American Alsatian Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

American Alsatian Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAmerican Alsatian carries a magnificent and fierce look that will stun any doggo-lover. The American Alsatian, also famous as American Shepalute, is a purebred dog, which is not very old. This dog was spotted first in California in the 1980s, and since that time, there is no stop to its popularity.

You’ll notice that the canine has a stark resemblance to now extinct, the Dire Wolf. With their sublime coats and enormous size, these dogs drive plenty of attention towards themselves. These dogs are one of the loveliest and more gentle giant canines you can have as a family pet.

From the history of the American Alsatian to its grooming, this piece discusses it all! 

American Alsatian History

To thoroughly understand the American Alsatian, it’s essential to indulge deep into its history and origin. Precisely, Schwarz Kennels in Oregon was the first place the American Alsatian was spotted. The creation of this wolf-like canine was a part of the Dire Wolf Project by Lois Denny.

Creating American Alsatian was to achieve a similar wild look like the Dire Wolf and develop an ideal companion dog. Lois Denny began crossing Malamutes and German Shepherds. In the latter stage, she bred the best of these pups with the Pyrenees and English Mastiff dog. Finally, she mixed Irish Wolfhound and Anatolian Shepherd for giving extra height.

American Alsatian Characteristics

If you are looking for a furry companion, the American Alsatian is a perfect choice. This canine is affectionate, loyal, and has all the traits to be the ideal family pet. Though they are giant and have a wolf-like appearance, they thrive on and encourage companionship. With this breed, be ready for cuddle sessions and chill movie session on the couch.

How Big to American Alsatian Get

Many people describe the American Alsatian to be a massive lap dog. The male American Alsatiansare up to 32 inches tall, whereas the females are smaller at 28 inches. The male American Alsatian has a maximum weight of 90 pounds, and the females weigh 85 pounds.

How Long Does American Alsatian Live

Breeders estimate the lifespan of the American Alsatian to be around 9 to 13 years. Though the American Alsatian is bred to have a long lifespan, it is still prone to a few health issues. You must be cautious of these health issues, as it can be taxing to this furry canine’s lifespan.      

How Much Does an American Alsatian Cost

If you are willing to buy an American  Alsatian, expect to pay anything from $1,800 to $3,000. The more the American Alsatian puppy is wolf-like, the higher its price will be. You should also know that breed is only available with breeders Vallecito Alsatians and Schwarz Dogs.

American Alsatian Temperament/Personality

The American Alsatian is a not-so-small bundle of joy that you will enjoy having around. One of the primary reasons for its popularity its excellent temperament around humans of all ages. The canine has a calm devotion and is always in a playful mood.

Most of these doggos are shy or aloof. You can expect the dog to be reasonably tolerant towards other animals and strangers. It is a quiet breed and is not overly frisky. However, these canines tend to get quickly attached to their human pack. 

It can generate trouble when you leave it at home for a long time. A few hours alone, and you’ll spot a worrisome and anxious behavior in the dog. This docile pup does not have a barking tendency, which is great for a chilled and calm environment.

Caring for American Alsatian

This innocent pup will not pose any challenges while you are trying to care for or groom it. But, this doesn’t mean that it requires no grooming and petting. For understanding all about the doggo’s grooming, nutrition, and more, keep reading!

American Alsatian Nutrition

The food consumption of the American Alsatian is at least 4.5 cups every day. The essential nutrients for this breed are fats and protein. After they fully grow up, you can introduce them to eggs, gravy, and meat to diversify and make their diet more interesting.

How to Groom an American Alsatian

During winters, you have to brush the pup pretty much every other day. In the warmer time of the year, brushing once a day is enough to prevent drowning in all the fluff! Be consistent when it comes to brushing the teeth and trimming the nails.

American Alsatian Activity Levels

Being a big-sized doggo, it requires a minimum of one hour of moderately energetic activity each day. The American Alsatian will happily accompany you on long walks and love playing a few games. You must know that high energy activities or agility are not suitable for this breed.

Caring for American Alsatian

As with any other pet, you must be very strict with vet and grooming appointments. Most importantly, the parents should not ever leave the American Alsatian alone for prolonged periods. Make use of the grooming session to check for scrapes, bumps, and lumps.

Nutrition and feeding the pup must be according to his age, size, and health requirements. Since this breed is a companion pup, you should exclusively focus on making it feel affectionate. We can’t explain how much this puppy will enjoy a good movie marathon on the couch all day long! 

American Alsatian Health

In general, this breed is an extremely hardy canine. American Alsatians might experience a couple of health issues because of their immense size. Elbow and hip dysplasia are some common health issues with this breed. It’s best to look into the health history of the dog’s parents to understand the pup’s health.

Be cautious as the breed is also susceptible to myelofibrosis, panosteitis, seizures, and an enlarged heart. The American Alsatian can also develop bloat, which can be very uncomfortable for them.

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