American Bullweiler Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

American Bullweiler Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe American Bullweiler is a designer dog that came about after breeding an American Bulldog with a Rottweiler. The American Bullweiler is a strong, muscular, athletic breed that wants to please its people at all times. They make great guard dogs, but at the same time they are perfect family companions who want love and affection.

American Bullweiler History

An exact date is unknown for when the breed was developed but popular opinion dates the breed’s inception around the 1980s when deliberately crossing dog breeds, to for a designer dog, became popular.

The American Bulldog has been in the United Sates since the 17th century. Their ability to catch feral cattle and pigs made them popular with farmers and many became farm dogs. This ended up saving them during WWI and WWII when the breed almost dying out, only the farm dogs remained. They have since been brought back from the brink of extinction.

The Rottweiler can trace its ancestry back to Roman times when the soldiers required a dog that was tough and durable that move and guard cattle. Centuries after the collapse off the Roman Empire they were used as guard dogs, moving cattle from pasture to market, in the cattle town of Rottweil, and that is how they got their name. In the 1800s they found themselves out of work when the railroad cars were able to carry the cattle, so they were used as police dogs, guard dogs, blue collar workers, and became the first guide dogs for the blind.

American Bullweiler Characteristics

The American Bullweiler is considered a large-sized dog, who can take on physical and behavioral characteristics from either parent. With the ability to grow to 28 inches and up to 120 pounds, these dogs are extremely athletic and muscular.

The American Bullweiler will often have a coat like their American Bulldog parent, being short and dense. They also take on the tail characteristic of the American Bulldog as well, with a full-sized tail, instead of a crop-like look. Its head will most likely resemble that of a Rottweiler, with ears that can sometimes flop to the sides.

American Bullweiler Temperament/Personality

Even though they can be used for guard dogs, and may look scary at times, due to past perceptions, the American Bullweiler is a fun-loving and affectionate dog that wants to be loved and cuddled and make their owner happy.

Socialization and training at a young age can help reduce the chance that they bond to one person in particular, and to avoid excessive barking. Training is relatively easy for the American Bullweiler due to the strong need to please.

American Bullweilers make great family companions as they will not only protect the family and house, but they are great with kids and are generally really good-natured with other household pets.

Caring for American Bullweiler

Caring for an American Bullweiler is relatively easy and not needed on a daily basis, other than exercise. Better yet, this breed is not known for drooling or becoming too smelly, which can be a problem with some other breeds.

American Bullweiler Nutrition

American Bullweilers should be fed between 4 to 5 cups of high-quality kibble, split into two to three meals daily. Look for kibble with high protein and adjust the food amount if you notice your dog getting too heavy as this breed should be muscular without fat on them.

American Bullweiler Grooming

Grooming the American Bullweiler is fairly easy, and not too time consuming. Though they are not hypoallergenic dogs, they don’t shed very much and only require a brushing once a week or so. Getting a bath every 6 to 8 weeks is also recommended. Be careful not to over bathe your American Bullweiler though as it can interfere with their natural oils and irritate their skin.

American Bullweiler Activity Levels

The American Bullweiler is a breed that needs a lot of exercise and space to accommodate their energy and exercise requirements. Long walks and vigorous exercise of at least an hour a day is recommended. The breed loves to roam and explore so having a fenced in back yard for them to burn some energy would be a great benefit.

American Bullweiler Maintenance

The American Bullweiler doesn’t require a lot of extra maintenance. Their nails should be clipped every couple of weeks if needed and their teeth should be brushed about once a week.

American Bullweiler Health

Overall the American Bullweiler is a very healthy dog, with a lifespan of 10 to 16 years. The most common ailments to look out for are hip and elbow dysplasia, and less often pulmonic stenosis.

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