Altman White English Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Altman White English Bulldog Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Altman White English Bulldog is a relatively new breed with some excellent traits. It is a loyal pooch with brilliant guarding and hunting skills. So, if you are looking for a smart, athletic, and alert doggo, this is the doggo for you.

Altman doggies are medium-sized and mostly white in color, though some might have black or brown spots. They are quirky, playful, and highly protective of their humans. Therefore, an Altman White English Bulldog is a perfect doggo for your house.

Altman White English Bulldog History

Named after its breeder, the Altman White English Bulldog came into existence almost two decades ago. In Georgia, an individual named Altman was seeking to get a dog breed with a rugged build and watchful nature. However, this breeder, along with others, also wanted the doggo to be healthy.

The group decided to crossbreed the Old White English Bulldog with an English Bulldog to get the Altman. Though it is not too famous today, the breed was also recognized by the Continental Kennel Club in 1995 as a purebred one.

Altman White English Bulldog Characteristics

Though medium-sized, the Altman White English Bulldog is relatively muscular. They have a broad chest and a strong build, resting on short but straight legs. These doggos have a considerably broad head along with brown almond eyes that will have you swooning in a look.

How Big Do Altman White English Bulldogs Get

These are not your normal lapdogs, as they can weigh around 50-80 lbs. However, they love their dog-parents and run around you all day long. Altman Bulldogs are medium-sized, ranging between 15 to 21 inches in height.

How Long Does Altman White English Bulldog Live

The Altman White English Bulldog was bred to overcome the deficiencies of its predecessors. Therefore, the doggo has a relatively healthy life and lives for up to 11-15 years. If you take good care of its feeding and activity levels, your Altman doggie can live even longer.

How Much Does an Altman White English Bulldog Cost

The Altman White English Bulldog is not as famous as most other designer or purebred dogs. Therefore, you can easily get an Altman Bully pup for around $500-$1000. Still, you must ensure that you thoroughly check all the facts related to health, background, and registration certificates.

Altman White English Bulldog Temperament/Personality

The Altman White English Bulldogs are quite playful and intelligent, sure to keep you entertained all day round. They love their human pack and will always watch your back, guarding the gate and alerting you about strangers. So much so that they may even get possessive about you.

Due to their stubborn nature, Altman Bullies may not be very tolerant of other pets, especially dogs. The pooches may also end up chasing little animals, as they have a strong prey drive. However, if you train them to socialize from their puppy years, your doggos can get over these habits.

That said, when it comes to children, the furballs love playing around with them. They enjoy the company of their tiny humans and protect them like adults. However, the same possessive nature may turn out to be the opposite with strangers.

When it comes to separation anxiety, these canines do get depressed when left alone. Therefore, you must make sure to leave at least one member or fellow pet home while you are away. Apart from that, these energy-bundles love working out and are easy to train if you do so with authority.

Caring for Altman White English Bulldog

The Altman White English Bulldog has a single-layered thin coat, which is why you may not have to brush it much. However, they do have considerable dietary and activity needs. Read on to know more about how you can care for your Altman Bulldog.

Altman White English Bulldog Nutrition

They have a bulky build and love to maintain it through physical activities, which is why they require high-protein food. You must feed your Altman doggo twice a day at regular timings for a healthy diet. Also, this will ensure that the canine does not fall prey to obesity that can cause multiple health issues.

How to Groom an Altman White English Bulldog

Though their coats do not require a lot of grooming, their wrinkly face surely does. Similar to any other bulldog, these pups have deep wrinkles that you need to wipe 2-3 times a day. Doing this will prevent moisture and dirt from accumulating. Brush the doggo once a week, but you must bathe the canine every two months to eliminate their body odor.

Altman White English Bulldog Activity Levels

Altman White English Bulldogs have an athletic stream, which is why they require quite a bit of exercise every day. You must take the doggo for runs or a 30-minute walk, twice a day. Apart from this, make sure to keep the intelligent canine busy with mental games and training like fetch.

Caring for Altman White English Bulldog

Altman Bulldogs have relatively long legs and high energy levels, which is why they do not love apartments. These doggos require big dwellings with a large, open lawn to stretch their legs around the day. Furthermore, this doggo is not difficult to care for.

The canine will readily accompany you in all your hikes, swimming, and other similar activities. Plus, they can bear extreme heat and cold temperatures. So, the weather should not be a problem with an Altman Bulldog.

Altman White English Bulldog Health

Despite the crossbreeding, the Altman Bully did get some health issues from its predecessors. Some of the hereditary problems include cataracts, allergies, jaw disposition, and heart valve defects.

Apart from that, deafness is a severe ailment in most English Bulldogs. However, none of these issues are sure to be present in an Altman White English Bulldog. It entirely depends on the traits that the pup picks from its breed parents.

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