet. A vet can help you to detect a health concern before it becomes too risky for the canine.

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