Akita Chow Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Akita Chow Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowAkita Chow or Chakita is a designer breed. These dogs are a result of a cross between the Akita and the Chow Chow breed. If you are in search of a loyal dog, then we would suggest you to definitely go for an Akita Chow. However, the Akita Chow is known to get quite stubborn at times. We would not advise you to go for this dog if it is your first pet. This is because these dogs require an experienced owner generally.

Akita Chow History

The Akita Chow has joined the breeding stakes quite recently so, the researchers still does not have much information regarding these dogs. Nevertheless, the history of their parents is quite well explained and you can learn a lot about these dogs by studying them.

The Akita is a breed that is a descendant of hunting dogs. These dogs were called matagi-inu and were used in fights during 1800s. The Akitas became more common in USA after the WW II. These dogs were usually used as guard dogs there. On the other hand, Chow Chow is known to be one of the oldest breeds. It is believed that these dogs were used as hunting dogs and temple guards by the nobles in the ancient times. The breed got their name when they were imported to England from China in 1700s. These dogs finally gained popularity in USA during 1980s.

Akita Chow Characteristics

Akita Chow is a large dog that has a sturdy build. These dogs are around 23-25 inches tall. The male Akita Chow weighs around 99-145 pounds while the female weighs around 88-132 pounds. These dogs have a majestic appearance which is adored by dog owners.

The Akita Chow has a round head, erect triangular ears and almond shaped eyes. They have a round black nose typically. These dogs are usually really furry. They have thick and dense coat which is typically straight and long. The Akita Chow can have a wide range of colors that include red, black, brown, fawn, white and even silver.

Akita Chow Temperament/Personality

The Akita Chow is known to be ferociously loyal towards their owners. They are so protective that they do not like it when strangers or some new people are around. These dogs are not known to be much affectionate but can guard you really well due to their protective nature. These dogs are quite friendly and can be a good companion dog. However, they do not like it if younger children pull their hair. They need a lot of space to feel comfortable so, if you are an apartment dweller, we would suggest you to go for some other dog. Since these dogs have a hunting lineage, they are known to chase smaller pets and might even harm them. They even get jealous easily so, if you are showing more affection to some other pet, they might get triggered or upset. They are typically not known to mingle with other pets.

Caring for Akita Chow

Before you rush to a pet store to get an Akita Chow, we would suggest you to learn the ways in which you are supposed to take a good care of these dogs. We have collected all the necessity information for you here below.

Akita Chow Nutrition

Since Akita Chow is a large dog, you should feed them with kibble that is specially formulated for such dogs. Since it is a large breed, the Akita Chow would require a meal accordingly. We would suggest you to feed them with 3 cups of kibble every day.

You should keep a good check on their diet plan. We would suggest you to go for a high-quality kibble which contains real meat and vegetables. You should avoid the ones which have a lot of preservatives like BHA.

Akita Chow Grooming

Since the Akita Chow has a thick and long coat, you will have to brush these dogs on a daily basis to avoid mating and tangles. You can use a bristle brush in this regard. They might shed more during the shedding season so, you have to make the grooming routine more frequent. Alongwith that, you should keep a keen check on their dental hygiene. You should brush their teeth regularly. Their nails should also be checked regularly and trimmed when necessary.

Akita Chow Activity Levels

The Akita Chow is known to have higher activity levels. These dogs are very active and agile like their parents. They need atleast one hour of rigorous physical activity on a daily basis to maintain fitness. We would also advise you to take them on a walk daily as that would help you socialize them.

When it comes to training these dogs, they might get really stubborn at times so, you have to be strict and firm at times to control them. We would advise you to maintain a consistent behavior while training them.

Akita Chow Maintenance

It can get really tough to maintain an Akita Chow if it is the first time you are petting a dog. These dogs require a daily grooming and demand high maintenance in comparison with a few other breeds. We would suggest you to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for these dogs as they might put on weight easily. It is your responsibility to keep a keen check on their overall hygiene and bathe them timely. You should also take them for a complete physical examination almost every year to ensure that you are maintaining their health well.

Akita Chow Health

The Akita Chow is a really healthy breed and is not known to have any serious health conditions. This might be due to the reason that it is a hybrid and has a larger gene pool.

Nevertheless, these dogs might have some minor health concerns like Entropion or PRA. They also have a chance to become obese and encounter Hip Dysplasia. So, you have to keep a good check on their diet. On average, a healthy Akita Chow live for around 8-12 years.

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