Airedoodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Airedoodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Airedoodle is not a pure breed and is known to join the breeding stakes quite recently. These cute dogs are a result of a mix between the Airedale Terrier and Poodle. If you have a family with kids, an Airedoodle would be a great choice, since these friendly dogs have an affectionate nature and love to stay around family members. An Airedoodle can surely be a wonderful addition to your family if you have made up your mind to pet them. We would suggest you to read the guide below as it will greatly assist you in making up your mind before you buy an Airedoodle.

Airedoodle History

Since the Airedoodle has joined the breeding world quite recently its history is not much well recorded. However, we do know its origins. These dogs are known to be first bred in the United States, where the Airedale Terriers were crossed with the Poodle to get these dogs. The parents of the Airedoodle are known to have a deep rooted history which can be dated back to ancient times.

The Airedale Terriers are known to hail from the vicinity of River Aire in Southern Yorkshire. The natives crossed the Terriers with Otter hounds to produce dogs which were eventually called Airedale Terriers. These dogs were used for hunting and had a great sense of smell. The other parent, which is the Poodle, hails from France. Poodle was a water dog. It also had an excellent ability to hunt ducks. These dogs are known to be great companions, guide, guard, performing and service dogs.

Airedoodle Characteristics

The Airedoodle is considered as a large dog because the male Airedoodle has a height of around 22-27 inches while the female is 22-24 inches tall. These dogs weigh around 40-65 pounds. They typically have a long snout which is in proportion with their head. They have a round shaped head and floppy ears.

These dogs have a medium length coat which ranges from wavy to curly and can either be soft or coarse. The Airedoodle can be black, blue, brindle or have a combination of black and tan.

Airedoodle Temperament/Personality

The Airedoodle is an extremely intelligent, active and friendly dog. These dogs mingle with family members very easily and are quite sociable. They can be a great friend of your kids as they love to play with them. The Airedoodles are not known to have any issues with other pets and mingle with them quite well. These dogs are an eager learner and learn a lot if you train them right. They adopt your emotions so you should stay firm, confident and relaxed while training them. Nevertheless, we would suggest you to socialize them from an early age to make them build better relations with children of all ages.

Caring for Airedoodle

The Airedoodle require your care and attention like other dogs. There is a detailed description of the ways in which you can do that well, below.

Airedoodle Nutrition

The Airedoodle is a large dog so it has higher energy requirements. You should arrange the diet plan accordingly. We would suggest you to use dry kibble to feed these dogs primarily.

Normally, an Airedoodle requires 2.5-3 cups of kibble every day. We would suggest you to divide this meal into two or three equal part and feed them at equal intervals. In this way you will keep them fit. Nevertheless, you should also visit a veterinarian to get the diet plan that is suitable for your Airedoodle’s age and size.

Airedoodle Grooming

Airedoodles are known to be moderate shedders. However, you are required to brush these dogs daily. This is because they have a wiry coat which is prone to get tangled. You should bathe them when you feel like they look untidy. Alongwith that, you should also keep a good check on the cleanliness of their ear. A good check of the dental hygiene is also necessary. You should brush their teeth regularly. Since their nails do not fall off naturally, you should keep an eye on their growth and trim them timely.

Airedoodle Activity Levels

Like its parents, an Airedoodle is really energetic and an active dog. They like carrying out indulging activities so, you should arrange such activities for them. An Airedoodle loves to go on walk and play games like fetching.

We would suggest you to take out atleast 30 minutes daily for your Airedoodle. The Airedoodle is quite enthusiastic to learn things so you can use this time to train them as well. They would love to be trained by using the method of positive reinforcement. They would also love to learn new tricks since they are capable of practicing complex multistep tricks.

Airedoodle Maintenance

Overall, an Airedoodle requires a moderate amount of maintenance as compared to other dogs. It is your responsibility to take out some time on a daily basis to look after these dogs. In order to ensure that you maintain a good health of your dog, it is necessary to maintain a proper routine in which you check out if you are fulfilling all the responsibilities well. A timely visit to veterinarian is also important for their maintenance as the dietary requirements tend to change with time. You should also maintain a clean play yard for your Airedoodle, where it can play its heart out while staying safe and healthy.

Airedoodle Health

Being a hybrid, an Airedoodle typically has lesser susceptibility to diseases and disorders. It is also observed that usually an Airedoodle does not encounter any serious major health disorder throughout its life.

Usually, the visits that you pay are for a general physical examination to ensure that you are maintaining a good health. However, they might suffer from Hip Dysplasia or obesity and can even have cataracts or suffer from bloat at times. However, normally an Airedoodle lives upto 10-15 years.

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