Afollie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Afollie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Afollie is a combination between the Afghan Hound and the Collie, and both are highly energetic and friendly. Both parent breeds are medium and large dogs, and this canine is likely to follow the same. Afollie’s are smart, loveable, loyal, easy to train, and have every other trait that indicates being suitable as house pets.

You can spot an Afollie in plenty of colors such as black, brown, tan, cream, white, blue, etc. Because of their herding nature, they might attempt to herd small children and other animals around them. This article will help you discover everything you want to know about Afollies before adopting them!

Afollie History

The Afollie breed doesn’t seem to carry a precise documented origin point to its history. Most probably, the Collie and the Afghan Hound were purposely cross-bred to achieve a breed with more desirable qualities. The Afghan Hound is one of the most ancient dog breeds which comes from the mountains of Afghanistan.

Afghan Hounds were popular amongst nomadic tribes for capturing and chasing rabbits and other herding purposes. There are essentially two types of Collie – smooth-coated and rough-coated. Collies are generally well-balanced, but they can be timid and anxious at times. Like its parents, the Afollie also has a herding and hunting nature.

Afollie Characteristics

This flappy-eared dog is apt for lure coursing, pastoral settings, herding, guarding, rescue operations, etc. The Afollie can have a red, sable, fawn, black, and blueish-grey coat. Their coat is pretty long and dense, but it is straight and silky. The Afollie works hard and plays even harder!

How Big to Afollie Get

The size of the female Afollie and male Afollie can differ from each other. Typically, the males are 24 to 26 inches in length and weigh about 50-65 lbs. Being a tad smaller, the females are 22-24 inches long and weigh about 45-55 lbs. The size and weight of the Afollie’s parents also impact the appearance of the breed.

How Long Does Afollie Live

Unlike other mixed breeds, Afollies generally enjoy a lengthier life span of 12-16 years. To correctly approximate the lifespan of your Afollie, you must take a look at this parent. You must be cautious of all the health concerns of this designer breed, as it can affect its life expectancy.

How Much Does an Afollie Cost

Since Afollie is an uncommon mixed-breed presently, the cost of buying one is hard to determine. However, looking at its parent’s popularity and demand, you expect yourself to pay around $1000-$2000. You must also know that maintaining an Afollie can be expensive because of its grooming requirements.

Afollie Temperament/Personality

Being a hybrid, the Afollie can pick up any of the traits and personalities of its parents. Most Afollie parents claim that this breed is gentle, cheerful, intelligent, and independent. Just like the Afghan Hound, the Afollie can also exhibit stubborn behavior at times.

When the Afollie meets strangers, it tends to bark loudly. This characteristic also allows them to be useful watchdogs. Because of its stubborn nature, training them is a tricky and challenging task. Despite their naughty behavior, the pet parent should always stick to a strict training regimen.

The Afghan Hound is high-strung and uptight, whereas the Collie is an affectionate creature. Since it’s a hybrid, you can expect the Afollie to have a blend of these traits. The Afollie will love a good family time. The next time you go on a picnic or an outing, this furry member will be the most active.

Caring for Afollie

Both Collie’s and Afghan Hounds have a sheer, straight, and dense coat, which needs much maintenance. This section will help you understand the canine’s grooming, nutrition, activity, and health requirements.

Afollie Nutrition

Since the Afollie is a medium to large size dog, it’s daily meals should include at least 3 cups of food. It has high activity levels; therefore, you must include the right mix of nutrients and protein. To determine the best food, you can consult your vet for some apt suggestions.

How to Groom an Afollie

Though the coats are dense, you’ll love brushing the straight woolly coat of this breed.  Both its parents require vigorous grooming to prevent their thick fur from matting. Ensure you comb the inner elbows, neck, back of legs, and every other part of the Afollie. You must also attend to the teeth, ears, and nails of the Afollie from time to time.

Afollie Activity Levels

Being medium to large-sized dogs, the Affolie requires at least one hour of activity each day. The Afollie will readily participate in outdoor activities such as fetch, running, and other games. Dog sports an excellent way to keep this canine fit. These activities will also help you bond with your four-legged buddy.

Caring for Afollie

Since the Afollie requires intensive grooming, you can also take the help of professional grooming services. Also, it’s essential to take your canine for regular health check-ups to the vet. You may also consider buying pet insurance to ensure proper health and care facilities for the puppy.

The best way to avoid any health diseases for the Afollie is to maintain a solid diet. Not to forget, Afollies also require vaccination to upkeep their health. Afollies are also social creatures and they would love to play and cuddle with their owners.

Afollie Health

Afollie’s generally do not have any particular health concerns. Although, some preventive medical treatments may help it lead a healthy life. The Afollie is at risk of developing hip dysplasia, deafness, Collie eye anomaly, nasal solar dermatitis, etc.

The canine can also suffer from bloat, cataracts, elbow dysplasia, retinal dysplasia, cerebellar abiotrophy. It’s best to run occasional tests such as X-rays, eye examination, skin evaluation, etc. Your vet can help you with all the necessary medical tests for keeping your Afollie fit.

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