Antebellum Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

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Antebellum Bulldog or Altamaha Plantation Bulldog, has recently joined the list of the dog breeds. Kudos to the Maxwell family who worked relentlessly to preserve this breed which was famous, around the vicinity of the rice paddy fields of Georgia’s Altamaha River, prior to the Civil War period.

These rare white muscular Bulldogs which were once endangered are now back. Antebellum can prove out to be a good choice as a watchdog as well as your buddy.

Antebellum Bulldog History

Antebellum Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowIf you think about the past of Antebellum Bulldogs so, their ancestors have a history that can be dated back to 1600s. They gained popularity due to their ability to hunt wild hogs in Southern America. During 1600s agriculture dominated the economy. These dogs were densely populated along the Altamaha River in Georgia. This area was primarily known for growing rice which was used to feed slaves. After the American Civil War, the agricultural sector faced a huge blow and the slavery system also went down.

Rice Plantation got replaced by industries. Moreover, during 1840s the strong American Put Bull Terriers started gaining more popularity than these dogs. Hence, the breed almost got extinct. Cole Maxwell worked in collaboration with the Animal Research Foundation (ARF) to preserve this breed. Several crosses of this breed were made using Alpaha Blueblood, Catahoula Bulldog, the American Staffordshire Terrier, Canary Island Presa and Dogo Argentino. The offspring got the title of Antebellum Bulldog. This breed is still rare with a population of around 100 dogs.

Antebellum Bulldog Characteristics

Antebellum Bulldogs tend to have large heads and are significantly tall. The male Antebellum Bulldog is around 25-30 inches tall and weighs around 80-150 pounds. However, the female Antebellum has a height around 25-28 inches and weight around 75-140 pounds. These dogs are strong, long and incredibly muscular.

These dogs have a longer and wider muzzle which helps them avoid breathing problems. Antebellums generally have fewer facial wrinkles and slight jowls. They can have brown, amber or blue eyes which gives them a fascinating yet formidable appearance. We have observed that Antebellums’ coat is made up of straight thin hair that are shorter in length. Their coat is either plain white or white with some patches of different sizes, shapes and are usually brown, grey or black in color.

Antebellum Bulldog Temperament/Personality

The Antebellum Bulldog is highly active. They have been bred in a way that it has fewer anger issues. These dogs are really affectionate and protective towards their owners and can be great friends of your children. However, they might take a little time to get frank with new people. At times they get strongly attached towards one person so, it is your responsibility to make them social since there puppyhood. These muscular dogs loves to cuddle. Although you can teach these dogs to socialize with other animals, they usually do not like other animals like cats and other dogs.

Caring for Antebellum Bulldog

Since Antebellum Bulldog is a highly active dog, it will require a lot of attention and care. We would suggest you to specifically allocate a time for its maintenance.

Antebellum Bulldog Nutrition

As you know Antebellum Bulldog is quite muscular and has high activity levels, you have to give it a proper meal of 3 cups of dog food per day. This can cost you around $1.5 – $1.9 per day or $39 – $50 per month.

You should make sure that you are using high-quality diets which are rich in nutrients and vitamins. We would suggest you to also avoid foods that contain high levels of sugar as they have a tendency to cause severe health issues. You should buy foods that are low in calories. Since these dogs are really playful you need to keep them hydrated. So, feeding them with wet dog food can help in this regard.

Antebellum Bulldog Grooming

Antebellum Bulldogs are one of those breeds which does not require a lot of grooming. A normal grooming routine would be fine. You have to brush them regularly with a slicker brush or a Deshedder as they tend to shed a lot of hair. They shed all round the year and in the season of shedding they shed even more. Their hair can stick on almost everything and are quite hard to remove so, you will have to keep a check on that. You will also have to keep a check on brushing their teeth. Furthermore, bathe the frequently.

Antebellum Bulldog Activity Levels

Being a descendant of highly active breeds, Antebellum Bulldogs are really active with high levels of stamina. They require around 1 hour of physical activity on a daily basis. These dogs love to walk and usually walk 14 miles per week. This can be a good opportunity for you to make them social.

This breed loves to play in a large enclosed yard which make them believe that they can play safely. If you are living in a flat or an apartment, we would suggest you to go for some other dog. If it does not get enough chance to utilize its energy by carrying out physical activities, it can get destructive. Training this breed can be quite tough so, you have to be a consistent leader who knows how to train his dog well.

Antebellum Bulldog Maintenance

Although Antebellum Bulldogs are quite a low-maintenance breed, there are few essentials to ensure that they stay healthy and fit. You have to keep a check on the cleanliness of their ears by wiping them with some wet cloth. We would advise you to consult a veterinarian for full physical checkup of your dog regularly. You should also take it for optical examinations and X-Ray occasionally to maintain it well.

Antebellum Bulldog Health

Since Antebellum Bulldog is a rare breed, no health studies have been carried on it yet. Nevertheless, we have observed that it has a better health than other Molossers.

It has a lesser tendency to develop any inherited disease as compared to any other pure bred dog. If there are no health defects in your dog and you maintain it well, an Antebellum Bulldog will have a life span of around 15 years.

