American Pugabull Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

American Pugabull Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe American Pugabull not just has a cute breed name but also an attractive appearance. This unique hybrid of American Bulldog and Pug brings you an adorable breed that is highly playful and loving. These Pugabulls are energy bombs that will lighten the mood of your house instantaneously.

They are not just friendly and playful; they make excellent watchdogs as well. In short, these dogs have inherited the best from both the parents; the social nature of the Pug and the protective nature of the Bulldog.

American Pugabull History

The American Pugabull is not a very recent hybrid. It came into existence about thirty years ago. Breeders aimed to produce such pure-bred dogs, which had gentle nature, less shedding of fur, and small size.

The American Pugabull has its roots in Alabama, United States. The breed was earlier known as the “White English” as the crosses obtained had white fur mostly. In the south, these dogs were famous as “Alabama” Dogs, and they were beneficial in chasing bulls and cattle.

American Pugabull Characteristics

The aim of having a mixed breed like American Pugabull was to create a dog breed that was a perfect companion. They aren’t too big or small in size. However, the size may tend to vary depending on the genetics of the parent breed.

How Big to American Pugabull Get

The American Pugabull grows up to a height of 16 – 20 inches, which is about the built of a medium-sized dog. They can weigh around 30 – 60 pounds, which is again neither too light nor too heavy. The length is also in proportion to the height.

How Long Does American Pugabull Live

The life expectancy of every breed depends on the gene make-up they inherit from the parent breed. With proper care and nourishment, the American Pugabull can live up to the age of 12 – 14 years. They are prone to some health issues, so be vigilant about such problems to provide your pup a longer life.

How Much Does an American Pugabull Cost

A quality bred American Pugabull can cost anywhere between $500 to $1500. Make sure you go for a verified breeder. Take a tour of the breeding ground to make sure that the breeder has maintained the required standards.

American Pugabull Temperament/Personality

The American Pugabull has the traits of the Pug as well as the American Bulldog. This breed inherits all the good qualities of the parent breeds. It is amicable and active like the Pug. It will keep the spark of your house alive by its jumpy, enthusiastic, and loving nature.

The Bulldog traits make this breed highly protective and loyal. They are very fearless and brave and always alert. They are very friendly with kids and can be a fantastic engagement option for them. However, it is not a very suitable option with smaller pets as the breed is prey-driven.

The dog has an alpha nature, which means it will require a strong leader to make it follow instructions and training rules. The medium size of the dog makes them a very comfortable traveling partner as well.

In short, this is the type of dog that you need when you want a friend and guard for your house.

Caring for American Pugabull

These adorable pups are no trouble when it comes to taking care of them. It would help if you kept a few things in mind to maintain this breed’s proper health and hygiene.

American Pugabull Nutrition

The medium built and highly energetic demeanor of the dog makes it necessary to feed it a high-quality extra nutritious kibble. These doggos need to maintain ideal weight for proper bone health. Therefore, two to three small meals spaced throughout the day will prove to be sufficient.

Ensure the chosen food is rich in proteins and not carbs so that you can prevent the canine from over-eating.

How to Groom an American Pugabull

The American Pugabull is a light-shedding dog. The fur is not long, and it is short but dense. Therefore, regular brushing for the removal of debris is an absolute must. You can choose to give a bath on a monthly or fortnightly basis, depending on how dirty the coat gets. Apart from that, regular wiping of the face and nail clipping is also essential.

American Pugabull Activity Levels

As mentioned previously, the Pugabulls are super active dogs. So a regular walking routine might not be enough to curb their energy. Pair the regular short walks with either playing fetch or some free running. This will help burn off the extra power and keep the pup’s body active and fit.

Caring for American Pugabull

The care instructions for an American Pugabull are quite similar to that of a pug. Just make sure you are providing a nutritious meal to your pup for maintaining it’s built and energy. Keep a check on the weight so that you can keep them away from becoming obese.

Since the breed is one with a flat face, you will find some canine wrinkles. Keeping these wrinkles clean and dry is necessary to avoid any chances of skin infection due to fungal growth. Give your pup special attention and as much affection as it showers on you.

American Pugabull Health

American Pugabull is prone to respiratory diseases and distress. Though this mixed breed aimed to reduce parental health issues, it is still better to be aware of the problems it might inherit. If your pup has inherited plump face wrinkles from the pug parent, be on the lookout for any skin infections.

The Bulldog is prone to bone cancer and deafness. There is a possibility your Pugabull also inherits those genes. Get regular eyes and ear check-ups for your pup to avoid such situations. These issues won’t affect your puppy, most likely, but still, keep an eye on any common signs or symptoms.

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