Aki-Poo Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Aki Poo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Aki-Poo has many names, including; Akidoodle, Pookita, and Akitapoo. Whatever name they go by, they are a mix of an Akita and a Standard Poodle. This lovable, playful pooch can resemble either parents in physicality. They make wonderful family pets, and guard dogs, as they have the intelligence and eager to please from its poodle parent, and the great ability to guard from its Akita parent.

Aki-Poo History

The Aki-Poo is a modern breed, created sometime in the 1980s, and there is not much known about its history, other the long history of its parents. The Akita originated in Japan in the early 1700s, specifically developed to be a large, versatile hunting dog. Over the years the Akita has been ingrained into Japanese culture that extends to today. The first Akita was brought to the United States by Helen Keller, who received one as a gift.

The poodle is the national dog of France and are known as the Duck Dog, as they were developed to be a retrieving water dog. The Standard Poodle is the only non-sporting breed that is eligible for Retriever Hunting Tests by the American Kennel Club. Hunting and retrieving is how it originally got the hair cut that is so symbolic of the Standard Poodle. Hunters wanted their dogs to be able to move freely in the water, while also wanting them to keep warm, hence the shaving of the legs, neck and tail, while leaving the fur on their trunks and heads.

Aki-Poo Characteristics

Due to the parent breeds being so different from each other, there are a lot of variances when it comes to the Aki-Poo, from its size, to its fur type, to its coloring. It really depends on which parent it takes after more.

The breed can get to be as big as 28 inches and 120 pounds, many have the triangular ears found in the Akita, but it is possible that some have more floppy ears. Their bodies and muzzles tend to be stocky, more like Akita, and their coloring can be any shade that is found in either parent breed.

Aki-Poo Temperament/Personality

Just like their physical appearance, the parent breeds of the Aki-Poo have very different temperaments, and it can be difficult to predict which one the Aki-Poo will take on. Those that take after the Akita will be loyal and brave, being protective of their family. They love on their immediate family but are a little cautious around others. The Aki-Poos who take after the Standard Poodle tend to be more laid back and just love everybody.

Most Aki-Poos will get a good mixture from each parent and will be loving and loyal, and will get along with everyone in the family, including children. They are smart and adaptive, and are generally quiet, only vocalizing when they need to.

Caring for Aki-Poo

Like all dog breeds, some care is required, and in the case of the Aki-Poo, the amount will really depend on which parent it takes after. For instance, Standard Poodles do not shed, yet Akita’s do, so the care of the Aki-Poo’s coat will depend on the type of coat they have.

Aki-Poo Nutrition

Aki-Poos are large dogs with lots of energy, so they will require premium quality kibble that is formulated for their size and activity levels. Both parent breeds suffer from bloat, so this could be a common problem with Aki-Poos so it is recommended not to overfeed them, and also exercise them about an hour after eating.

Aki-Poo Grooming

Though the Standard Poodle doesn’t shed, chances are the Aki-Poo will have moderate shedding, more like its Akita parent. The amount of shedding will depend on the type of coat the Aki-Poo has. Either way, the Aki-Poo will need to be brushed regularly, if it’s coat is like an Akita, it will help lessen the shedding, and if the coat is more like that Poodle, the loose fur will need to be removed from the undercoat.

Akitas don’t need regular bathing, however Poodles do, as well as regular trimming.

Aki-Poo Activity Levels

The Aki-Poo is an energetic and active breed who benefits from regular exercise. They love to go on scenic hikes, and to also have a chance to run around off-leash. It is recommended that they get at least 30 minutes of exercise a couple of times throughout the day.

Aki-Poo Maintenance

In addition to brushing, bathing, and trimming your Aki-Poo, especially if they have a coat like their Poodle parent, Aki-Poos also need to have regular teeth cleaning and nail trimming when needed.

Aki-Poo Health

The biggest health concern with Aki-Poos is hip dysplasia. Other than that, some minor issues that you might want to look out for include, entropion, cataracts, pemphigus, sebaceous adenitis, bloat, and Von Willebrand’s Disease.

With good care, the Aki-Poo has a life expectancy of 12 – 15 years.

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