American French Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

American French Bulldog Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAmerican French Bulldogs are low-slung hybrids just like their parents. It is a mix between the French Bulldog and American Bulldog. It is a goofy breed that is full of love and enthusiasm. This designer doggo inherits the best traits from its parents.

Bulldogs have a history of being the first choice as family pets, and the American French Bulldog is no exception. This hybrid carries a unique fondness for toddlers. Be it Netflix and chill, road trips, or picnics; the American French Bulldog pup will be active and excited.

Want to know everything about this designer doggie before bringing it home? Keep reading! 

American French Bulldog History

It is challenging to find information about the origin and birth date of this hybrid dog. The ideal way to determine the characteristics of this pup is by looking at its parent breeds. The American Bulldog is there from around 1066, whereas the French Bulldog was first spotted in the 19th Century.

The American Bulldog has a checkered past. Initially, American Bulldogs were used for bull-baiting for entrainment and gambling purposes. After becoming the protectors for feral pigs, more families started adopting them. Both breeds have a protective, curious, and gentle nature. 

American French Bulldog Characteristics

By now, you are already aware that the American French Bulldog has friendly and amiable characteristics. These designer canines have a muscular and more athletic build than their parents. Their gleaming dark round eyes and bat-shaped ears give them a distinct look.

How Big to American French Bulldog Get

The female and the male American French Bulldog will slightly vary in terms of height and weight. The male American French Bulldog is 18-24 inches long and weighs 35-80 lbs. On the other hand, the female hybrids are 15-21 inches in height and weigh around 30-65 lbs at most.

How Long Does American French Bulldog Live

The estimated lifespan of this American Bulldog and French Bulldog mix is around 12-15 years. Thanks to its parents, the American French Bulldog has the best traits to be active life-long. However, it would help if you watched out for any health symptoms in the American French Bulldog that can affect its lifespan.

How Much Does an American French Bulldog Cost

Since this hybrid is rare in the pet world currently, there’s no accurate number representing its price. Considering the cost of buying the parent breeds, an American French Bulldog mix will cost you $800 to $5000. It would help if you always carried out thorough background research on the breeder.

American French Bulldog Temperament/Personality

You can expect the American French Bulldog to showcase intense devotion and loyalty to you. They regard human beings as their best companions. These gentle pups will try hard to impress you, and wiggle their tails, and follow you wherever you go.

Even around tots, these dogs are trustworthy and reliable. You should also know that these canines get easily attached to their family members. As a result, they are prone to separation anxiety. However, without proper social training and strictness, these furry beasts can become intolerant and stubborn.

Though they are great around children, they can be rough at times. WE do not recommend leaving the canine and your babe together. Also, the American French Bulldog turns boisterous during playtime.

It is better to offer the pups social and physical training from the very start. Training them will require perseverance and patience. By and large, these dogs are excellent as watchdogs as they are very protective about their loved ones and home.

Caring for American French Bulldog

Now that you have a good understanding of their behavior, it’s time to understand the caring routine. Below, you can find all the information you need to know about grooming, health, activity, and nutritional needs.

American French Bulldog Nutrition

Even in puppyhood, you should aim to feed the American French Bulldog with plenty of fresh produce and healthy protein. To keep the doggo in excellent and fit shape, do not provide any more than two cups a day. Overfeeding the doggo can lead to a severe health issue in the future.

How to Groom an American French Bulldog

Grooming the American French Bulldog is nothing problematic. Their dense and short coats don’t require much grooming, and brushing them weekly is enough. The American French Bulldog also needs to have its teeth brushed now and then. 

American French Bulldog Activity Levels

Be rest assured that the American French Bulldog will not throw any tantrums for daily walks. This designer breed requires a good dose of physical and mental stimulation. Without exercise and outdoor activities, they can get bored and resort to mischief behavior.

Caring for American French Bulldog

First things first, monthly vet appointments should be a priority with canines. Along with providing them with a healthy diet, you should also maintain a strict training schedule. Since these pups are curious, always try to teach them social mannerisms and a few playful tricks.

Don’t forget that these pups are susceptible to separation anxiety. For this reason, make sure you are spending ample fun time with the puppy. While you are grooming them, check if their recent naughty acts have landed them with any deep cuts or bumps. Additionally, the dog should also receive their vaccinations timely.

American French Bulldog Health

Though the American French Bulldog has a couple of health issues, they enjoy a healthy life in general. The minor health concerns with these dogs are cherry eye, heat sensitivity, allergies, and skin problems.

They are also at risk of developing thyroid and kidney problems. Because of all these health risks, it’s better to run occasional tests on the vet’s recommendation. Allergy tests, skin scraping, thyroid tests, and blood tests for organ functioning are useful for this hybrid.

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