American Gointer Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

American Gointer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe American Gointer is a modern designer breed that has joined the breeding stakes recently. It is believed that these sporty dogs were first developed in the United States.

If you were an avid-hunter who wants an affectionate, active, and loyal companion on a hunting trip, we would say, you are reading about the right dog. The flexible and adventurous nature of these dogs makes them a perfect fit for an exhilarating hiking or camping trip.

American Gointer History

The American Gointer is a new breed, and the researchers are not much sure to have a detailed history of these dogs. The Gointers were produced by mixing Golden Retrievers and English Pointers.

It is known that both parent breeds were much known for their hunting capabilities. Therefore, it is seen that this trait has stayed dominant in Gointers, and these dogs are still the right choice on a hunting day.

The English Pointers have their origins in Spain. The Spanish Pointers were brought to England by English officers in around the 17th or 18th century. These dogs were crossbred with several hunting dogs and scent hounds like Bloodhound to become an efficient hunting dog with all the desirable traits.

The other parent, i.e., the Golden Retrievers, were developed in Scotland during the early 19th century. These dogs, like English Pointers, were also bred with several hunting dogs to become a great hunting dog. However, as time went on, people begin using them as family dogs. They even became famous as therapy, service, and guide dogs.

American Gointer Characteristics

The American Gointer is one of the large-sized dogs which you would love to have. The male Gointers are around 22-27 inches tall while the females are about 22-24 inches tall. These dogs typically weigh around 41-65 pounds. They have an athletic build and are known to inherit a well-proportioned body from their parents.

The American Gointer usually inherits the facial features from the Golden Retrievers. They tend to have round eyes, a broad muzzle, and a black nose. These dogs have a short furry coat that is relatively dense. This coat can be found in golden fawn, light cream, dark brown, and chocolate color.

American Gointer Temperament/Personality

The loving, loyal, and affectionate nature of these dogs make them one of the best picks for a family dog. These dogs are known to exhibit a loving and caring attitude towards their owner. If you have kids and you are worrying whether this dog would get well along with them or not, so, there is no need for that.

These dogs are known to have an amazing relationship with kids. They love playing and spending time with them. However, it is observed that these dogs are only friends with people whom they are interacting with daily and are not much open to strangers. They might even get too stubborn at times. We would suggest you socialize them from puppyhood.

Caring for American Gointer

We have shared how you can take the best care of an American Gointer, below.

American Gointer Nutrition

The American Gointers are large, active dogs, so we would advise you to plan a highly nutritious diet. A high-quality kibble is the most preferred option. We would suggest you ensure that the meal you are feeding them has all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

You should also keep a keen check on their calorie intake to ensure that they are not overfed. You may even consult a veterinarian to get a diet plan that goes perfectly with the age and size of your Gointer.

American Gointer Grooming

The American Gointer requires light grooming. You do not have to spend hours after these dogs to groom them. These dogs are moderate shedders, and a weekly brushing would be enough to remove the hair that they would have shed. You should keep a keen check on the hygiene of these dogs.

We would suggest you clean their ears daily. You may use a soft cotton cloth in this regard. These dogs do not require a frequent bathing routine as that can remove the natural oils from their coat.

American Gointer Activity Levels

The American Gointer is an active and agile breed. They like performing plenty of exercises to keep them content. So, you should arrange activities that suit their needs.

Some of the exercises which we would like to suggest are swimming, fetching and fitness activities. You can also include some mentally stimulating activities because they are known to be an intelligent breed.

American Gointer Maintenance

We have seen that it is not much difficult to maintain these dogs. However, to get better control of them, we suggest you socialize with them from a younger age.

It is also useful if you maintain a proper grooming routine from their puppyhood because it can be very hectic to groom a 65 pounds stubborn Gointer.

You should keep a keen check on their diet and hygiene to ensure that they are maintained well.

American Gointer Health

Since these dogs are a hybrid, they are not known to have any major health disorders. This is usually assumed because they tend to have a larger gene pool. However, they might be susceptible to some diseases which typically affect the larger breeds.

They might get afflicted with the elbow and hip dysplasia upon aging. However, we do not have any such cases reported. It is always better if you take them to complete medical examinations at least once a year. Overall, it is a healthy breed and tends to live for 10-15 years.

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