Breeds Similar to Antebellum Bulldog


Best Dog Food for Antebellum Bulldogs

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Adult Dog Food

The best dog food for Antebellum Bulldogs is Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Adult Dog Food. This dog food has been prepared while considering a large breed dog’s dietary demands, so it will be suitable for Antebellum Bulldogs. Its recipe is such that it features natural chicken as its primary ingredient that not just adds flavor but is also a hefty source of protein.

  • Features an energy-packed blend of LifeSource Bits that are rich in antioxidants, probiotics, and other dietary essentials
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals which helps in maintaining a better health
  • The recipe is devoid of any meal by-products.

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Best Puppy Food for Antebellum Bulldogs

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for any large dog is the one that is specifically designed for that particular breed, and when a food has as high-quality as that of the Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Food, it is the apt meal. This puppy food is planned using a hefty blend of natural fruits and vegetables, which are an efficient source of most of the nutrients required in puppyhood. This meal is also rich in proteins, so your Antebellum bulldog puppy would enjoy this meal.

  • The recipe is devoid of any artificial flavors.
  • Enriched with naturally sourced omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for the development of brain and skin
  • The recipe is devoid of fillers.

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Best Dog Crate for Antebellum Bulldogs

Precision Pet Products Great Crate Double Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crates for Antebellum Bulldogs is Precision Pet Products Great Crate Double Door Dog Crate. This dog crate has been designed to keep your Antebellum Bulldog safe and secure so that you do not worry about his security when you are not around. The crate has been welded with efficiency and has two well-latched doors, so your Antebellum can move around with peace.

  • Comes with divider panels
  • Features a leakproof base to avoid the mess
  • The crate is pretty well ventilated.

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Best Dog Bed for Antebellum Bulldogs

Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed

The best dog bed is the one that provides better orthopedic support to your Antebellum Bulldog, so a Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed would be the right choice in this regard. This bed is designed to have a unique 2-inch slab foam that is mainly of a higher density. The second foam that tops it is a 2-inch memory foam that is known for its immense orthopedic support, and both foam layers together contour with your Antebellum Bulldog’s body.

  • The entire bed is wrapped in a durable fabric that is lined using a waterproof material.
  • Features a non-skid bottom
  • The cover can be removed for washing.

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Best Dog Harness for Antebellum Bulldogs

Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness, Black Silver, Large (ewh Hc L Blk)

The best dog harness for a dog like Antebellum Bulldog is PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, as it will help you optimize your control in the most efficient way. This dog harness has been entirely designed using nylon that is known for its durability and toughness. So the harness persists for an extended period and can be a long-term partner.

  • Features an extensive range of sizes
  • Features a dual clip design
  • The presence of quick-snap buckles with adjustment points makes this muzzle a better choice that has greater flexibility in fitting.

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Best Dog Collar for Antebellum Bulldogs

Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar Best Full Grain Heavy Duty Genuine Leather Collars

The best dog collar for Antebellum Bulldog is a Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar. This dog collar is designed to be durable and tough, as the makers have used genuine leather as the main material to craft it. The collar is padded for additional comfort, so your Antebellum Bulldog will not face any difficulty wearing it.

  • Crafted using 100% genuine full-grain leather
  • Available in four different colors
  • Features a metal buckle and hardware

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Best Dog Muzzle for Antebellum Bulldogs

Collardirect Leather Dog Muzzle

The best dog muzzle for American Bulldogs is CollarDirect Leather Dog Muzzle for Boxer and Bulldog. This dog muzzle helps you optimize your Antebellum Bulldog’s behavior by stopping him from barking or biting excessively. Since this muzzle is entirely made using leather, it is pretty durable.

  • Features a unique basket-like design
  • The muzzle is pretty ventilated, so easier to wear
  • This muzzle’s straps are adjustable.

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Best Dog Toys for Antebellum Bulldogs

Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

The best dog toy for Antebellum Bulldogs is KONG Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy. This dog toy is an apt choice for fetching games and helps satisfy your Antebellum Bulldog’s crave for an active routine. This frisbee’s design is such that it will fly seamlessly once you release it into the air.

  • Helps prevent boredom
  • Helps improve your relationship with your Antebellum Bulldog
  • The frisbee is soft and flexible.

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Best Dog Brush for Antebellum Bulldogs

Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush

The best dog brush for Antebellum Bulldogs is Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush. This dog brush is designed for a better experience for you and your antebellum. This brush’s design is such that its plastic-coated tips do not cause any skin damage and remove loose hair and tangles pretty effectively.

  • Features an ergonomic design
  • The brush is pretty lighter in weight.
  • Helps redistribute natural coat oils

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Best Dog Shampoo for Antebellum Bulldogs

Paws & Pals Oatmeal, Shea Butter, And Aloe Vera Shampoo

The best dog shampoo for Antebellum Bulldogs is Paws & Pals Oatmeal, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera Shampoo. This dog shampoo has been designed to nourish and cleanse your Antebellum Bulldog’s coat by using an efficient blend of natural ingredients. The formulation of this shampoo is so perfect that veterinarians recommend it.

  • Does not cause any irritation
  • Features a soap-free formulation
  • The formulation consists of natural ingredients only, and some of the main ones are Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, and Jojoba.

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