American Bullnese Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

American Bullnese Dog Breed Information – All You Need to KnowThe American Bullnese is a unique designer breed that was developed by mixing five different breeds. These dogs are one of the most adorable dogs you will ever have as a pet. They belong to the toy breed and are loved for their playful nature.

If you were looking for a sweet and affectionate dog who knows how to be your kids’ best buddy, then American Bullnese is your dog. It does not matter whether you live in an apartment or a house; these dogs stay happy in all environments.

American Bullnese History

The American Bullnese has joined the breeding stakes recently. It is said that this breed was developed by a breeder named Robert E. Rice, who lived in Florida.

It was during the 1980s that Robert first mixed the French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Pekingnese, Pug, and Dachshund to produce a dog that had a mixture of all the desirable characteristics of these dogs.

According to some of the researchers, the list of the breeds that were bred together to produce these dogs is not well recorded. Nevertheless, the two breeds which have been mentioned by most of them are the French Bulldogs and the Pekingnese.

As a result of this mixed breeding, we received a smaller dog size and played his roles efficiently as a companion dog.

American Bullnese Characteristics

The American Bullnese is a small-sized dog. The male American Bullnese are around 9-12 inches tall while the females are around 8-11 inches. These dogs are pretty lightweight. It is really easy for you to carry them on your lap. The male versions are 18-30 pounds while the females are around 15-25 pounds in weight.

Typically, these dogs have a broad square-shaped head and a deep, broad muzzle. They have a wrinkled face, dark brown oval-shaped eyes, and medium-sized ears. These dogs are known to have a darkly pigmented black nose and eye rims.

If you are wondering about their coat, so these dogs are known to have a shorter, smooth, and sleek coat. Their coat can have a combination of fawn, black, or cream color. Overall, these dogs are known to have a muscular and compact build.

American Bullnese Temperament/Personality

The American Bullnese are known for their lively nature. They adjust well with families and are a constant source of entertainment for their people. These affectionate dogs are great with children of all ages. These dogs are also known to have excellent relations with other pets.

They are so friendly that at times might trust intruders as their friends as well. It is your responsibility to train them so they know the people who can be harmful to them. It might get tough to train these dogs at times due to their stubborn nature. However, these dogs are a happy breed, overall, and can be your great companions.

Caring for American Bullnese

You might be planning now to get your hands on one of these adorable dogs as soon as possible. Before you go for one, we suggest you read the details of their caring routine, which we have collected for you below.

American Bullnese Nutrition

As you are aware that the American Bullnese is a small dog, you are required to plan their diet accordingly. You should ensure that you do not overfeed these dogs. Due to their smaller size, we recommend you feed them 1 cup of kibble every day.

These dogs might have joint pains due to their barrel-shaped bodies, so we suggest you incorporate joint supplements into their meal plans. These include chondroitin and glucosamine. You can consult a veterinarian, as well, in this regard.

American Bullnese Grooming

Since these dogs have a shorter coat, you do not need to spend hours grooming them. You can use a rubber curry brush to remove the hair that they shed.

These dogs are known to be moderate shedders. It will be better if you lightly brush them daily. You should bathe these dogs after around every eight weeks to prevent them from getting and skin irritations.

The ears of these dogs should be cleaned every week, with a damp cloth. Moreover, their teeth should be brushed daily to avoid any oral infections. We would also advise you to trim their nails once a month to prevent any injuries.

American Bullnese Activity Levels

The American Bullnese tend to have lower activity levels. They do not require vigorous exercises; therefore, you can even pet them if you are an apartment dweller. These dogs do not require long walks, and even a short 30 minutes’ walk daily will do the job.

On average, the American Bullnese walks around 5 miles. These dogs spend most of their time indoors. They do not like staying outdoors for longer durations. Usually, an American Bullnese would love to stay indoors and cuddle their family.

American Bullnese Maintenance

It is not that difficult to maintain an American Bullnese. The American Bullnese can adjust in almost any environment. However, it becomes tough to keep these dogs in harsh climatic regions. You are not required to maintain a large yard for these dogs. They need a moderate grooming routine. It is your responsibility that you take care of all the minor details to keep these dogs content.

American Bullnese Health

Being a hybrid, the American Bullnese tends to encounter the diseases which their parents might have had. The most severe ones include invertebral disc disease, umbilical hernia, cornea ulcerations, and breathing problems.

Nevertheless, you can always take these dogs for a medical checkup if you notice any illness symptoms. We would suggest you take them for a complete physical examination at least once a year. If you keep proper care and your American Bullnese stays healthy, he will remain by your side for 10-15 years.

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