American Blue Gascon Hound Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

American Blue Gascon Hound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe American Blue Gascon Hound was created as an offshoot from a French breed, Grand Bleu de Gascon. Both Gascons are great companions on hunting expeditions as they are able to track, chase and hunt all sorts of wild game. As they are hounds, they tend to be a little more vocal, so your neighbors might not be a big fan of them.

American Blue Gascon Hound History

While a little vague, the history of the American Blue Gascon Hound began in 1976 with the first recognition of the breed, which developed from its the Grand Bleu de Gascon. The Grand Bleu de Gascon made its way to other countries, and in 1785 arrived in the United States as seven were gifted to then president, George Washington.

Over the years the numbers of the Grand Bleu de Gascon diminished in France, however their numbers were growing elsewhere, and they ended up becoming a foundation breed for several other breeds that are recognized today. The Basset Bleu de Gascogne, Dumfriesshire, and the Bluetick Coonhound are all breeds that can be traced back to the original Grand Bleu de Gascon breed.

Due to their size, the American Blue Gascon Hound didn’t fit into any recognized category, and it wasn’t until 1976 when the American Blue Gascon Hound Association was formed, and they developed standards for the breed, that they were finally recognized by the Dog Registry of America and the Continental Kennel Club.

American Blue Gascon Hound Characteristics

The American Blue Gascon Hound is the largest of the scent hound group, and they can grow to 30 inches in height and weight up to 105 pounds. Like many scent hounds, they have open nostrils and a large head with a long muzzle. Typically, they have brown eyes and a black nose, and when they are older, their coats can turn brown, blue, and black. With a medium tail and long flappy ears, they are easy to spot as hounds.

American Blue Gascon Hound Temperament/Personality

The American Blue Gascon Hound should be trained at an early age, and the owner should be a strong leader that can correct the dog when needed. American Blue Gascon Hounds are highly intelligent animals and are relatively easy to train, when the training is delivered in a positive reinforcement way. If the training is too harsh, their stubborn side will come out and they are less likely to do what is expected of them.

This breed is good with older children and can be with younger children if trained and socialized early. The American Blue Gascon Hound has a high prey drive and should not be let off leash outside of a fenced-in area, as they can track a scent for hours. Nor should they be kept in a home with other animals, especially smaller ones, as they have a tendency to hunt them.

Caring for American Blue Gascon Hound

Caring for an American Blue Gascon Hound is relatively easy as they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Socialization and training are extremely important for this breed as they are stubborn, and they will try to hunt down everything.

American Blue Gascon Hound Nutrition

American Blue Gascon Hounds should be fed approximately 4 cups a day of high-quality kibble, split into two meals daily. As they have a high activity level, it is important that your American Blue Gascon Hound is getting the proper nutrition with a mix of high protein, healthy fats and carbs.

American Blue Gascon Hound Grooming

The American Blue Gascon Hound has low-maintenance grooming. They only need to be bathed when they are extremely dirty, or smell, which is about 2-3 times a year, to protect the natural oils of their skin.

American Blue Gascon Hounds have short, dense coats, and should be brush a couple times a week to ensure the elimination of dirt and debris, as well as dead hair, leaving them with a nice shiny, healthy coat.

American Blue Gascon Hound Activity Levels

The American Blue Gascon Hound is a very energetic and active breed who benefits from regular exercise and should have at least 60 minutes a day of physical activity. They should never be let off leash unless in a secure area.

If the breed is not regularly exercised, both physically and mentally, they can develop anxiety and become destructive. They do well at activities other than hunting, such as advanced obedience training, agility competitions, and rally sports.

American Blue Gascon Hound Maintenance

The American Blue Gascon Hound does require a little maintenance. As they have loose skin rolls and floppy ears, these areas are prone to moisture and infection, as well as mildew buildup. Regularly checking these areas can to ensure that they are dry and clear will help keep your dog healthy.

American Blue Gascon Hound Health

American Blue Gascon Hounds only have a few issues associated with them, the highest being canine hip dysplasia and heart defects. Some conditions of a lesser worry are ear infections, skin allergies, and hypothyroidism.

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