American Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

American Bulldog Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe American Bulldog is a muscular doggo, quite similar to its predecessor—the English Bulldog. This canine is known for its loyal and affectionate nature, proving to be a family dog in every aspect. Plus, the puppy is impressively intelligent, bold, and confident, so you will not have any trouble in training.

American Bulldogs are playful and full of energy, though they may get rambunctious around other doggos. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful breed that you may find in varying colors, though mostly white. Do you want to add the canine to your family? Read on for all the American Bulldog information you would need!

American Bulldog History

The American Bulldog was initially bred to guard farms and assist in cattle farming. During the 18th century, the Old English Bulldog came to South America with several migrants. Owing to their intelligence and muscle power, these doggos were used mainly to drive away wild pigs.

These pups were further bred to sharpen their agile and loyal qualities, perfect for hunting. However, the breed was almost extinct by the end of WWII. It was then that John D. Johnson, along with Alan Scott and other breeders, revived the breed. The American Bulldog is now well-recognized all over the world and loved as a pet pup.

American Bulldog Characteristics

The American Bulldog is massive yet gentle and courageous yet lovesome with its family members. The puppy is well-regarded for its guarding skills and will always alert you about strangers. These are big-time family dogs who will accompany you in all your activities, be it hiking, swimming, or even binge-watching!

How Big Do American Bulldogs Get

The American Bulldog grows up to have a considerably broad chest and shoulders, with a large head. The average doggo will grow up to be 20-28 inches in height and 70-120 pounds. That said, they are taller and comparatively leaner than their predecessors—the Old English Bulldog.

How Long Does an American Bulldog Live

The American Bulldog has an average life span of 12-16 years and usually leads a healthy life. However, like all other Bullys, the breed might have some hereditary health issues. That is why you need to give special attention to their nutrition and physical activities.

How Much Does an American Bulldog Cost

The American Bulldog is a relatively famous breed. Due to its loyal and intelligent nature, along with a beautiful muscular body, the doggo is mostly in demand. You may get a healthy American Bulldog pup for about $1200-$1500. While purchasing a puppy, you must thoroughly run background and health checks to ensure the breeding standards.

American Bulldog Temperament/Personality

American Bulldogs are playful puppies, especially around children and other family members. However, they cannot bear to be left alone for too long and may suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore, make sure you always leave a fellow pet or a family member with this bundle of love.

That said, you will need to train the doggo to socialize mainly. That is because American Bulldogs often get territorial and aggressive around other dogs and pets. The same goes for guests and strangers. However, you can quickly solve this problem by socializing them from their puppy years.

Apart from that, before adopting an American Bully, make sure you have a large lawn. The canine has high energy needs that it may not meet in a closed apartment. Consequently, the puppy may get destructive and agitated due to a lack of space.

When it comes to traveling, your doggo will not be a big fan of it. These are large canines and may not like the closed ambiance of a car.

Caring for American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are witty pooches and considerably easy to train. Plus, they love physical activity, so you will not have much problem keeping them fit and healthy. Read on to learn more about the requirements of American Bulldogs.

American Bulldog Nutrition

The American Bulldog requires high-end nutrition due to its considerable size, muscular body, and extensive physical activity. Moreover, your pup’s diet will increase with its age. Make sure to give the doggo a high-protein diet 2-3 times a day. Additionally, make sure that the puppy does not overeat, as obesity can be a doorway to multiple health issues.

How to Groom an American Bulldog

One of the best things about these beautiful doggos is that they have a single, short coat. Therefore, neither do you need to brush them a lot nor does your house require a lot of dander vacuuming. Brushing these puppies once a week should be enough. However, you must pay attention to their dental health and keep their nails trimmed.

American Bulldog Activity Levels

To ensure that your American Bully does not exert its pent-up energy on objects, take the athlete on regular jogs. You must include two 20-minute workout sessions in the canine’s regime. These can be anywhere from outside walks and runs to games and training in your backyard.

Caring for American Bulldog

One major thing about American Bulldogs is that they are brachycephalic conditions to some extent. That means they have a relatively short muzzle, due to which they cannot breathe enough, especially in hot climates. You need to ensure that they get sufficient water and shade at all times. Plus, though they like a physical workout, you must not let them fall short of breath.

Make sure that the doggo gets enough activity and high-protein food; otherwise, it may get boring. You may also have to pay special attention to the Bully’s drooling as it may collect around their mouth. If not cleaned regularly, the wrinkles on their face can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

American Bulldog Health

With the high physical activity levels, American Bulldogs are usually healthy. However, some common health issues of these pooches include hip and joint problems. Apart from them, diseases include cataracts, hypothyroidism, and dental conditions.

Regular trips to the vet and timely vaccines will help reduce the chance of any of these diseases and other infections.

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