American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe American Pit Bull Terrier is one deceptive looking pooch. This amazing breed has been misunderstood for ages just because of its name and body structure. When in fact, the American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the most social and intelligent dogs.

They are not just gentle and loving towards people, but they make a perfect companion for your children.

American Pit Bull Terrier History

Bull Terrier was bred in 19th century England. The primary purpose of breeding these dogs was to prepare them as bait for sports involving bulls and bears. After the declaration of these sports as inhumane and illegal, these dogs were then used for dog-fighting. These dogs then came to America with immigrants and assumed roles as farm dogs. From here, their primary job became companionship and protecting the property.

Because this breed was used for hunting games, the Americans felt the need to make the breed bigger. Now, this dog has made its place in the hearts of so many Americans. The love and affection this gentle giant have to offer are truly remarkable.  

American Pit Bull Terrier Characteristics

The American Pit Bull Terrier is one great breed loaded with the best of the qualities. This might appear scary and ferocious, but actually, they are giant cuddlers. This breed makes a great companion for your kids and yourself. Be prepared to be welcomed will a tsunami of affection when you come back home.

How Big do American Pit Bull Terrier Get

Since this breed falls into the big breed category, you can accept it to grow quite huge. If you get a female American Pit Bull Terrier, you can expect them to go up to a height of 18 to 19 inches. While with females, you can expect them to reach a height of 17 to 18 inches. The length will also be somewhat proportional to the height. This breed can weigh about 30 to 85 pounds.

How Long Does American Pit Bull Terrier Live

The expected life expectancy of the American Pit Bull Terrier is around 12 to 15 years. They do have certain health issues. But if given proper care and love, they can have a healthy and long life.

How Much Does an American Pit Bull Terrier Cost

An American Pit Bull Terrier can cost anywhere between $500 to $1000. If you are planning to invest in such an expensive pup, make sure you get it from a reputed breeder. Take a tour of the breeding ground before you buy. If possible, contact rescue organizations so that you can adopt a pup.

American Pit Bull Terrier Temperament/Personality

The personality of the American Pit Bull Terrier can be described in one word, cute. These dogs are absolute lap dogs, but because of their size, it becomes difficult. This breed is simply fond of humans. They love people and socialize very easily. Because of this reason, they don’t make very good guard dogs.

However, the breed is very confident and highly aware of their surroundings, which makes them good watchdogs. They will alert you in case there is a stranger in the surrounding. They are very courageous and will lay their life for their family’s protection. Make sure that you provide your dog with ample socialization. Be it with other people, different surroundings, sights, and sounds. This helps your dog grow to become well-rounded.

When it comes to children, you have nothing to worry about. These pups are highly affectionate and will be an amazing companion for your child. Their tolerant and energetic nature makes them perfect playmates. However, don’t leave the dog unsupervised with the child. Because of their size, they might end up hurting the child while playing.

Since the dog share inheritance with dog-fighting ancestors, they can turn out to be highly aggressive with other dogs. This behavior can be toned down by socializing the dog with other pets at a young age. Traveling with this dog can be a bit tricky because of their size if you own a small car.

Caring for American Pit Bull Terrier

A tough and sturdy breed like American Pit Bull Terrier does not require immense care and pampering. Just some affection and regular exercise, with nutritious meals, is enough for these lovely pups.

American Pit Bull Terrier Nutrition

For the proper growth of this breed, you are required to provide a balanced meal in sufficient amounts. About 1.5 to 2.5 cups of superior quality dry food, divided equally into two meals a day, is recommended. You can increase or decrease the same depending on your pup’s intake and hunger.

How to Groom an American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier has a very shiny stiff coat. The short length of the fur does not require a lot of grooming. Just brush the coat regularly to remove any debris that gets stuck on the fur. Bathing twice a month is enough for maintaining hygiene. Brushing the teeth and clipping nails is a must. 

American Pit Bull Terrier Activity Levels

The American Pit Bull terrier is a pretty active dog that requires some amount of physical activity. Apart from a regular walk, take them to open parks where they can run and get some fresh air. Carry a ball or frisbee with you so that you can play fetch with your pooch.

Caring for American Pit Bull Terrier

The best way to care for your pup is to shower it with the same affection as it does for you. Groom them regularly, feed them good quality food, and provide some regular exercise. Your pup will remain healthy and active always.

American Pit Bull Terrier Health

This breed is generally quite healthy, but there are a few health issues to which they are prone too. This breed is quite vulnerable to skin allergies. The reason might not be very severe, but it can cause severe discomfort for the pup. With age, they can also become susceptible to heart diseases and hyperthyroidism.

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