American Neo Bull Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

American Neo Bull Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe American Neo Bull is a large category dog breed. It is a hybrid breed produced by a cross between American Bulldog and the Neapolitan Mastiff. These dogs might appear big and ferocious, but they have a very calm and gentle demeanor. They love running around and showering the owners with affection.

American Neo Bull History

This particular hybrid breed between the American Bulldog and the Neapolitan Mastiff came into existence in the 1980s. The offspring of such a hybrid is also famous as the America Bandogge Mastiff. This cross-breeding idea was to get a breed that has the gentle nature of a Mastiff and the wrinkly look of the bulldog.

Theoretically, You can expect the American Neo Bull to have 50-50 traits of both its parents. However, the percentages may vary because of the breeding environment, and even breeding procedures.

American Neo Bull Characteristics

As mentioned earlier, this breed has a giant size that it inherits from the parent breed. It can grow to a substantial built if the hybrid is pure, well-nourished, and if you nicely take care of it. They have a thick bone structure and heavy musculature that makes them appear quite buff.

How Big to American Neo Bull Get

These adorable giants can grow as tall as 23 – 25 inches in height. Because of their build, they can weigh up to 60 – 80 pounds. The length is almost proportional to the size, can be slightly longer. The limbs are sturdy, giving the dog grace of the mighty lion.

How Long Does American Neo Bull Live

These dogs have the typical life expectancy of an average canine. When provided with proper care and nourishment, they can live up to 12 to 15 years. There are, however, a few health conditions that the breed inherits from the parent breed. It would be best if you were on the lookout for those.

How Much Does an American Neo Bull Cost

A pure-bred American Neo Bulldog can cost you anywhere from $600 to $2500. Before investing such a considerable sum, make sure you go for a reputed breeder that follows all the breeding standards. If you get the chance, adopting a puppy can be much better.

American Neo Bull Temperament/Personality

One can easily get carried away by the size and built of this dog. These doggos might be giants, but they are one of the most affectionate breeds out there. They are incredibly gentle and laidback, but they can shower you with immense affection when it comes to love.

Though they are generally family dogs, it might get a bit problematic with toddlers or small kids. Because they have a strong and large stature, they might accidentally hurt the child. Since they are very active and playful, you might have to keep an eye on them around small kids.

With a proper socialization session, this breed can gel fantastically with any pet. These dog’s supreme intelligence and adorably docile nature make them a great family pet. Training the dog can be difficult as they are very strong-willed, thus making them doge instructions.

Traveling with an American Neo Bull can get a bit tricky. If you own a small car, the ride might get uncomfortable as these dogs are giant. 

Caring for American Neo Bull

The gentle and calm nature and healthy built make caring for this breed very easy and convenient. Just knowing a few Dos and Don’ts would be enough to have a fun and carefree lifestyle with these adorable puppies.

American Neo Bull Nutrition

Like any other canine, this breed is a carnivore, so that it would require good portions of meat like chicken, tuna, or any other such food options. You can pair the meals with kibble or other food items that can fulfill the carbs requirement. You can also opt for commercial food, but make sure it has essential nutrients for a dog of giant built.

How to Groom an American Neo Bull

The American Neo Bull has short fur that is dense. It does not shed a lot, which means you don’t have to worry about specific grooming measures. Regular brushing and bathing work fine. Make sure to inspect the wrinkles on the face regularly to avoid chances of skin infection. Also, keep an eye on the foot as they are prone to issue because of the dog’s weight.

American Neo Bull Activity Levels

The large size of the breed requires regular exercising to keep the weight in check. These furry members are full of energy. It is necessary to drain them so that it can ease out and rest. The best way to maintain your dog’s fitness is to go on a run with them. This way, they will get their daily dose of exercise, and you can also achieve your targeted fitness goals.

Caring for American Neo Bull

These gentle giants might not demand a lot of care, but make sure you give them as much affection as they give to you. Due to their robust and large built, you need to be very careful with their nutritional requirements. Don’t overfeed them as that can cause obesity, and don’t underfeed them as it can cause weakness.

Spend some quality playtime with the pup to stay fit and healthy have a longer life expectancy. Even though their coat requires less care, you must indulge in grooming to maintain the fur’s shine and quality.

American Neo Bull Health

This breed can suffer from congenital diseases. Apart from that, they can inherit the health problems associated with the parent breeds. Obesity is also a common problem because of their large size.

Keep monitoring their weight regularly to avoid getting overweight. Take special care of the wrinkles on the face. These are moist pits that can provide a favorable ground for fungus growth or any other infection.

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